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Welcome to GuideToVaping’s Best of 2015!  It’s that time of the year again where you have the ability to make your voice heard and show recognition towards various companies, products, websites, groups, and individuals.  This month marks the 5th year this annual event has been running and we’re hoping to make it the best one yet.  For those of you who are new to the event, each year Guide To Vaping creates a list of category polls and then lets you decide who and what you think was the best in the current year.  This polling system has been specifically designed for this event, so it will allow you to choose from a list of entries that those before you have submitted, and if you do not see an entry whom you think is the best, you have the ability to insert your entry into the list. Please watch the video above before voting!

Each year you all get caught up in the chaos created by this event.  I ask that you first understand the reasoning for this event in order to make it an enjoyable one.  This event was created to give the online vaping community something fun to do, something to look forward to as the year closes, something to inspire store owners to step up their game, and a way to show recognition to those who have exceeded in this industry.  Though it’s a competitive event, it isn’t meant to bring out the worst in people.  This event, if anything, should encourage everyone to do better, not only for customers, but for the industry itself.  Thank you all for participating in GuideToVaping’s Best of 2015!


Update 12/1/15: After careful thought, I have added “Category: Best Vape Convention 2015” to the polls list.  I originally removed it and many other categories from the list so that there will be less mistakes I will have to correct.  Last year I spent hours upon hours fixing mistakes made during the voting process, and the more polls that we had, the more there was to fix.  Unfortunately, I can’t spend hours and hours everyday for a month to fix these mistakes, so removing polls was a must.  However, I understand how important the convention poll is, as I know they play a huge role in advocacy for our industry.  Since we are less than a day in on this event, I’ve made the decision to add the category.  If you have any questions or concerns, or even any feedback to better this event for next year, you can email me by using the contact button at the top of this site.  Thank you all for understanding and enjoy GuideToVaping’s Best of 2015.

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Update 12/2/2015:  There are many of you that aren’t looking through the list, so there are quite a few submissions that are the same.  I wanted to let you know that from time to time I will be going through the list and consolodating them.  For those on that list, don’t worry, your votes will be combined with the others into one.  While I have you reading, please do not put stupid shit into the fields and submit them, you’re only making the vaping community look childish.  Thanks!

Update 12/16/15:  I’ve managed to combine many of the votes on the first 5 or so categories.  At this time I’m only focusing on answers that have a good amount of votes that will highly effect the polls top winners.  Bare with me, because there are tons of duplicates and mistakes this year.  If you see something that will effect the poll greatly, use the contact button at the top of this website and let me know.


GuideToVaping’s Best of 2015 Sponsor:

This year we’ve chosen Coil Master to sponsor the Best of 2015.  Coil-Master not only manufactures outstanding products that are highly beneficial to consumers, but they’ve also become a leader within the market when it comes to the accessories that we use.  Coil-Master forever changed the game when they introduced the Coil Master Coiling Kit, then furthered their success with products like the Coil Master DIY Kit, Coil Master 521 Tab and Coil Master Kbag.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to use their products, we highly recommend giving them a try!  As a sponsor, Coil Master is giving away the ultimate Coil Master Package to 1 lucky winner, which contains ALL of their products.  Once you have submitted your vote, the instructions for this giveaway and how to participate will be available on the results page.  Good luck and enjoy! FOR YOUR SUBMISSION TO COUNT, YOU MUST COMMENT ON THE RESULTS PAGE!

Feel free to visit our sponsor’s website here:


Voting  Has Ended!


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  • Really get so much information from you Blake. I own an original coilmaster kit, but obviously they upgraded and I guess my vaping monkey is craving the ” extras” the new kit has. I’d also REALLY like to have the building matt they have! Tee shirt wouldn’t hurt either. BTW, love the V/A hat in your intro video!

    • Awesome, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Be sure to comment on the Best of 2015 Results page to enter into the giveaway! And, yea… the V/A hat is my favorite at the moment.

  • It just keeps telling me one of my answers is empty or invalid. I guess it doesn’t like my answers. I’ll keep trying.

  • I’ve been a huge supporter of what you do Blake – but I have to say I am highly disappointed. Vaping conventions are one of the MOST IMPORTANT parts of vaping – where we get to spread the gospel of Advocacy to the most people at any given time – while also enjoying the fellowship as an industry. We personally hand out advocacy paper work to every single person that walks through the door – and I hear you are refusing to even add it as a category.. man that really isn’t cool dude.

    • Well, I’m sorry that you’re dissapointed, but I can’t please everyone. I took out many categories this year because I’m the one left cleaning up all the mess. Last year I spent hours upon hours each day throughout the whole month correcting the mistakes of those who are voting on these polls. With that being said, I had to remove categories and simplify everything as much as possible this year. Depending on how this year goes, I may be able to add it back next year, but we’ll just have to see. I made a video this year to better explain things to help people, and that seems to help a little bit. I understand how important conventions are, but there were other categories as well that I wanted to keep, but unfortunately I couldn’t. Also, I haven’t refused anything until now – this is actually the first I heard of it, as I’ve been away from the computer for about 2 hours. Again, I’m that you’re dissapointed with the polls or myself this year.

  • […] my blog listed on the Guide to Vaping: Best of 2015 for best blog (and getting more than 2 […]

  • The Coil Master 521 Tab, I always find myself moving between a build deck, ohm meter, and a mod when building coils. With the 521 I would not have to switch between different equipment to build a great coil, a greatly reduce the chance I will mess up the coil by dropping it (which happens often with me). Thanks for the chance to win some awesome coil master products and for the opportunity to recognize people, events, and products that I enjoy and either use or watch throughout my vaping days.

  • I could benefit from the 521 tab. As it is right now I dont own an ohm meter cause cheap ones suck. I build off steam engine and just trust their numbers. It would also benefit me by not having to build on my mod, go to meter back to mod. No more of the back and forth, and no more burnt fingers.

  • Thank you for all your effort in doing the ‘legwork’ to provide this ‘Best of’ survey again this year. Oh, wait, there’s free stuff?

  • How is Gas Mask Mods even in there? That is not an original mod it is a logo on other companies mods, like TB Modz and whatever custom mod company hes using now. Just give credit to the modder not the guy paying to have his logo engraved as an available option…

  • i have the rebuild kit from coil master, and swear by it and the customer service, i will buy or get to win the 521 table model rebuild kit for holding my decks and checking ohms, wonderful advancement in building, coil master is king.

  • Best “celebrity” vapor LOL, now thats funny . This is all a joke because everyone knows it all comes down to contacting as many friends and family members to vote for you as possible , how do you think VU came out on top last year as the best forum .

    That forum wasn’t even remotely close to being the best forum, other forums have ten times the amount of useful information.

    I was a member of that forum for a long time until i saw just how childish and corrupt they really were , all they do is complain just how bad other forums are .

    It was comical how hell bent they were to contact everybody and anybody to vote for them , i mean pleaseeee.

    The funniest and biggest waste of time is their VU video shows . Do people actually watch that garbage , it’s the most boring show i have ever tried to watch , and i tried, it’s just idiotic .

    I do bust out laughing when i see the advertisments for it though .

    If the voting system was fair i would have a much better outlook on this whole thing but after being a member and witnessing VU and their over the top begging of people and groups to vote for them there’s no way you can take these polls seriously anymore.

    Other than this event i love “Guide to Vaping ” , best site and blog out there by far .

    • In all honesty, I’m sorry you feel that way about the polls, Jonny. However, there is one thing I would like to point out to you. You shouldn’t take this event that serious. The only seriousness this event deserves is that you vote for who “you” feel was the best, and in that you’re showing recognition to who you feel went above and beyond in 2015. Though many companies won’t win this year, it really boosts them to do better the following year. We can’t account for anyone else’s actions, only our own. No matter how you feel about anyone else or any place, as long as you’re doing the right thing, that’s all that should matter. The truth is, there is no possible way for me to control how these votes go, and no way that I can stop this or that company from contacting their mom, grandma and best friends brother from grabbing a vote, so the best way to look at it, as I said in the video, is to have fun and that it gives all of us in this vaping community something to do or look forward to. Again, I’m sorry that this year’s event isn’t what you expected it to be, but I hope next year will be better. Thank you for the kind words about Guide To Vaping, and vape on!

  • Being relatively new to rebuilding the Coil Master DIY Kit would give me everything I need to get my builds done the right (and easy) way, and I wouldn’t have to improvise tools for specific needs.

  • I could use a 521 tab as I build coils for alot of my friends and my current meter is off by half an ohm in either direction

  • The coil master kit would benefit me the most, everything needed all in one kit to learn to build coils. I also like the little bag, forgot the name, to use to carry around my juice & mod

  • Not really a Dr. Crimmys supporter, have place 1 order with them previously. That said I think it’s really unprofessional for yous guys running the vote to put Dr. Crimmys sucks as an opton in each poll. Everyone gets the point with the whole “scandal”. It was lame, and if anything a ton of ammo for those in favor of heavily regulating an industry we love. I was not happy to see those pictures but I hope the source loses in court, for what clearly was a breach of a confidentiality contract he signed, and the judge throws the book at him. Besides the point but, we are supposed to be a community as vapers. Stay united and fight those trying to bring an end to an industry that has saved our lives. This is not happening and putting slander as an answer to a poll question for best of 2015, especially from a site call, where beginners may be looking for info, is a very unprofessional and childish move. Stay classy guys.

    • Frank, I apologize for those that are writing the different things about Dr Crimmy’s in the answers to most of the categories. I honestly can’t help what people type, however… I do plan to remove it from the answers list later tonight. I too do not agree with everything going on with Crimmy’s, but I also find it very childish to drag it on, especially during an event that is supposed to bring us together in a positive manner. I hope you enjoy the rest of this year’s event, and thank you for participating.

      • Thanks Blake. Glad to see that there are other people who see the big picture. I didn’t realize that they were write in answers as it appears under “choose from the list”. Appreciate your prompt response and I thank you for hosting the event.

  • My decision was based on the best forum from events that happened over the last year and Vapers United.
    And since my current regular hangout wasn’t on the list, I went with the one that first allowed Vapers United in the door.
    Thank you Vaping Underground

  • Ahh man I could really use the Coil Master DIY Kit V2, I don’t have an ohm reader and I use dollar store screw drivers for my coilers lol

  • So hard to pick just one on most of the categories!! We have so many greats in all areas. Thanks for putting this together. I would love a coil master 521 tab. Switching between ohm reader to mod and back just seems like a handy device.

  • I really really need the coil master kit V2, i just don’t always have all the tools i need, and the handy package looks awesome.

  • If anyone wants to vote for something over and over again, hundreds of times, just use an IP address blocker/randomizer. Thats what a few of these people are doing right now. It was done last year too. These results are all bullshit. I informed Guide to Vaping about this and even asked them to contact me if they want me to show them how people are doing this……with no reply.

    • Look bro, I know how people are doing it, and so do others… however, there aren’t near as many of us that are actually taking it that serious enough to do so. These polls are meant to be fun and give people something to do, it’s not the end of the world. There is nothing that can be done to fix this, that is just how it goes when you hold an event such as this online. And, if I didn’t reply to you, this year or last, it’s because I didn’t see your email.

  • Why doesn’t it let me vote? I click on the link and it takes me to a screen where it just shows me the results as of right now.

  • Dude it’s not letting vote. It won’t let me past the captcha! I don’t know if it’s because I’m using my iPhone 6s Plus or what..

  • Thank you for the opportunity! I would LOVE to win a Coilmaster DIY v 2, I have never built my own coils but would love to learn how! Thanks again Coilmaster!!!
    Good luck all! 🙂

  • Would love to win the 521 tab simply because it’s an all in one tool. Less stuff on my work table would be a bonus! Not to mention no more burning fingers between adjusting coils on the mod then to the ohm reader and back to the mod. This device is probably one of the best of 2015, I’ve seen all the reviewers with it and looks awesome, thanks for the giveaways and can’t wait for more great products.

    • I think I messed up. I think I should not have hit summit before voting for everyone of the cats. Regardless, I am still a bit new to the vaping world and learning because of so many wonderful people who do not mind helping the ignorant (me) lol. I hope to learn to build my own coils soon. That should be interesting lol. Thank you all for everything you do!

      • I’m sure you did fine. Simple process, vote in each category, click submit and that’s it! Trust me when I say this, we were all in your place at one time, so I speak for the rest of the vaping community as well, we don’t mind helping at all. If you’re looking to get into coil building, there are many posts and videos on this site to help you with that, and far more on YouTube from many sources. Thank you for participating, and vape on!

    • Awesome! Well, it’s because of you voters that we’re able to do this each year. From us here at GuideToVaping and from the rest of the vaping community, thank you for participating in this year’s Best of 2015 event!

  • There seems to be enough votes now to combine totals. For instance “VapeWild” & “Vape wild”
    I think what you are doing is awesome! You really deserve an assistant.

  • Thanks for this opportunity Coil Master. I have wanted to get one of your DIY Kits for my building needs and to help me learn my building better with the right tools at hand. You have been a very generous sponsor for Vapers TV and would love to thank you for all you do for the vaping community.

  • Really, really disappointed! This took a long time to finish, just to not be able to submit due to the captcha! In spite of you saying you disabled it, and I did try “0”, it would not let me submit. Just so you know, all of my votes went to “Vape Wild” and their best flavor is “Butterbeer”. It really irks me that I cannot vote because of the captcha.

  • Really like to have the coilmaster diy kit – relatively new to vaping and building coils looks really difficult without the right equipment

  • Coil-Master 521 Tab looks epic! The Diy kit would definitely work better than the padded envelope that I am carrying my sad tool kit around in now. 🙂

  • I have a friend who owns an authentic DIY Kit V2 and it is wonderful. He has made me a few coils with his kit and they work wonders! Another friend has a clone of the kit, and its inferior in every sense of the word. Overall, I think that I would love to build my own coils with the real Coil Master DIY Kit V2.

    However, that is not my answer. The 521 Tab seems to be the prize that would excite me the most and would be the most beneficial for me to have in my repertoire. Being able to not only build my coils with the DIY Kit V2, but also check out the resistance of the coil, test and adjust the firing of the coil, wicking the cotton, and test out the draw — all without having to switch between an ohm reader and a mod. Sounds epic! This product seems to be the most essential for any serious vaper who is only content with testing the limits and safely building the best coils possible.

  • Any coil master kit that will reduce the time and stress that building puts into and takes from my life. I have six kids to keep up with and don’t have hours to spend at the table building and i see friends worth the v2 kit kicking it builds all the time in mins at comps. Really wish i had that advantage as well. U know my woman and kids would love the extra time I’d get from this too. Help me be a better builder and in turn a better dad lol. Thanks again you guys! This was fun survey, I’ll be back every year to fill it out too!

  • I just wasted 15 minutes try9ing to get this vote to work. Next time, how about making sure it does work before asking people to spend their time before finding out it doesnt. I have tried countless times, pressing 0 and it would not work for me

  • Can’t say enough good things about Vape58 San Diego. They have great customer service, great liquids. They always make you feel at home when you walk into the store

  • I was not sold on the whole kit, or need to update coil hug… But, that v3 kit with the 521 tab and all else included, that’s a one stop shop there… Probably most efficient way to properly pulse coils right on tab w ohm meter while breaking in wire/coils… I’m entering all over the internet lol

  • Coilmaster rose from a good idea to a rockstar in a very short time. Great products. This poll has been a blast- I enjpyed participating. Thanks guys.

  • I would love to enter the contest, just not sure how. I have voted and I am typing this in a comment section on the results page.

  • The item that would benefit me most is the 1x Coil Master DIY Kit V2. I have recently begun trying my hand at building my own coils and this would be a tremendous help. I began vaping on Sept. 23, 2015 after 40 years of smoking and I haven’t looked back. Thank you to everyone who helps, supports, and provides for current and future vapers. Thank you Coil Master for being the best of the best and sponsoring this event in 2015.

    Read more


    • You left your caps on by the way. Anyhow, Yes, I removed the Hex Ohm V2.1 entry, along with its votes. In fact, when I combined all of the Hex Ohm entries, I left it separate since it was a different version than “Hex Ohm”. The reason why it jump in votes is because it had multiple entries. Don’t accuse me of being shady with votes… I just combine what was entered. If you don’t like that, I’m sorry for you.

  • I was really sad to see Indoor Smokers not get better recognized for his hard work in the vaping community. He posts new and informative videos almost everyday of the week. Sure he is not all tatted up and huge Gage holes in his ears but, his information and devotion to vaping is second to none!!!

  • Well, once again I was able to take part in this “Best Of” event to show my support to the the people and companies that I feel are doing their best for our community and our industry/ Blake, I do realize that this must be a very daunting task for you to do every year. But I for one do thank you for your efforts in doing so. I agree that recognition does need to go out to the very people who work hard for us. many of them without the thanks that they deserve. If not for many of them, we would not be as established as we are today. So to all of you out there working behind the scenes or behind a counter, to those of you posting reviews or conducting interviews, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope that you keep heart in doing so throughout the 2016 year. There is much more advocacy that needs to be done and I stand beside each of you and ask that you all make a stand and do what you have to do to make history. Keep the vape alive folks. I was gifted with the Coil Master 521 tab and the Coil Master DIY kit. I love them so very much and use them on a daily basis as I build coils for multiple people. I think though that having another DIY kit would be most beneficial to me because that way I wouldn’t have to carry everything with me from place to place as I am wheelchair bound and it is difficult for me to transport everything every time. So having another set that I could just leave at my other perferred choice for building would be so awesome. Blake again thank you for doing this and thanks also to Coil Master for being kind enough to sponsor this.

    • Leah, thank you for your awesome comment first off… and, thank you for understanding what this event is meant for, as well as understanding the difficulties I go through to have it each year. Many people think it’s all just supposed to “work” and everything go perfectly, but I promise you and anyone reading this, it’s a pain in the ass! However, I enjoy doing it, I like for others to be noticed for their hard work, and it brings tons of vapers together waiting anxiously to see how the results turn out. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people emailing me and telling me that they’ve discovered new products, new vendors and new people due to this event. So again, thank you… and thank you for participating too!

  • Like survey I use it when I am looking for a new product. Would like to try winding my own coils with free kit thanks for sponsorship

  • Vape Wild has the most amazing juice and at amazing prices that I have found anywhere. Great quality juice at an extremely low, low price. Great customer service and they do know how to treat their customers 🙂

  • hi thank you for this I just wish I didn’t have CRAFT then I could remember all the names of the people to vote for here .Can’t Remember A Fu*&ing Thing

    • Yes, they’re on the results page. Look on the top menu, hover over Best of event and you can see the pages of results for each year.

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