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Different Experience From A New Local Shop

If you’ve been a loyal reader of Guide To Vaping for a while, you may get the hint that a lot of what I do each day involves vaping. Matter of fact, I believe e-liquid has been instilled into my DNA and flows through the rest of my family as well. The reason why I say this is, not only am I...

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The Kanger Protank 2 Review

The first and original Protank was obviously a big hit, and now there’s the updated and improved upon Kanger Protank 2, which clearly exceeds its predecessor. The Protank 2 is absolutely magnificent in design, performance and durability. It’s an all around tank that offers you the best...

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The VAMO is an Advanced Personal Vaporizer – which includes an OLED screen, a very simple menu system, along with a few other advanced features that are built into the device – like the ability to control your vape with both variable voltage and variable wattage.  This device has become...

Product Reviews Vape Tank Reviews

The CE5+ Clearomizer Review

The CE5+ Clearomizer from Crimson Vapor is the typical shape of your CE series tanks, but it looks like the manufactures are finally starting to get it. Rather than an exposed wick, which is very problematic due to rubber seals that cover the coil (rubber presses too tight against the wick...

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Abyss E-Liquid Review

This Abyss has an assortment of flavors mixed just for a truly awesome vape. If you’re into fruit and candy vapes, then you’re in for quite the surprise when you get your hands on Abyss E-Liquid from Crimson Vapor. This E-liquid has been a creation in the making with this fine blend of...

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Crimson Vapor Establishes In Alabama

Alabama can now add another vendor to its slow but growing list. Crimson Vapor – a brand new out of the gate vendor has set up an online shop based right here in my home town, Dothan, Alabama. Alabama is one of the slower states to gain popularity in electronic cigarettes, but as time...



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