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GuideToVaping’s Best of 2014

GuideToVaping’s Best of 2014

Welcome to GuideToVaping’s Best of 2014 Annual Event!

At each end of every year, we ask the vaping community to vote on the best company, organization, person or product. What this event does is add a little fun side to our online vaping community and it also helps both new and existing vapers learn about the vaping community. With this event, you have the ability to recognize companies that have excelled above the rest, organizations that truly made a difference, people who cared more for others than themselves, and products that perform better than the rest. With your vote, you’re guiding future viewers of this event to companies where they’ll gain the best service and prices, while also saving viewers the hassle by guiding them to products that work the best.

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Voting Instructions

  • Please be sure to vote on not who/what you favor the most, but who you truly believe is the best.
  • Choose answers that go with specific categories. (Ex. Only rebuildable tank atomizers should go in the RTA Category)
  • With each new category you vote on, please hover over the question mark for tips or examples.
  • To begin on each category, first look through the drop-down list of votes people have submitted before you.
  • If you type an answer in that is similar to another, our system will automatically suggest edits when submitting.

INFO: After you submit your vote, you will automatically be redirected to the results page. In addition, you will be able to enter in a package giveaway provided by this year’s sponsor, Vapor Authority!


When you try to submit your vote, no matter what answer you use for the captcha, it will go through. If it doesn’t, then you need to go back and make sure all the radio buttons to the side of the input fields are checked on the place that you submitted your answer. Also, if you checked something on the checklist and didn’t choose an answer in the checklist, it will show an answer… so please make sure everything is right before you click submit.


If you type an answer in the wrong category, your vote for that category will be deleted. For example, if you vote for Grimm Green as a Vape Host, your answer will be deleted. Why? Because he does YouTube videos… he doesn’t host a show on a network. If you type in or choose a Show for the Network category, it will be deleted. Why? Because it is a show, not a Network.

Last thing… Just because there are answers in the list doesn’t mean you have to choose one of them. The second field on each category is where you can type in your own answer. However, ONLY type an answer you want IF it has not already been submitted on that list. The list is made by people submitting their answers. That said, what you see on the list is answers other people have submitted themselves. I didn’t make the list.



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    • We are working to fix this issue, thanks for your patience.

      If by any chance you encounter this problem please check that all the questions are answered and not empty (You must answer or skip the question), if the problem persist please refresh the page. Thanks.

    • It will be fixed. I’ve been fixing them since the event has went live. I just can’t be there to correct the mistakes 24/7… but they will be fixed.

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    • Is not the captcha haha, you need to make sure you didn’t miss to answer a category, you need to skip the category if you don’t know what to vote for, you can’t leave it empty.


    • Correct. Captcha has been bypassed, therefor… no matter what answer you type in, you’ll still be able to submit your vote.

      • Still can’t submit my vote it says my length not correct. All spots are filled or skipped. I did everything right ,answer or not answer the captcha still same thing

        • I’m pretty sure that you selected the list on a category, but did not choose anything in the list. I literally just helped someone else with this on Skype and it was that exactly. Trust me, the polling plugin works as it should.

  • There are some juice companies that have been supporting the community all year especially on vapors TV that are not mentioned… Somebody is not doing their homework

  • This list is a joke every year. Always issues, always unknown names in categories, misplaced names and too many cats. Please let someone else to a best of award thing.

    • Chris, what’s funny about this is that you’re basically calling the vaping community a joke since THEY are the one’s that are making the list. The amount of categories is high because YOU (the viewers) have asked for these categories. The viewers actually wanted more, but I felt the amount we have is already enough. If you don’t like doing the “best of award thing,” simply do not come and vote. Just that simple, right?

      • It really is a cluster mess of a list, though. Just because the community puts it together doesn’t mean we can’t be critical of it. It just looks amateur as all hell.

  • Double and triple checked my answers and all are selected or skipped. Keeps telling me I missed something. If you’re gonna put something like this up, make sure it works.

    • Roger and everyone else that is having issues… though I’m sure you believe you got everything right and your votes should submit, there is something you’ve missed. Go back and look over your answers and make sure you’ve made a choice for each, and make sure the radio buttons beside your answer is chosen. Trust me, when testing the poll plugin before this event, I had the same issues and each time it was because I left something out or something wasn’t properly checked. Either way, I’m sorry for the trouble.

  • My Vlog is in 2 categories (Best Vape Vlog Overall – Alex Carlson Vape Vlog) and (Best Vape Vlog for Entertainment – Redicoulas Vape Vlog) Will you please correct these both to (Ridiculous Vape Vlog? I obviously didn’t enter myself lol.

  • look if you wanted people to vote you should have had you crap together. I will not be going through the list again. I am just one person but I am not alone in y thinking on this. What a poor excuse for vape related page.

    • Look, there have been thousands of people that have voted already before you. Don’t blame your inability to follow simple directions on my website. What else do you want me to do? I can’t vote for you man.

      • don’t be a Dick Blake Brown the captcha is broke i have tried 5 times in 2 days and it wont submit says error every time so instead of wasting any more time here I’m going to make my vote by shopping with and watching the ones I tried to vote for.

        • How am I being a dick? The captcha isn’t broke man. Take a screenshot. I just don’t get how you’re saying the captcha is broke when the developer himself removed the error for it and disabled it entirely. lol

  • Wow just wow. There would be none of these magaizines if not for some of the earl adopters of vaping, meets etc. yet none of those folks are in here. I guess this is about who spams the internet the most…..sad.

    • Bro, it isn’t the captcha that is the problem. We’ve DISABLED the captcha compeltely. The visual is only there… not the action. You can literally leave it blank and it will still work. The error you’re getting is from your answers. You’ve missed something on one of the categories. Make sure the radio buttons are chosen on the side of which you’ve chose your answer. Trust me, it works perfectly.. it’s just a mistake in your voting. I don’t mean to make it seem like your fault, but I promise you if you look back over your answers, something isn’t checked right.

  • Definitely too large of a poll. About 6 million approximate choices in a myriad of categories, many essentially the same thing. I literally just came here to cast one vote for Plumes and be done with it. But I couldn’t b/c the captcha or the fact that you may need to click skip poll on all the ones you don’t vote in rendered my vote invalid. Whatever screw this poll. I only know of this site b/c of this vote every year and people are actually taking this seriously like it’s an Oscar. Maybe we need the Vaping Foreign Press as a New Organization?? A huge circlejerk this community is.

    • U Mad Bro? No, I’m just joking, really. I’m sorry that you don’t like the poll, but I honestly can’t please everyone, obviously. If it isn’t you that complains there are too many categories, someone else will complain that there is too few categories. I take this poll seriously in that I’m giving recognition to People, Companies, Organizations, Products etc., but I do not take it seriously in that it is an end all authority. If you went into a whole paragraph about it, then make it is you that is taking it too serious? Just a thought.

  • captcha broken. probably not gonna come back and go through again later. just know that Vapor Trails NW, Plumes, and Stefan Didak are the main ones I came here to vote for

    • It wasn’t the captcha, if you come back to vote please make sure you fill every answer correctly and if you don’t know what to answer, make sure you skip the category.

      Thanks you.

  • People are complaining about shit when they have provided this free of charge to everyone. They’re paying for the hosting, took the time to make the page and polls, and most of what I see are people complaining about it. If it’s so bad then why don’t you go make something that’s better? Oh, that’s right… because you’re too busy hating on the page that these people have done for the community out of the kindness of their hearts. Get a life, losers.

    • Blake is trying hard to make this awesome, i hope people can understand how much effort and time he has invested to make this happen. To anyone that is having issues while voting i ask you to be patient and check that you filled everything up correctly. Must of the errors we have encountered are because they didn’t skip the category, they didn’t select an option from the combo box or they just left the input field empty.

      Thanks a lot for your understanding.

  • The Pope Eddie Chris Myers is the reason I no longer smoke. He has me spoiled. His juices are all I Vape. 🙂 He’s my hero and deserves to be recognized.

  • I’ve completed the survey (no missing choices) but when I click Submit I am not forwarded the Results page nor is there anything else to to suggest my choices were recorded.

    • Is not the captcha, you probably are not filling something up correctly. Please make sure that if you select the option to select from the drop down, you actually select something, if you select to input your value, please make sure you don’t leave the input empty. Also if you don’t know what to vote for, please skip the category,


  • You have to be sure the buttons are filled…checked…beside your answers or it can’t let you vote… I checked them all and had missed one. It let me vote then.

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