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Trade N Vape Nvisivape Review

Tired of fogging up your house, setting off smoke alarms or just want to vape respectfully?  Then you need to check out the Nvisivape by Trade N Vape!  It’s the latest condensation product made specifically for vaping, helping you eliminate nearly all vapor once blown into the Nvisivape tube...

Accessory Reviews Product Reviews

Vapor Shark AMP3 Charger Review

The all new AMP3 Charger by Vapor Shark offers a compact size, a quality feel, and it charges batteries really, really fast! Check it out in this accessory review that’s in both written and video format as always!  The first thing I want you to know about this charger is that you get 2A...

Accessory Reviews Product Reviews

The Notch Coil Review

  The Notch Coil is a recent, ground breaking innovation from Joyetech that could change the face of vaping forever.  Quickly seized upon by Jay-Bo and Wismec, and sent out with their Theorem Atomizers, the world got their first taste of this new technology. We are going to spend the next...

Accessory Reviews Product Reviews

Coil Master Vape Tweezers Review

  The thing that excites me most about Coil Master is that the products they create and/or distribute are all based around making vaping much easier and more enjoyable.  I use many Coil Master products on a daily basis, and here’s another tool added to that list.  We’ve got a nifty...

Accessory Reviews Product Reviews

Coil Master SEB Review

  For those that aren’t aware of Coil Master’s new SEB, it’s a new Stainless Steel eJuice Bottle that was created to help eliminate bottle damage from accidental drops, and helps pour e-liquid easier and more accurately.  Though this type of product came to the market...

Accessory Reviews Product Reviews

CoilArt Coil Kit Review & Giveaway

  It’s great having many tank options, but there are many manufacturers that release tanks with limited coil options.  CoilArt solves this issue by now providing plenty of coil options to turn your favorite tank into the beast that it wasn’t meant to be.  If you want to get the...

Accessory Reviews Product Reviews

Coil Master P-Bag Review

  Today, we’ll be taking a quick look at the Coil Master P-Bag.  I have spent the last week giving this vaping accessory a run for its money, putting it through its paces and trying to decide if the concept was the greatest idea for vaping ever, or the craziest.  We’ll be looking...

Accessory Reviews Product Reviews

Nitecore Intellicharger i1 Review

Today, I’m going to be reviewing the all new Nitecore Intellicharger i1, a new and unique charger from Nitecore that now offers not only a way to charge your 18650 (and other battery sizes) batteries, but also allows you to charge eGo batteries. Note: This charger was sent by Nitecore for...

Accessory Reviews Product Reviews

E-Clyp Vaping Accessories Review

  Today, we have E-Clyp’s latest vaping accessories up for review.  If you don’t know what an E-clyp is, it is basically a small clip that you add to your vaping setup, in between your tank/RDA and base unit.  Its sole purpose in life is to allow you to attach your device to your...

Accessory Reviews Product Reviews

AtomVapes gCeramic Coil Review

Though AtomVapes produces many products, it’s most known for its coils that have become a big hit.  The gClapton coils were a fantastic addition to the market when Clapton wire had tons of hype, but now that Ceramic is receiving the hype, AtomVapes released an all new product known as the...



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