Vaporesso, the innovators behind the unmistakable Target vaping devices have thrown its hat into the 200 watt, temperature control division with the Tarot 200W Mod.  While Vaporesso already has its fingers in almost every facet of the collective vaping pie, with tanks, RDAs, RTAs, and even its own proprietary ceramic coil system with the C-Coils, we’re excited to see what this latest offering can bring to the table.

So, if you’re looking for a new box that stands out from the crowd, stick around for the next couple of minutes while we take an in-depth look at what Vaporesso has offered the community with their first 200 watt monster, the Tarot Mod.

Vaporesso Tarot 200W Mod

Futuristic, sleek, and stylish are the first 3 words that come to mind when you set eyes on the Tarot for the first time.  The carbon fiber accents on the panels enhance the accentuated lines of the bos, standing in stark contrast against any of the 4 available body colors.  Whether you choose the blue, orange, silver or white chassis, the panels pull everything together and make it pop.Vaporesso-Tarot-200-watt-temperature-control-vape-mod-top-side

Hexagonal buttons for firing, adjusting, and mode selection create part of the devices overall mystique, instead of following the pack with plain old rounds.  The angled edges of the buttons play off perfectly with the sloping contours of the overall box, just one added touch to pull the entire design together.  These angles are a prominent feature within the box, even the OLED screen is carved at the corners to stay in character.

Measuring in at 93mm by 57mm by 23mm, the zinc alloy frame sits perfectly as a mid-sized vape mod, not too big to carry around all day, and definitely not so small that it would have to compromise on power.  Taking advantage of dual 18650 cells (sold separately), the Tarot from Vaporesso can pull out the power as and when you demand it.  The magnetized battery bay door will enable you to quickly change out batteries on the go and then seamlessly disappear back into the design.

Firing the device in wattage mode will give you options between 10 and 200 watts, and coil limits of 0.15Ω to 3.0Ω.  Even if you’re of the mindset that you don’t need 200 watts of power, just remember 2 batteries last longer than 1.

Vaporesso-Tarot-200-watt-temperature-control-vape-mod-all-colorsMoving away from the regular power mode, the Tarot’s temperature control system offers everything we have come to expect with modern devices.  Individual support for Titanium, Ni200, and Stainless Steel (SS 316) coil systems, you can run any tank or RDA and lock in the atomizer resistance to give you the greatest TC experience possible.  Choosing the right temperature between 280 and 600°F (137 to 315°C) is entirely up to the user, and unlike many other mods in its class, this one doesn’t need a complicated click-fest to achieve it.  Simple selection with the dedicated mode button makes the Tarot easier to use.

On top of this, you have the enlarged text on the 2 line super bright OLED screen that is easy to read and simple to understand.  The Tarot 200 watt from Vaporesso is a mod that we would definitely recommend for everyone.

Vaporesso Tarot 200W Mod: GET IT HERE



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