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5 Beginners Tips for Vaping

The world of vaping seems overwhelming and intimidating to beginners. Between maintaining your vape, adding vaping into your everyday life, choosing the right e-liquid, and how to use e-liquids, you can be left with a lot of unanswered questions.

However, with several vaping tips, you will be good to go. Some of these tips include the following:

1. Buy Premium THC e-Juice

It is important to research the THC e-juice you should find. This includes determining the reputation of vendors and checking their reviews to know what other individuals say before buying. It is worth using your cash in high-quality e-juices. Low-quality e-juices might have some impurities and fail to satisfy your craving. If possible, stick to premium e-liquids or reputable brands commonly known for using food-grade, certified, and medical-grade ingredients.

2. Change Flavors Occasionally

Among the most common issues, which many vapers experience is what is referred to as the ‘vaper’s tongue.’ You may experience it when you don’t taste the vape juice anymore. This is when the olfactory glands and taste buds need a break. There is nothing to be worried about when e-juice doesn’t taste the same. Basically, the vaper’s tongue lasts for several days and may affect the flavor of e-juice. In addition, you may switch to other flavors so as to continue vaping.

3. Know the Styles of Inhalation

There are two major styles of inhalation, including direct-to-lung (DTL) and mouth-to-lung (MTL). DTL is more powerful than MTL and has a loose airflow. The combination of power and loose airflow means users will fill their lungs with vapor very fast. On the other hand, MTL is made to emulate smoking cigarettes. MTL is compact and has low power as well as tight airflow. Because of its tight airflow, Slick Vapes recommends using a two-stage draw, similar to when smoking cigarettes.

4. Check the Battery Connection Regularly

It is necessary to check your battery’s connection for your e-juice buildup. Failure to do that, you might end up with a fried mod and degraded vaping performance. To clean your battery, you need to unscrew the tank from your mod or battery. In addition, take a cotton swab or cloth and wipe out the e-juice, which might have found its way. Remember also to clean the connector on the tank.

5. Use a New Coil When Necessary

Coils are an important part of vaping, which you can place inside the tank. It consists of cotton and metal wire. The cotton absorbs the e-juice, while metal wire vaporizes it when heated up. Some coils might last for several weeks or more, whereas other can burn in just seven days or even less than that. It depends on the kind of brand you use and the type of e-juice, among other factors.

In a Nutshell!

Switching from smoking to vaping is an important step and something that you need to be proud of. However, it is vital to do it correctly, especially if you want to avoid cigarettes. If it is your first time vaping, you need to commit yourself to stop smoking. You also need to ensure you vape e-liquid, which has enough CBD oil, so as to satisfy your cravings.






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