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Top 3 Best Batteries For Vaping

The top 3 best batteries for vaping consist of three highly popular battery brands which have become a household name for us all. There’s a rule of thumb vapers go by; if it isn’t Sony, Samsung or LG, don’t trust it. However, that isn’t to say there aren’t other brands...

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DEAL: LG INR HG2 18650 Batteries| 2 Pack | $10.00

You won’t believe this deal, but you can get a 2-pack of LG INR HG2 20A 3000mAh 18650 Batteries for a super low price of $10.00! What’s wild about this I remember attending vape conventions where you couldn’t even find a deal like this. The last show I went to, they were selling...

Vaping Deals


An incoming hot deal that will give you the ability to get the SMOK AL85 Baby Kit and a two pack of LG HG2 Batteries in one bundle for a low $49.95! This bundle deal with only last until all of the kits and batteries are sold out, so be sure to hurry and get yours before this deal expires. As many...



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