This section is for the more advanced user of electronic cigarettes. These type of users really dig deep into the world of vaping and have become more of a hobbyist than someone just looking to kick the habit. Expect tech articles and detailed use of e cigarettes in this section fo Guide To Vaping.

The HH.357 Atomizer

HH.357 Cisco Spec Hybrid 1.5ohm 510 Atomizer from These Hybrid 306/510 atomizers are the original creation of Hanna Hadawara (HH) and the first small production atomizer to be hand...

Strawberry 555 E-Liquid Recipe

Bottle Size: 3ml Flavor 1: 10% Strawberry Flavor 2: 3% 555 Tobacco Description: Strawberry 555 is a sweet 555 tobacco taste with hint of strawberry.

Green Ape E-Liquid Recipe

Bottle Size: 3ml Flavor 1: 23% Green Apple Flavor 2: 2% Koolada Flavor 3: 2% Tart Description: Green Ape tastes like green apple with hint of a cool feeling.

Building A 510 Box Mod Passthrough

Today I will show you how to build a 5v passthrough box mod. Building a passthrough pretty much applies to any object that you can drill a hole in...

The MAP Tank

The MAP Tank from, also known as a juice tank revolutionized the vaping world as we know it.  A man we all know from the vaping community, one...