GuideToVaping’s Best of 2015 Results

GuideToVaping’s Best of 2015 Results

Congratulations, you’ve just submitted your vote on GuideToVaping’s Best of 2015!

We would first like to thank you for participating in this event.  GuideToVaping has been holding this event for 5 years now, and it’s because you take the time to show recognition to those that are making our vaping community a better one.  We would also like to thank the companies, blogs, forums, youtube personalities and our awesome viewers for sharing this event throughout the web.  From the depths of our vaped out lungs, thank you, and I looked forward to another 5 years of GuideToVaping’s Best of events!

Coil Master Giveaway

Coil Master’s Best of 2015 Giveaway

Being that Coil Master is this year’s sponsor, they’re holding a giveaway, right here on the Best of 2015 results page.  By participating in this giveaway, you’ll have the chance to win each and every single product that Coil Master offers, which is a slew of highly beneficial products that many vapers throughout the vaping community have grown to absolutely adore.  There’s no denying the fact that Coil Master is on top of their game.  They have products that can help you throughout your vaping journey, whether that be with building coils or even with organizing all your vape gear, so feel free to follow the instructions below for your chance to win.

What You Can Win

  • 1x Coil Master DIY Kit V2
  • 1x Coil Master Coiling Kit
  • 1x Coil Master 521 Tab
  • 1x Coil Master Organic Cotton
  • 1x Coil Master Kbag
  • 1x Coil Master Pbag
  • 1x Coil Master Building Mat
  • 1x Coil Master T-Shirt

When Does The Giveaway End

  • 1 Winner Will Be Chosen 1/1/2016 (UPDATE: There will now be 3 winners total)
  • If We Receive Many Participants, I’ll Ask Coil Master To Allow For Multiple Winners
  • Coil Master Will Choose The Winners After The Best of 2015 Has Ended

Update 12/16/15: I’ve combined the answers for some of the categories. If you feel that you have enough votes to make an impact on the poll, please click the contact button at the top of this website and let me know which category.  Give me time people, there’s a lot of duplicates and mistakes on the polls this year. If you would like to donate help going through the polls with me, contact me and we can use skype.

Update GTV Giveaway 1/4/16: I know I’m a few days late on this, but better late than never, right?  Anyhow, the winners have been chosen, and those that won are in for quite the nice package!  Congrats to Aleshia, Bibiana and Calvin for winning GuideToVaping’s Best of 2015 Coil Master Giveaway!  You’ve all been emailed to claim your winnings.

Best of 2015 Results

Best of 2015

  • 1st Place: Vaping Underground
  • 2nd Place: Giant Vapes
  • 3rd Place: Vape Wild

Most Seen Vaping Company

  • 1st Place: The VaporJoes Network
  • 2nd Place: Giant Vapes
  • 3rd Place: Vape Wild

Best Customer Service

  • 1st Place: Giant Vapes
  • 2nd Place: Vapor Authority
  • 3rd Place: VaporWild

Best E-Liquid Manufacturer

  • 1st Place: Vape WIld
  • 2nd Place: Scope Juice
  • 3rd Place: Diamond Vapor

Best E-Liquid Flavor

  • 1st Place: MaddScope (Scope Juice)
  • 2nd Place: Flaked (Isle 7)
  • 3rd Place: Doughboy (Bulldog Vapor)

Best Clearomizer

  • 1st Place: SMOK TFV4
  • 2nd Place: Uwell Crown
  • 3rd Place: Kanger SubTank Mini

Best RTA

  • 1st Place: SMOK TFV4
  • 2nd Place: Steamcrave Aromamiser
  • 3rd Place: UD Goblin

Best RDA

  • 1st Place: Velocity RDA
  • 2nd PLace: Twisted Messes RDA
  • 3rd Place: Mutation X V4 RDA

Best Device Unregulated

  • 1st Place Sigelei 150W Mod
  • 2nd Place: Wismec Reuleaux DNA200
  • 3rd Place: Hexohm V2.1

Best Device Unregulated

  • 1st Place: Hexohm
  • 2nd Place: BJ Box Mods
  • 3rd Place: Switch Box (BC Box Mods)

Best Battery

  • 1st Place: Samsung 25R 18650
  • 2nd Place: LG HG2 18650
  • 3rd Place: Sony VTC4/VTC5 18650

Best YouTube Channel

  • 1st Place: Grimm Green
  • 2nd Place: Ripp Trippers
  • 3rd Place: Phil Busardo

Best Vape Blog

  • 1st Place: Grimm Green
  • 2nd Place: VaporJoes
  • 3rd Place: Taste Your Juice

Best Vape Forum

  • 1st Place: Vaping Underground
  • 2nd Place: ECF
  • 3rd Place: Reddit Ecig Subreddit

Best Vape Show

  • 1st Place: Mod Envy
  • 2nd Place: Plumes of Hazard
  • 3rd Place Vaping With Amie and Amber

Best Advocacy Group

  • 1st Place: CASAA
  • 2nd Place: Not Blowing Smoke
  • 3rd Place: Vaping Militia

Best Vaping Advocate

  • 1st Place: Grimm Green
  • 2nd Place: Gregory Conley
  • 3rd Place: Phil Busardo

Celebrity of Vaping

  • 1st Place: Grimm Green
  • 2nd Place: Joe Petner (VaporJoes)
  • 3rd Place: Phil Busardo

Most Influential Vaper

  • 1st Place: Grimm Green
  • 2nd Place: Joe Petner (VaporJoes)
  • 3rd Place: Phil Busardo

Vaping Biggest Supporter

  • 1st Place: Joe Petner
  • 2nd Place: Grimm Green
  • 3rd PLace: Phil Busardo

Best Vape Convention

  • 1st Place: Vape Mania
  • 2nd Place: ECC
  • 3rd Place: The Vape Summit


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  • I could really use the 521 burning tab. I cobbled something to use for builds, but I need to take it off that and put it on a meter, then, put it on a mod to glow the coils. then put it back on my cobbled stand to wick, then I can finally put it on the mod and vape away. It would probably save me at least 5 minutes per coil just screwing and unscrewing.

  • I could really use the DIY Kit V2. Right now I carry my tweezers and screwdrivers in a tackle drawer, my wires in a old box a my phone came in and the my scissors and pliers in a smaller zip up case. All these things are then placed in a larger tool bag, which is almost to small. So the nice compact size of the diy kit, with everything you need in it would be a god sent to me.

  • I could really use the 521 tab. It works great to fire your coils and get them all worked out before installing on your mod.

  • Thanks for the contest! Very generous of you 🙂 If I win, I’d love the Master DIY Kit V2… because I’d be READY to help any vaper in need, no matter where I go!

  • Could definitely make use of the 521 Tab, to be able to build and dry fire the coils without moving the base would around to different devices would save so much time.

  • I would have to pick the DIY kit, because most of my build gear is just re-purposed from other areas of the house when I have to build.

  • 521 tab definitely. The ease of working out hot spots on the meter instead of taking it off putting it on a mod and so on would be something I’d love to take advantage of!

  • I would use the DIY Kit V2 of course! Thanks for all who support the cause.
    **two thumps on the chest, peace sign strait out**

  • Joe Petner!? Really? That dude makes all vapors look like dangerous hoodlum punks. The brains and beauty in that VU bunch is Tyger-Tyger.

  • I use my dripper daily. And I like to try different setups whenever I got bored with my current setup. With coilmaster, the job will get pretty much easier! Heck, maybe I can change the setup everyday after work!

  • I build a lot, but I do not have the best tools out there for me. The 1x Coil Master DIY Kit V2 would benefit me the most that way I can have the tools needed to make my coils perfect and keep everything easy to access in one case.

  • If anything, The DIY Kit V2. I have one currently, but I’m teaching my GF how to build coils now. We share the 1 kit at the moment, and it’s fun. But, having a 2nd kit would come in real handy. Thanks Coil Master for the opportunity, and generosity!

  • Thanks for the chance to vote! I’d love to win the kit to start building and the shirt to show my support but most of all I’d love to see Giant Vapes win best customer support! <3 GV!

  • The coilmaster 521 tab. It would make building my coils so much easier. Moving my rda back and forth from my mod to my meter is a pain. This device would save so much time. Thanks for the chance. VAPE ON!!

  • As all have said, thank you for your generosity. I would like the 521 Tab. It would be so nice to test coil builds before putting them directly on a mod. I currently use a 26650 mechanical to test/burn-in my builds. Dangerous, yes, that is the reason I could use the 521 Tab.

  • I really need the Coil Master’s DIY kit so my husband can teach me how to build my own coils and I can stay the hell out of his vape box!!

  • the bag would be amazing so that i don’t have to carry around 3 separate cases full of build stuff when i go to work. thanks!

  • The DIY Kit V2 would be amazing, because it has a bunch of things that I don’t have access to… with that said, th Coiling Kit might be even more beneficial simply based on the fact that I’ve recently developed neuropathy in my fingers, and wrapping coils by hand is a little more difficult now than it has been previously. Thanks for the chance!

  • I think it’s excellent that you conduct this “Best of” event. The people who work hard every single day in this industry to keep us informed, to provide us with quality products, and to fight for our right to vape deserve to be recognized and acknowledged. I for one am very grateful for everything that they do. As for my choice of Coil Master’s excellent products, I would choose the Coil Master K Bag, as I always need a safe place to store, carry and protect my vape gear. Thanks for everything! 😉

  • I would benefit from the coil master diy v2 because I’ve been using the version 1 coil kit and carrying around my tools in a smy case which is pretty small. Needing to upgrade but I’m on disability and can’t really afford something new. Would love to be picked. Thank you for the opportunity guys.

  • Definitely the 521 Tab. Constantly having to take it on and off the builder, reader and mod to get it all done and wicked can be a pain and tends to strip the threads quicker on all the devices. Being able to do it all at once will save time, hassle and thread wear. not to mention wear on the finger nails 😉

  • I’m still brand-new to vaping. I have an Aspire Pegasus mod, and a couple of tanks for it; I mostly use the Kanger Subtank Mini, with the rebuildable RTA, and the Coil Master DIY Kit V2 would be of the most benefit to me, since I live off my VA pension and thus live on a tight budget, since I have to make my own coils, and it’s been a learning curve.

  • Thanks for the chance. I could really use the Coil Master 521 TAB. I need a decent ohm reader and build stand my current ohm reader only reads to the tenths ( like .1 .2 .3 .4) won’t read .25 or anything like that.

  • i think the coilmaster 521 tab would benefit me most as a single source solution deck for building on, testing, firing builds – thanks!

  • I’m coming up on 1 year smoke free, I appreciate the chance at possibly winning the 1x Coil Master DIY Kit V2 as it would be a dream to have since it has everything to cater to anyone new or advanced in building coils. The coiling jig in the kit would be handy for the bad arthritis days. It would get used frequently by my spouse and I. I could say goodbye to the nail clippers we use for clipping the kanthol, and goodbye to the clone coil jig I bought that is falling apart and wont let me work with anything bigger than 22g wire.

    On a side note, I did get to check out that 521 TAB at a local shop the other week. That thing is fantastic! I liked the size and weight of it. It’s extremely accurate, love that firing button to prime new coils. Sooo nice!

    • Check out the latest “digital” version coming soon.. Might be on their site by now, not sure! A def. improvement tho. =) Live long(ER) & vape on!

    • This year has been an interesting and innovative year for vaping. I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store. Keep on fighting for the right to vape! It’s helped my entire family, and the majority of the now ex smokers in my town. Hands down the best invention to get people away from cigarettes ever made. I work for a vape shop in Lynchburg, Virginia (Vapor Bound) and there’s nothing more amazing than having someone come in or call you to tell you that it worked for them. They’re always so amazed and happy that they’ve finally broken those chains to big tobacco that had enslaved them for so many years. I love my job.

  • The coil Master DIY V2 Kit would be perfect for me as I have a fused wrist and the kit would make coil building so much easier and less painful for me.

  • I could really use the coil master 521 tab so that i can always have an accurate reading on my coils and always vape ad safe as possible

  • While I appreciate the various offerings, the only tool I haven’t accumulated over the last 9 months is the CM Burning Tab — I’ve been trying to get my wife into building and having one in the circle would help immensely. Thanks for your generosity, Coil Master, and thanks for putting this site/Best Of together, G2V!

  • I would love the Coil Master 521 Tab. I build a lot and i am working part time at a vape shop and building on that would be awesome. Thank you for the chance!

  • I would greatly appreciate a
    Coil Master DIY Kit V2. I have been vaping for two years and only build at my local shop because I dont own any tools or an ohm reader yet. I want to vape safe and this would allow me to practice and apply my own builds without being charged $5 each build for each RDA.

  • I would benefit from the kit because a condition I suffer from makes me shaky and it’s hard to get good coils when I’m shaky. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Coil master diy kit will help in building my own coils so I can get better tank and box mod. To keep me off smoking and get more people to quit and stay off the cigarettes.

  • Definitely could use the 521 Tab the most, its be nice to be able to fire and adjust the coil without knocking over my mod

  • I could use a lot of it, still relatively new to vaping, but wanting to learn more everyday. Would love a shirt to show my support.

  • Coil Master DIY Kit V2

    It’s too bad the results so far show a deep lack of understanding for how important mature, well-spoken advocate reviewers like Phil Busardo to our future. Only third in three catagories? For shame.

    On the upside, by the time all the variations of the LG HG2 are added up (love them doo doo browns,) it should slightly edge out the 25Rs, which is as it should be.

  • im new to vaping and the diy kit would help me learn to make my own coils since i dont know how to make them yet and i heard this works awesome for 1st timers

  • The coil master kit v2 would be a HUGE benefit to me, because I always have a kit with me, and I have helped many people build on the fly at shows, shops, and in their homes. Of course, I would benefit because I could use it as well, but I love being able to help others get their builds done. 🙂

  • The coilmaster 521 tab would be my first choice. I’m pretty new to vaping and I’m loving the hobby side of everything coil building. I am looking to get into selling custom coils eventually and the 521 tab would help greatly. Thanks for the chance!

  • The 521 tab would help me out alot, I like how you can fire the coils on the ohm meter and it seems to be very sturdy! Thanks

  • I would probably get the most benefit from the 521 tab or the pbag! I need a reliable ohm checker something fierce, but I’ve also been looking for a nice vape bag to keep my mods, juice, batteries & etc in so either would be heaven sent right now!! Thanks for such an epic giveaway. Thanks for doing an awesome poll to recognize those that stand out the most in our wonderful little community (family)!!!

  • I would not only love to have the Coil Master 521 Tab for obvious reasons, but it would benefit me greatly. It has everything you need to achieve great, safe builds and test your builds at the same time. The nuisance that comes along with your average ohm reader is having to build, check for safety, move to mod to test fire and make sure coils are glowing evenly and to make adjustments accordingly.

    The reason I would not only love this item but I believe that it would be a very fitting and perfect item for my arsenal is because I have Tourettes Syndrome and I twitch constantly. Building is already an art of practice and patience for me. Try building workable, safe coils while moving consistently. I always end up knocking the coil or dropping my RDA after I completed the build and during the transfer to my mod to check for functionality. The 521 Tab would benefit me by being able to do everything I need to do in one place on one device without all the added factors that cause me to make mistakes because of my twitching or running into issues due to that. I’ve built coils for a long time without the 521 Tab and I’m still vaping, haha, but the 521 Tab would just make everything a lot easier with all the added features the device offers. I’d love to win the Coil Master 521 Tab as it would make my vaping life so much easier. If I don’t win, no love lost as I will still purchase this all-in-one addition. I’m glad I came to cast my votes for the Best of 2015, otherwise I wouldn’t have found out about the 521 Tab. Thanks for the opportunity Coil Master.

  • What would benefit me most would be the DIY kit V2. I do DIY, however I would like to get more flavors to get different outcomes… You can never have too much DIY stuff in my opinion because so many different sort of stuff goes well with others, the possibilities are endless. I would really like to get this package to help my search for a juice that I’m proud enough to label as mine and tote it around for people.

  • Thank you for the chance! I could really use the Vape DIY Kit v2 bc it looks so easy to travel with and would make my life so mucb easier!! I could also donate all of my current coil building supplies to a vaper in need. #VAPEON

  • Hi! The coil building kit would definitely put me in a spot I want to be in. I would like to consider myself out of the beginner stage of building, but how can I do that if I don’t have an ohm reader, proper snippers, tweezers, nor a case to bring my tools so I can tweak on the go? Thanks for this awesome opportunity.

  • This is a great way for vapers to discover new things and to pick their favorites. Thanks for putting in all the work for us. I could really use the CoilMaster DIY V2 kit. I have been building my own coils for a long time with a bunch of piece meal tools and very cheap screwdrivers. I don’t even own a pair of ceramic tweezers. I would love to be able to build a coil without hand cramps. It would be the highlight of my year to be able to add this to my vape collection.

  • I am new to vaping this year. Have been vaping for about 7 months now. Looking to start making my own coils, so the coil making kit would be awesome!

  • The coil master 521 TAB would benefit me me best as i shake from my disability, and its very difficult to get the legs into the holes. a very awesome product and would make life a whole lot easy as far as that goes.

  • I love building coils, it’s relaxing for me. I can go sit at my little workstation and just zone out for hours making my own coil porn. I would love to get my hands on a coil master 521 tab, they would make everything so much easier for me. One of the mats would be nice too, haha.

  • I think the coil master tool kit v2 is the most beneficial to me. The reason is because I get a lot of people asking me for tools to use and it would be easier if I had a whole kit to let them use.

  • I could really use the coiling kit. I have been building coils for a while now but all of my stuff doesn’t fit in one bag. I’m forever forgetting where I put my jigs or where my wire cutters are. And my cutters are too big which makes it hard to cut when I’m putting my coils on. I could use everything mentioned above really. I appreciate the chance to win.

  • I could really use the Diy coilmaster kit! I like to build my own coils and the kit would make it a whole lot easier on my arthritic hands. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • I could really use the 521 tab. It has an accurate ohm checker and it can test fire the coil to work out the hot spots. Can’t get more convenient than that.

  • It’s hard to say which would benefit me more, the mat would be great for keeping things clean. the building kit would finally give me tweezers and screwdrivers that aren’t falling apart. the 521 tab would be great for building on and coil safety. all in all i’d be glad to win anything they have to offer.

  • I would love the 521 tab. Its such a pain to have to maybe my coils back and forth and this would definitely save me plenty of time. I’ve also heard great things about it and would love to try it out and review it.

  • Would love to have the burning tab or even the build kit. I’ve gone through many meters and find most inaccurate or they break day one a quality product from an honest company would be awesome!

  • The coil master mat would be best for me just because I love to build and rebuild alot but always scratch tables and have little wore pieces everywhere and no one has them in my area it’s actually a new thing to me.

  • The coil master pbag would be the best for me. I am always struggling to carry my vape gear and it usually ends up just rolling around at the bottom of my duffle bag

  • Having to waste battery life from my mod to light up my coils has always been a reall pain to me ´cause I also have to unscrew my rda from the ohm meter and screw it on the mod and sometimes back again, so I think theCoil Master 521 Tab would solve all my building problems and the voltmeter is an excellent complement.., I consider it to be the thing that I need the most since I already got the coilers, tweezers and all that good stuff, I think the features on the 521 are great and I wish I had one but can´t afford it right now 🙁

    Read more

  • The DIY kit would be perfect for me I’ve been smoke free for 3 years now and I still don’t have all the tools necessary and I have arthritis in my hand so wrapping coils and using some other tools is hard appreciate the chance to win

  • The coin master kit would help me because as a result of medical problems I had when I was younger my hands shake pretty bad and I have a hard time building a clean coil.

  • The KBag would benefit me the most. I’m horrible at organization and I think it might help me out. Or the mat you have. That would help me as well.

  • The coilmaster DIY kit V2 would help me best. I try to help anyone I can with builds. This would help with ease of builds as well as convenience and time saving.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • I think the Coil Master 521 Tab would be the most beneficial to me, as I hear it is more accurate than most of the “No Name” black boxes being circulated around. Also being able to burn the coil with it, I think would be safer then putting on certain Mods, and also would make it MUCH easier to make a contact coil!

  • The Coil Master 5212 Tab. My hands are messed up & It’s difficult to build just holding the base in my hands. I don’t like to build on a mod, even if it’s turned off, but ‘s what I do.

  • The 521 tab would definitely benefit me the most. I usually to to build right now my mod (18650 stacked vcm) so tall and narrow always falls over. I have an ohm reader, but same concept. Small and just floats round while I’m trying to wok the coils. 521 tab would be great because then I would have a solid piece to build on, a good ohm reader, and a place to fire coils as well.

  • The 512 would probably be the best for me since it exactly as what everyone else is saying, provides efficiency in building coils, instead of having to drain battery’s on mods and then end up having to switch them out earlier (mech mods) due to fiddling around with coil building and tweaking

    But at the same time I am torn with the diy v2 kit, since I am using pretty janky cutters and pliers and stuff to cut the coils and everything and carry everything around in an old spice bathroom/shower travel bag thing haha so that would also be super convenient.

    Thanks coil master!

  • This coilmaster kit and 521 tab would be great to have. I have many coilmaster products. They are all great and that 521 tab is somethin else. I love that it has the feature to fire your coils while building. That would be very beneficial instead of goin from your mod to ohm reader then back to your mod. I’d definitely put every bit of it to use

  • I would definitely use the 521 Tab because I have about 2 or 3 RDAs that I use and rotate them and I’m always building coils for them.

  • That DIY self kit would make my life alot easier when it comes to organizing. I. Currently just have it layed out on my building area. Thanks for the opportunity guys!

  • I would love to have the 521 tab. I’ve watched reviewers on youtube and it seems like a handy tool for DIY. Thanks.

  • I could really use the DIY Kit v2 because I just started building my own coils and am still collecting the tools needed to do so. Of course everything else would be highly useful also.

  • The v2 build kit because I really have just recently started to build coils and I don’t have anything yet. I picked up some needle nose pliers, wire cutters, tweezers and cotton just so I can start practicing.. Lol but I don’t have anything else. I need everything! I have one on my Christmas list but my husband is a vaping scrooge 🙁

  • The DIY Kit would benefit me the most because I have been trying to make my own juice on a regular basis and the results always suck – I need all the help I can get!

  • The Coil Master 521 Tab would benefit me the most. It looks like a fabulous tool. I have watched video reviews about it. It would benefit me the most because it is such a Multipurpose device.

    It’s a Coil Rebuilding Deck and I don’t have one. It’s also an Ohm Meter, Voltage Meter for Mech Mods and Regulated Mods, it does Coil Burning without have to move the newly coiled device to a Mod, and it can even be used as a Table Mod with an 18650 battery installed. What’s not to Love? Coil Master thought of Everything!!!

    I have a Coil Master Coiling Kit with 5 Coiling Poles up to 3mm and I use it for everything up to 3mm. I still have to use Drill Bits for anything bigger than that, so the 3.5mm and 4mm Coiling Poles would be great to have. Plus, it will make both Clockwise and Counterclockwise coils.

    There are so many wonderful products at now, with some new ones that I did not know were available. Thanks for bringing my attention to them!

    Thank you, Blake and for this opportunity to be heard, and this chance to win such a great selection of Vaping Tools! And Thank you for sponsoring it! 🙂

    I could not login with the Facebook link. I tried 3 times, but I shared GuideToVaping’s Best of 2015 on Facebook as Nanya Bennis.

  • The 521 tab. I’m constantly making coils, fiddling with them, burning them, checking the ohms, and repeat. The 521 is all of that in one device.

  • Thanks for the contest. Honestly I could MOST benefit from the DIY kit V2, because as a new vaper it is difficult to know just what you need and hard to learn to DIY if you don’t have the proper tools for the job. But if I could I would buy up most of the products you offer .

  • Thanks for the contest! Very generous of you. So hard to choose what I need most, cause I could use them all. I would really like the Coil Master coiling kit because I have a deformed finger that makes it difficult to wrap nice coils, but all of the products are great.

  • I would say the DIY kit would benefit me the most, stotoecause my tools arent meant for what im using them for. I have jewelry pliers, finger nail scissors, multi tool scissors for cutting wire (never get close enough while building on the rda), all around slacking on my tools. . . But I think providing for my almost 1 yr old daughter Owlivia (12/20/14) is beyond more important. If I have extra money for more specific tools, I put it in her teddybear so mommy doesnt spend it. Cant imagine what college will cost in 18 years, or anything in 18 years.

    Shout out to ALL vapers who keep it positive towards the cause, big thanks to Coil Master for this opportunity!! #forevergratefullforvaping

  • I think the Coil Master Pbag would be an item that would benefit me considerably. It’s like a mini vape kit on the go. It would be very convenient to be able to be hands free and still have my vaping equipment in reach. It’s just very useful and cute to boot! Thanks for the opportunity to vote in the Best of Event and a chance to win a great prize.

  • The Coil Master 521 Tab would benefit me the best in aiding too build better and more accurate coils since I only use the built in tester on my device

  • Coil Master Diy Kit V2, I need a coiling kit because i take care of a handicapped guy that vapes and he wants to learn to build and that would be great for him. plus i need a ohm reader!

  • I would benefit the most from the work mat, I know probably sounds a little strange compared to all the rest of the great tools, but the mat would provide me with an easy place to build the coils, collect any trimmings, and then just take it outside and shake it out.

  • I think the coil master tool kit v2 is the think that would help me the most. As a shift worker i end up doing alot of my builds away from home and having all my tools readily available and easily portable would make my life so much easier

  • Awesome list of categories! I would be happy with pretty much anything on the list! Love everything I’ve used by Coil Master! Good luck to us all!

  • I think the most beneficial item for me would be the Coil Master DIY Kit V2. I am just starting out with RDA’s and building my own coils. I think RDA’s have a few advantages over tanks and RDA’s suit my vaping style more than tanks. I think having this kit would definitely help me become a better coil builder, which in turn would make my vaping experience much better. This kit has absolutely everything I could possibly need to become the best builder I can. This kit would also be beneficial since it has everything in a nice portable case, which is perfect for someone like me who is out on the road frequently. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Vape on !!

  • There’s really not an item I coupdnt use on this list. But I think the 521 tab would be most useful so I wouldn’t have to build on my mods and I could be safer. Also since our started using boxes I don’t have anything to use my single batteries in :p

  • The Coil Master DYI v2 would be most beneficial for me, hands aren’t what they used to be anymore, and would love to be able to make my own coils.

  • The 521 Tab would be my choice, as it would allow me to accurately build my coils, and also be like that spare pair of hands I seem to need whenever I’m building.

  • The coilmaster 521 Tab would really help me. Being able to build, check ohms and burn coils on one device is awesome!

  • The master build kit would be great for me because I build for many people and while I’m at work, thanks for the chance

  • I would love the k bag to carry my gear but would also love the matt for when I’m building on my glass counter,not to mention it looks awesome with the cm logo!

  • I’d really love to win either the 521 tab or the bag for carrying gear. I already own the Coil Master V3 so if I won another CM jig, I’d VIF to a new builder as it was one of the best purchases I ever made for my love of building and the fact that I build for several people!

  • I would say the coil master tab 521 would have to be the item that would suit me best considering I’m always doing build for the fam.or whoever comes threw looking for nice build it would really save me a lot of time that I could spend with the kids or the mat would be great also I have a decent s.ized collection of atty and mods and they are always falling over and would make working on my build a lot cleaner

  • I used a friends 521 and love it, would love to win one and no longer worry about the little box tester breaking or reading wrong, lol.

  • The coiling kit and the 521 tab because I am diabetic and am constantly poking holes in my fingers to check my blood sugar, the Coiler would be a life saver!

  • The coil master diy kit v2 would be best for me. I’m a rookie and the kit would set me up real nice to burn up some yo hawk!!

  • I’d really love to win the DIY kit, as I’ve been wanting one for months now, but simply have not had the funds. I do all of my building using very cheap tools I’ve had laying around or purchased for a low cost. It is very difficult to work on the advanced builds I enjoy doing for myself and others with the sub-par tools I possess. Having a fill Coil Master kit would be a massive help for me in my vaping and building experience.

  • The Coil Master 521 Tab would be awesome to help me build. Since my hands don’t work so well anymore having this would sure make building and wicking so much easier.

  • I would love to win the Coilmaster 521 tab! I have the coilmaster v3 set and love it. I have been wanting one for some time, but haven’t had the extra funds. I hate having to move coils from my ohm meter to a mod to fire them… This would save me tons of time!!

  • Would love to win a 521 tab. Would definitely be an improvement over my current eleaf meter that doesn’t work unless I hit sometimes.

  • Coil Master DIY Kit V2. Most of my building tools are a bunch of stuff I’ve cobbled together from the hardware store and they’re just thrown into a cardboard box. It would be nice to have a single kit that had all the tools I needed for building in one organized set.

  • Last year my answer would have been different. Due to the great Sub-Ohm tanks out their now and replacement coils that work with TC (and less time due to workload increase) I don’t build anymore. So the PBag is for me. Now, who knows, If I win the big prize I might go back to wrapping my own.
    Thanks for the sponsorship and contest!

  • The Coil Master DIY Kit V2 would be most benificial to me as I am always losing things in my make shift kit. that or the wife steals something.

  • The coil master dit kit v2 would benefit me the most because I always have to have someone make coils for me since I don’t know how and have nothing to learn with. I’ve always wanted everything coil master makes so i can become a master at building even though I’m a girl lol.

  • The Coil Master 521 tab would be my choice. I’m just learning to build and I think the 521 tab would be the ideal platform to accomplish safe,correct builds.

  • The coilmaster diy complete kit is what I would benefit from the most. Because I dont have any of the stuff needed to build coils yet. And the kit has everything needed except the wire and cotton I think.

  • I choose Coil Master 521 Tab because this is great to hold my base, make my coils easy, test their ohms and heat it up to finish the job, without the need to change to a regulated mod and vice versa. This is the perfect solution to make it simple

  • I could really use that DIY V2 kit! It would be nice to Have my own tools that I could carry with me if needed instead of constantly having to rifle through my husbands tool bag.

  • I believe the Coil Master Diy Kit V2 would be an awesome prize to win because it has everything I need. I have some wire and cotton an old pair of needle noses and scissors that can barely cut butter lol. But anyways, I have looked at these a few times while surfing and looking at different type of mods and tanks etc… It’s just one of those things that the wife says we can’t afford at the moment. 🙂 I do want to thank you for the chance to win this item(s). This being the first time here I find it pretty easy to use, I like the idea you setting this page up for us Vapors. Thank you and have an awesome Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • I would love the DIY V2 kit. I currently use precision screwdrivers and a voltmeter when I build. This would make things a lot easier.

  • So many products that would be beneficial to me. The most would have to be the DIY Kit v2 so I would have a nice organized kit to take with me. Next would be the 521 Tab for building at home or on the go and then the mat to build on at home.

  • I could really use the cotton but the tshirt would work as well. All of the items are awesome items and could be put to good use.

  • Wonderful poll, and if I were to pick anything in a giveaway to receive it would be Coil Master Coiling Kit because coiling everything by hand on a jig causes me quite a bit of hand pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • The Coil Master 521 Tab is awesome. It would help me with testing coils, I have to test everything on my mod and it only reads at 0.0 or tenths.

  • Hello! I have done everything asked to enter to win! 🙂 Thank you SO much for giving us this great opportunity to win a product from a company that clearly cares about the vaping community! Some truly wonderful products. I already own a Coil Master – Coiling Kit, V1 or V2, I’m not sure. I would love to own a Version 3.

    But the product that I would LOVE to own? It’s a 3 way toss-up!!! I LOVE the ENTIRE IDEA of the Coil-Master-521-Tab!!! WHAT? Seriously? Who WOULDN’T love to own one? What a useful device. 2nd- I’d love to own the DIY Kit V2, the entire kit looks perfect for unzipping on my busy desk and having every tool I need to rebuild!! Next, I am going to say the Pbag….. I am in the market for a bag to carry a mod or 2 with me on my back or on my waist. I need something that looks nice, but has enough space for mods, tanks, etc… Perfect!!!

    I would LOVE the 521 Tab! The TABLE MOD, the OHM-METER, EVERYTHING sounds PERFECT for my vape-space… My little area of the house where I keep an entire 3 tier/draw side-table of vape supplies, an entire IKEA industrial desk, devoted to empty juice bottles, DIY building/rebuilding and JUICE-MAKING supplies… hahaha. The 521 Tab would be the PERFECT addition. 🙂 Thank you SO MUCH for this opportunity to win! U can bet I will be telling my vaper friends about this, if they haven’t already seen the link I shared over Facebook. Ty!! <3


  • The DIY kit would come in handy for me. I currently carry this little case that has all of the tools I currently use, tweezers, screwdrivers, etc, which are not secure so whenever I open the bag everything tries to escape. It’s also the case I usually carry my liquid in so I’m limited to how much liquid I can bring with me whenever I go out and I carry a purse. I can’t have liquid just roaming around free in there.

  • Fun survey, as much as I may disagree with some of the leaders and hate how it becomes a popularity contest of people asking for votes on FB and IG, still fun. Id benefit most from a kbag or diy kit because Im always carrying around a random bag full of supplies

  • I would love to win the 521 tab i have a lot of vape buddys and would love for them to see if we are building safely this would aid in safer building

  • I just started rebuilding a few months ago and do it all by hand. I have seen the coil master products advertised and have wanted some soooo bad. money is tight so I will continue building by hand until I get a friend to give me their “hand me downs” :)) or I win something. I would absolutely love to WIN the “Master DIY Kit V2”. thank you.

  • I would dearly love the 521 Tab!! I have been vaping since April of this year and have quickly evolved into a hobbyist (limited). I do own the Coil Master Kit V1 and V2 and use them all the time. Thank you for the chance to win! You are such an awesome company

  • I would love to win the 521 tab. It would save time and would give stability upon installing coils plus the burning might save my mod. Thanks for the chance. This is great!

  • I would LOVE a DIY kit! I need something with all of my supplies in ONE place. Right now I have a pair of pliers here, a pair of clippers there. I’m a MESS.

  • I could really use the kbag! right now I’m using the bag that my wife’s breast pump bottles came in lol. It gets sooo unorganized! scrap wire ,used coils, used cotton, just a mess!

  • This was a fun and interesting poll, and very well put togethet. I could reallu ust the Coil Master DIY Kit V2. Thanks for the chanve of winning and all the work involved creating the poll and video. Kat

  • I really enjoyed sifting through this Poll and looking back over the past year. I chose the Coil Master Kit V2 as most beneficial to me because it has everything needed to make my vaping experience easier and more enjoyable.

  • Honestly, the V3 Jig would be the most beneficial. I think everything else is a work around, but the V3 has a solid system to build coils evenly and perfectly, every time. The huge DIY kit is nice, but not everything (I think) is always necessary.

  • I would love the DIY kit. My current setup is a little scattered, and too small. To have a whole new kit would be amazing, so I could pass off my old stuff to someone that’s trying to get started.

  • I need the coiling kit. I have problems with my hands so coiling tools help make my coils instead of going to shops and having to pay 5 to 10 bucks every time I need my coils made

  • I’m surprised to say the DIY kit would be a welcomed addition to my gear. I already have all of the individual tools but since I purchased everything before the CoilMaster wave, I have nothing in which to transport everything. It would be very convenient with the DIY kit to keep an eye on all of my incessant bits of tralalala and whatnot.

  • I could really use the diy kit v2 as currently all my tools get misplaced all round the house. Your diy kit would combine excellent equipment with a classy practical case.

  • I love dripping. But I’m out and about almost the whole day. I’ve tried the top 3 tanks voted on this list, the TFV4, Subtank mini, and the Crown. The Crown by Uwell by far is a superior product in terms of taste, cloud production, overall craftsmanship, and is what believe what other companies are trying to match and improve on, but it’s the perfect tank. I found that just by unscrewing the top cap just about 1/4 the way, you get a hit that can match any dripper.
    If you haven’t tried Snow Cap Vapory’s Sunrise or Sunset ejuice, you’re missing out. My favorite premium juice, by far.
    I wished I had spent the money and bought the original Coilmaster kit. Bought a cheaper companies kit, and that’s just what it was…cheap. I had to by the Coilmaster coil jig because the one that came with the cheap kit just didn’t cut it.
    Daily set-up;
    IPV D2 or IPV 3 Li with Velocity RDA or Uwell Crown tank. Vape Wild Pinkle Twinkle, Zebra Stripe, or Snow Cap Vapory Sunrise

  • I could use the building mat to help keep a space clean on the desk for building. Also because I already have the Kbag, 521 Tab and Diy build kit. Love coil master products.

  • I’d love the DIY kit. I’ve been vaping for years but I’m just starting to build my own coils. It would be nice to have everything I need to get started.

  • I really hope you guys account for the multiple entries of the same name. For instance, giant vapes, Giant Vapes, and giantvapes are all under one category. I feel those should be combined for the final count.

  • I could use a 521 tab, I need an accurate ohm reader so I can stop relying on my old segeli 100w to tell me what the resistance of my coils is.

  • I would need the 521 Tab since it has a very accurate ohm reader, and can be use to fire to check the hotspot without attath to mod first, building coil will be more please

  • 1x Coil Master 521 Tab
    I would benefit from this because it would serve as a build deck to make my builds (don’t have one), a good ohm reader that will be stable, solid and last (I’ve broken about 3 cheapo’s thus far), and allow me to fire coils if needed.

  • I would love to win the CoilMaster 521 Tab for my husband! He builds our coils, and has been making do with less than optimal equipment due to our (disability) limited finances. I know how frustrating it is for him to build a coil and have it burn up after it’s on the mod. This seems like the best way to protect our coils, our mods and our sanity!!

  • Coil Master has been my best kit ever! The complete set, everything! Helps alot during coiling! Coil Master, the only and the last kit that I ever need!

  • Great giveaway. I would definitely benefit having a 521 tab because it will guide me to safe vaping experience. instead of firing coild on my mod and reading resistance directly from it 521 tab will help me setup first before using it on actual mod

  • First off, thanks for the giveaway!. Secondly, “Which Coil Master Product Will Benefit You Most and Why?”. That would be the “Coil Master DIY Kit” as it contains everything I’d need to make and test my coils in one well thought out package. My coiling skills are lackluster, so the included Coiling Kit V3 would be of the utmost benefit. As well, some of the tools are dual-use, so they could also be used to torture my enemies when I’m not building coils.

  • This is so awesome. Good luck everyone! I work at a small vape shop in a small town, and I build coils for lots of people. But I dont have any real coil building tools… Just screwdrivers and some dull wire cutters. It would be an absolute blessing if I could use the coil master kits. Those would be the greatest benefiting items!

  • The Coil Master 521 would be amazing! I have the DIY kit and I LOVE it! I need a new ohm reader, as mine quit working and I think the 521 would be an amazing addition to my collection! Thanks for the amazing opportunity!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to vote and to all the suppliers and manufacturers that provide such great equipment and juices!

  • I could really use that 521 tab so that I won’t have to read ohms on my device. Actually could use the DIY kit too but I pretty much have things gathered up around the house that are getting the job done. That 521 tab though would be an awesome addition to my coil building arsenal.

  • Coil Master DIY Kit V2 Would help me so much I just learned to build but I don’t have my own stuff yet. Thx for the awesome opportunity. Merry Christmas

  • I enjoy doing these letting people know which I find is the best of the year! I’d really like to get the Coil Master Building Mat for my husband, he helps out everyone in our little group of vapors with coils and rda issues, everything. I’d really like for him to have a nice Mat for his area!
    Thanks for this opportunity to vote! Happy Holidays!

  • Definitely the coil master 521 tab. It would make building my coils so much easier. Moving my rda back and forth from my mod to my meter is a pain. This device would save so much time!

  • The Coil Master DIY Kit V2 would really help me – I have just bought my first rebuildable and am a little leery about makingmy own coils. I have watched videos – and am getting ready to try it – the kit sure looks like it would make this much easier!

  • Vape58 best guys I know. My son lives in Washington but his juice is here in San Diego. They always hook me up with a great deal to send him of his favorite juice.

  • Coil Master DIY Kit V2 – because currently I only have small bits & pieces of vaping tools. This kit has complete tools, which is great and its price also affordable for normal vapers. Unfortunately I don’t have that much to spend, so it’ll be great if I could win one 🙂

  • Coil Master DIY Kit V2 is my favorite Coil Master product. It has everything a person needs to get started building your own coils.

  • I have the 521 tab and love it! (would gift the new one to someone in need). The Bags would help me the most – too much gear to haul around. Thanks!

  • I would like the Coil Master DIY Kit V2 because I am very interested in starting to build my own could and experimenting with RDA’s, RTA, and many more, and this kit would be the perfect starter kit for me!!

  • A Coil Master Kbag, because I need a way to carry that much vape gear easily. Too much of my collection collects dust because I don’t have a proper case to take multiple mods or building gear while on the go.

  • The Coil Master Kit would benefit me bc I have just been building for a few months and this Kit has everything I need to master the art of cool making!

  • The 521 Tab would benefit me the most, I’m disabled and stuck in my chair all the time, which means I have to build on my lap, perching an atty on my leg is so awkward you wouldn’t believe!

  • The Coilmaster kit. I am tired of having my most used tools go missing because I don’t have a nice tidy home for them. There must be a ceramic tweezer gnome just stockpiling somewhere under my house.

  • 1x Coil Master DIY Kit I’ve just started vaping and this stuff when you start out is expensive.I need all the tools and props I can get. PLEASE thanks for the consideration.

  • Grimm Green has been my most watch vapor channel, and the one I look forward to every week! Gemini Vapors has the best juices out there!(for me…)

  • Just got a new mod and im on a budget so this diy would help me so much. Bought my mom and me a new mod because I am really trying to get her to s5op smoking and this would be a great help. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  • Just starting to seriously look at wrapping my own coils, so the Coil Master v2 Kit would be a very useful suite of new tools for me.

    That aside, thanks to all for putting this together and also to each and every one of those (regardless of their standings in the above polls), people who regularly inform, entertain, and advocate for helping people to get off of cigarettes, and all you do to keep the vaping community active and engaged!

  • Awesome year in vaping. Congrats to all who switched to vaping this year and a huge thank you to all the Youtubers for taking the time and the effort into making great content and educating vapers around the world!

  • I’ve voted and shared the page! Now it’s time to comment here to enter your amazing giveaway!
    I’m very new to the World of Vaping so I am still learning what’s what. But after researching your prizes, I believe the Coil Master DIY V2 would be a great item to get me started on learning how to rebuild my own coils – thus saving me a lot of money. Pre-built coils are what make vaping so expensive, I think. It would be great if I could cut that cost down! (That said, any of the other prizes would be useful, and very appreciated, as well!)

  • The diy kit v2 would benefit me the most due to its size, id be able to carry it every where with me so that if I needed to rebuild I could. My current carrier is massive and clunky to carry around.

  • I really want to get more into building, I think the Coil Master is the best thing out there for newbies and veteran vapers. The Coil Master would really help me out a lot, being able to have all the right tools at hand would be a huge help.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • It’s always really hard for me to build my own coils due to my shaky unsteady hands so I’ve never really invested in the necessary tools needed for building coils. All of the other jigs I have tried have not helped but when I saw videos on Youtube of others building coils with the jig I was amazed. It would be amazing to have the DIY Kit v2 since it not only has the Coil Master jig, but also all of the other necessary tools needed for building that I have never had the confidence to invest in due to my problem.

    Thanks for the amazing opportunity y’all!
    Good luck everybody!


  • I could really use the Coil Master DIY Kit V2. I started off with using screwdrivers, only to find that my arthritis worsened in my hands. I then moved on to a 3.. Kurro Coiler, and love it…but I’m limited to 3mm with out buying more. I’ve built a small kit with odds and end tools from my tool box, and keep everything in an old Halloween bucket that my adult kids used when they were young. The Coil Master DIY Kit V2 has everything I could possibly need, all in a nice zippered pouch. If I were to get that, I could finally retire the Halloween bucket and put my older tools back in the tool boxes in the basement, where they belong.

  • coilmaster large foam zippered carry/storage case with the basket woven elastic straps inside is my goto carry all for vaping supplies on the go!

  • I would love the DIY V2 kit. I’m a road warrior, ie I travel a lot for business. Right now my travel kit is a bunch of stuff jammed into a toilet kit bag that airlines give you when you fly international business class. It works but this would be so much neater and easier.

  • This voting format will never work. Way too much overlap. There is no way he’ll be able to go through all of those and consolidate them. I saw multiple items that go by different names listed 2, 3, even 4 times. Geek there was even someone that listed Florida Smoke Free Association right next to FSFA! WTF. Also people that put the Aromamizer in the RTA section. You’ve got to come up with a better way.

    • I’m glad you’re noticing my pain, but yea… you get it. That’s the problem I’m having. The only thing I can do is try to correct it next year, which I’m stumped on how. I had the developer include a feature where if you type in something similar to an entry that already exists, it will prompt you to change it. Undoubtedly that isn’t working or people are ignoring it. What’s making it even more difficult for me is what you said, people are using different versions for the same name. I may be in tune with the vaping community, but there are tons of people, youtubers, forums etc.. that I’ve never even heard of. The forum category is a disaster because everyone is considering facebook groups as forums. Youtube category is the same… people call themselves some off the wall name and have different versions of that name. yea, frustrating.

  • Coil Master DIY Kit V2 would benefit me the most as I take all my rebuilding supplies with me in a bulky case not meant for vaping. Thanks for the opportunity

  • I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the 521 tab. The ohm reader with my V2 kit stopped working after a couple of days. The replacement I just reviewed a few days ago…same result.

  • Coil Master Diy Kit V2 – – why? new to vaping and would love to build my new coils!

    Good luck everyone! Vape on 2016!

  • The DIY kit would be a benefit to me. I have many of the individual pieces but nothing nearly that organized as of yet, especially for on the go.

  • I would definitely benefit from the Coil Master 521 Tab. It would make building and working out hot spots SO much easier. Building on an mod is a pain because it can tip over and scratch the mod or atty. Building off is fine until you need to dry burn.

  • The coiling kit would help me the most, my husband loves to build and is teaching me. Having an easy to use set of tools would make our lives so much easier and our coils so much better! It would also cut down on the bickering to have a place for everything and everything in it’s place .

  • I would LOVE to win the kit, or the Kbag! I keep my stuff in a plastic medic box and everything rattles around and goes everywhere! I would absolutely benefit from some organization!

  • The product that would benefit me most would be the Coil Master 521 Tab. I am new to drippers and coil building and would feel more secure about what I am doing with this!

  • Since I’m still practicing and working at mastering my coil and rda build this package would be sick. Especially since the products being offered are by the leading company in coil building!

  • The Coil Master Coiling Kit:
    As I am just starting to Vape, And although my Uwell Crown is my most favorite Tank…
    I have recently purchased the Aromamizer RDTA – and, My coils….need HELP! lol

    Thank you

  • DIY KIT V2 would be an awesome addition to my amateur rebuilding toolbox which consists of nail clippers, dollar store screwdrivers and miscellaneous items from the kitchen junk drawer. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • any way to email me the voting list – im the owner of Phoenix Box Mods and i know the Phoenix firebird was on the top 30 and wanted a keep sake for the days of the 22mm




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