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Top 5 Best Advanced Coil Builds

In this article we’re going to share the top 5 best advanced coil builds, giving you a list of the best coil builds and a video showing how to build them.  For year’s we as vapers have pushed the limits of what it means to vape, seeking out every possibility of achieving the best...


Pre-Built Coils For Your RBA

  Let me ask you this; what if I told you that you could remove all the hassle of having to build coils yourself, your coils would last more than a month –maybe even more than two months, you would only need to re-wick the coils when you felt the need, and you could experience the...


Pre Built Coils From UD: Life Savers Or Laziness

Pre built coils from UD: Life savers or laziness is going to focus entirely on the merits of picking up a couple of ready to install coil packs.  As vapers we do not think twice about buying coils for tanks, but for some reason you mention ready-made coils for RDA’s and you get funny looks...


Wicking Material Explained

A wick is a wick, right?  If only life were that simple.  We are about to get down and dirty with the different wicking materials on the market and find out what each one is good for and which ones to avoid like the plague.  For vapers, life is no longer as simple as a cotton ball or a piece of...

Best Products Rebuildables

Top 3 Best Cotton Wicks

What are the top 3 best cotton wicks?  Although there are countless wicking materials out on the market, vapers will often disagree on which is the best to use.  Most of the time they do agree on one thing, cotton is the best.  We all started out using cotton balls bought from the local store...

Best Products Rebuildables

Top 5 Coils That Help Produce More Vapor

If you are looking for coils that help produce more vapor you are in the right place.  When looking to chuck bigger clouds there are certain things you have to think about, and believe it or not, but the type of coil you use is actually only a small part to the whole puzzle of vapor production. The...

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List of Different RDA Coil Configurations

Though sub-ohm clearomizers have bombarded the vaping market, rebuildable dripping atomizers still continue to be a hot product and way of vaping, proving that they’re not just some fad.  Since we know this will be a consistent product, why not put your time and skills to the test by building...

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How-To Build A “Twisted 28” Coil

Though there are many different coil types being introduced to the world of rebuildable atomizers, the “twisted 28” coil remains one of the easiest and most effective builds for users.  In this how-to, you’ll be guided through each step with pictures showing you exactly how to...

Advanced How To Rebuildables

How-To Build A Kayfun Lite Plus Coil

The Kayfun Lite Plus has become the staple of Rebuildable Tank Atomizers for the vaping market. In fact, the Kayfun series didn’t surprise many when it was voted the best tank system in GuideToVaping’s Best of 2013 event. Out of the 2,749 total category votes, the Kayfun series received...



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