Tobacco Cigarette Shutout

In later days, you won’t see tobacco cigarettes being offered on shelves of retail chains and quickie gas stations. Instead you’ll see electronic cigarettes, e-liquid and the accessories that fuel them. In fact, analysts predict┬áconsumption of e-cigarettes could surpass consumption of traditional cigarettes within the next decade. Instead of someone asking to bum a smoke, they’ll be asking to bum a cartridge. So much will change and many possibilities that we didn’t have before will be opened and ready to explore. We can only hope that tobacco cigarettes are eventually shutout completely.

Nicotine Delivery

By switching to electronic cigarettes, you’re still receiving the same nicotine delivery you desire, but without the 4,000 other harmful chemicals that cause respiratory problems and cancer, along with many other harmful effects. In addition, you can order your e-liquid in multiple strengths, ranging from 0mg to 24mg. This gives you the ability to ween yourself from the nicotine addiction by gradually lowering your nicotine intake over a course of your own set time.

Flavor Advantage

When you’re an electronic cigarette user, you have a flavor advantage over tobacco cigarettes. Because the FDA doesn’t allow many flavors with traditional cigarettes, only tobacco and menthol is offered. With electronic cigarettes, you receive the joys of the most richest of chocolates to the most delicious fruit. Flavors are almost endless when it comes to e-liquid.

Hand To Mouth Action

Many will tell you that smoking isn’t just about the 4,000 chemicals in a tobacco cigarette you become addicted to, it’s also the hand to mouth action that you’ve repeated time and time again throughout your years of smoking. Electronic cigarettes provide that, along with the oral fixation. With an electronic cigarette, the 4,000 chemicals no longer exist, and you’re left with the parts you enjoy most, which is the nicotine, the hand to mouth action and oral fixation.

This is why electronic cigarettes have become so popular – is because it isn’t a quitting tool, and instead, it’s an alternative. Quitting is tough and that’s why many have been so unsuccessful or haven’t tried it at all. With that said, try electronic cigarettes – an alternative that gives you the same enjoyment, without killing yourself in the process.

Breaking Tradition

Never has it been so thrilling to break a tradition that has plagued our nation. This tradition has caused humility, pain, regret and even death. Though it’s a killer, why do people continue to smoke? – People continue to smoke because it has been passed down from generation to generation. Once the nasty habit is picked up, it’s tough to quit. And, for years everyone has only looked for a way to quit, instead of replace. That’s until electronic cigarettes were invented, which has become a viable alternative.

E-Cigarettes have opened new doors for us. It’s offered a way to break the tradition that has caused so many to mourn for loved ones. It’s a way to go against the norm and create a better life for not only ourselves, but for the next generation to follow.