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An In-Depth Look: Loaded E-Liquid

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Loaded E-Liquid is a brand manufactured by Ruthless Vapors. This brand is dedicated to making sure their loyal customers are always satisfied and ecstatic about the vape juice they receive. At Loaded E-liquid, their culinary trained mixologists are true food fanatics at heart and are ardent about bringing joy to their customers lives with the juices they create. They firmly believe in the fact that if it doesn’t pass the high-quality tests that they cannot share it with you because it isn’t living up to the high standards their customers and they as a company expect from their juices. At Loaded E-Liquid their goal is to recreate the flavors, taste, and experiences of eating these succulent flavors, such as Cookie Butter and Glazed Doughnuts, into a vape juice  that is either made for sub-ohm devices, or the Loaded NICSALT collection for salt nicotine based pod systems, that you can easily bring with you, wherever you go.

Loaded E-Liquid Flavors

Loaded Cookie Butter

Loaded Cookie ButterLoaded Cookie Butter is a flavor that will satisfy your taste buds to the max! With the sensation of biting into a freshly baked cookie with cookie butter spread on it, this flavor is like no other. As you inhale, the sweet toasted notes of sugar graze your taste buds preparing them for the flavor-packed taste that is to come. A hint of spices hit your tongue next with the cinnamon notes of this juice that delights like no other. As you exhale the warmth of taking a bite of a freshly baked cookie with the creamy cookie butter slathered on top is recreated and will blow your mind! Bringing you the warmth and enjoyment of a cookie with no guilty conscious in sight!

Loaded Donuts

Loaded DonutsLoaded Donuts taste like you just walked into your favorite doughnut shop and a fresh batch of fluffy, gooey sweet deep fried doughnut is ripe for the choosing. As you inhale Loaded Glazed Donuts from your first puff to your last the warm, sweet flavor of fresh doughnuts smothers your tongue in its delightful flavor. As you exhale, a hint of cinnamon grazes your tongue to bring the experience of eating a fresh doughnut to life.

Loaded Chocolate Glazed

Loaded Chocolate GlazedThe world-renowned flavor of chocolate covered glazed doughnut now comes to you in a vape juice! Loaded Chocolate Glazed is a light, whimsical flavor that grazes your taste buds with just the right amount of sweet to make you want to come back for more and more. Rich chocolate coats a glazed sugar covered doughnut to satisfy your breakfast AND dessert cravings. As you inhale, the rich chocolate dances across your taste buds. The sweetness is subtle enough to not overwhelm you but there enough to where you know from the minute you inhale, its chocolate. As you exhale, the fluffy doughnut flavor hits your tongue to give this juice a nice authentic, rounded flavor.

Loaded Cran Apple

Loaded Cran AppleLoaded Cran Apple has just the right amount of tangy sweet mixing together to leave your mouth watering. The fusion of cranberries and apples was a groundbreaking fusion that left the world shaking. As you inhale your taste buds are given a tangy jolt of ripe cranberries that will cause your lips to pucker. No taste is better than fresh cranberries with the luscious flavor this juice creates. As you exhale crisp apples sooth the tang that the cranberries left to create a perfect combination of tangy sweetness that you won’t be able to put down!

Loaded Cran Apple Juice Iced

Loaded Cran Apple Juice IcedThe juice that left the world shaking in its wake, is back with a menthol twist. For the vape customers that fulfill their thirst with a nice tall glass of juice on a hot summer day, this juice is for you. As you inhale your taste buds will be greeted with a tart cranberry flavor. A sweet apple flavor then comes in and soothes your taste buds like jumping into a pool during the middle of summer soothes your skin from the sun. As you exhale, a cooling menthol combines with the cranberries and apples to leave your mouth feeling refreshed and your senses delighted. This juice is perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth that sits in the back of your mind as it isn’t too sweet but it’s just the right amount mixed with some tart and cooling flavors.

Loaded Apple Fritter

Loaded Apple FritterIf the taste of freshly baked apple pie is your all-time favorite flavor but sometimes life gets in the way of your apple pie eating, this juice is the one for you. The first thing you’ll notice as soon as you open this juice is the aroma of apples and cinnamon. The delicious scent of this juice will remind you of walking into your family home right around winter time and the smell of the apple pie in the oven hits your senses as soon as you open the door. As you inhale, the apples drenched in caramel will coat your tongue in a delightful blanket. Then, apple and cinnamon will whirl around your mouth like the children before a family dinner running around excited for the food to come. As you exhale, you’ll question if you just took a puff from your vape or if you just took a bite of freshly cooled down apple pie.

Loaded Raspberry Eclair

Loaded Raspberry EclairA completely new idea has hit the vape community and heads are spinning in bewilderment. Raspberry Eclair is the first eclair flavor, and its the best thing you’ll ever taste. As you inhale, the tart raspberry flavor will awaken your taste buds with excitement. The tangy raspberry filling of this eclair will shock you with its true to taste flavor. As you exhale, mixing with the tart filling of raspberry the taste of fluffy, freshly baked eclair blankets your tongue with a genuine flavor that no one can replicate.

Loaded Melon Milkshake

Loaded Melon MilkshakeMilkshakes are the best of every world, and having it in a vape juice flavor saves you from the brain freeze from drinking it too fast. Melon Milkshake is a flavor that will have you addicted from the first drop to last. On the inhale, the taste of fresh melons lay on your taste buds as if they were tanning in the sun. The sweet melon flavor is something that you will never go flavor blind to. On the exhale, the creamy milkshake that just rolls across your tongue mixes with the sweet melon flavor to create a succulent juice that is like no other. This juice also has a hint of honey to give it a nectarous flavor that combines with the melon milkshake flavor to give it a subtle hint of sweet natural flavor.

Loaded Lemon Bar

Loaded Lemon BarTransport yourself to a vintage cafe in the heart of France. With Loaded Lemon Bar, you won’t just be imagining it, you’ll be able to taste it as well. This juice is inspired by the world-renowned dessert, Tarte Au Citron. As you inhale, the tart lemon flavor dances across your taste buds to make sure every last one of your taste buds is awake. The taste of creamy lemons will be something that drives you wild. As you exhale the lemon flavor saturated with powered sugar soothes your taste buds from their tart awakening.

Loaded Smores

Loaded SmoresSitting around a campfire roasting s’mores over the flame is something that may be a thing of the past for some. However, with this succulent juice you no longer have to want for the sweet flavors of roasted s’mores as it can now go where you go! As you inhale the taste of freshly roasted gooey marshmallows hits your tongue and drives your senses into a frenzy. Mixing with the gooey marshmallow is a creamy milk chocolate that is just melted enough to make you sigh in satisfaction. As you exhale the best part of a s’more comes in, the graham crackers! The foundation of the s’more rolls across your taste buds take you back to sitting around the campfire laughing and telling stories.

Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut

Loaded Strawberry Jelly DonutLoaded Strawberry Jelly Donut drives everyone into a craze with it’s trustworthy flavors. Doughnuts covered in sugar stuffed to the breaking point with sweet strawberry filling is everyone’s favorite doughnut from breakfast to dessert. As you inhale the taste of fluffy fresh baked doughnuts blankets over your tongue in all of its sweet glory. As you exhale, the experience of biting into a strawberry jelly doughnut is recreated, as the strawberry filling flavor caresses your tongue like long lost friends. Don’t miss your chance to save on the Loaded collection today!

Loaded Pink

Loaded Pink is the latest addition to the Loaded Ejuice line by Ruthless Ejuice. It’s ultimately a 120ML bottle that is filled to the rim with its new special “Pink” flavor, boasting a 70/30 blend and available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths. While you may be wondering how such a brand could improve on a collection of ejuice that has already exceeded expectations, the manufacturer behind the brand has some serious flavor artists that are more than capable of producing an even greater profile. With Pink, it uses freshly ripened strawberries that have been mixed precisely with an abundance of sweet confection. The end result is a cotton candy flavor that is simply out of this world.

Twist by Loaded E-Liquid Flavors

Loaded Cinnamon Coated

Loaded Cinnamon CoatedA fresh, out of the oven pretzel coated in sweet cinnamon sugar is sure to delight those taste buds all day long. This sweet treat can only be found with Cinnamon Coated by Loaded. This savory e-juice comes from the new Loaded Twisted collection which consists of 3 pretzel flavors, each that have been smothered in a special topping for an added kick of succulent flavor. On the inhale a rush of that cinnamon sugar will frolic across your pallet. This genuine flavor will trick your taste buds into thinking you have bitten into a fresh pretzel from the fair. On the exhale this flavor intensifies and has a doughy taste to wash down that intense cinnamon taste.

Loaded Strawberry Dipped

Loaded Stawberry DippedThe taste of a freshly baked pretzel paired with the luscious strawberry cream blend. This hot and ready pretzel has been baked to perfection with Strawberry Dipped by Loaded. This intoxicating flavor fuses an authentic pretzel taste with succulent and ripe strawberry cream. Maybe you have never dipped a pretzel in this type of cream, but once you indulge in this e-juice you’ll realize just how much you have been missing out on. On the inhale a blitz of that strawberry vape juice flavor will take control of your taste buds and ignite them with its intense flavor. To provide that true pretzel taste a doughy flavor is next to follow and will frolic across your pallet. On the exhale that strawberry flavor intensifies as a creamy base follows to wash it all down, making this e-juice a boozy treat.

Loaded Yogurt Dunked

Loaded Yogurt DunkedThe sweet taste of yogurt paired with an unforgettable taste of a pretzel treat. Don’t knock this e-juice until you try it! It can seem a bit skeptical at first but with just one puff you will be hooked on Yogurt Dunked by Loaded. This creamy yogurt has just been made for that warm fresh pretzel. Your taste buds will be pleased from the first puff to the last. On the inhale a creamy blast will intoxicate your taste buds as this arousing flavor smothers your tongue. A doughy flavor arrives to this flavor party next to provide that true pretzel flavor. On the exhale that yogurt vape juice flavor will intensify providing the perfected exhale.

Loaded NICSALT Flavors

load e-liquid nicsalt

Loaded Donut NICSALT

Prepare your taste buds for the best dessert flavor salt nicotine flavor you’ve ever tasted. From the moment you get Loaded Donut NICSALT your day will get ten times better. With every inhale of Loaded Donut NICSALT, the taste of a freshly baked doughnut wash over your taste buds in the most succulent way. As you exhale, the glaze atop the doughnut hits your taste buds, combining with the doughnut taste creating the best nicotine salt flavor you’ve ever vaped.

Loaded Cran-Apple NICSALT

Cranberries and apples create the perfect fusion and Loaded NICSALT has recreated this flavor for those of you who use a pod system, and once you try it there is no going back. As you inhale, Loaded Cran-Apple NICSALT, the taste of cranberries crashes across your taste buds in the most refreshing way. As you exhale, the apples combine with the cranberries creating a fusion that will have you seeing stars.

Loaded Cran-Apple Iced NICSALT

Who doesn’t love the taste of cranberries and apples? Now imagine that flavor with a menthol base and boom you’ve got the taste of Loaded Cran-Apple Ice NICSALT. As you inhale Loaded Cran-Apple Iced NICSALT, the cranberries and apples swirl around your taste buds as you’ve never experienced before. As you exhale, the menthol base brings the flavor in a full circle creating the best flavor you’ve ever tasted.

Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut NICSALT

Loaded has finally made a vape juice that will blow your socks off. Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut delivers all of the mouth-watering taste of a freshly baked doughnut stuffed to the breaking point with strawberry jelly, with no added guilt whatsoever. As you inhale Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut NICSALT, your taste buds are immediately wrapped in the taste of a freshly baked doughnut. As you exhale, the strawberry jelly fuses in creating the best recreation you can ever fathom.

Loaded E-Liquid

With all of the succulent flavors Loaded has, they have a vape juice to suit whatever mood you happen to be in. To recreate these delightful flavors with how authentic they taste, it takes people truly dedicated to their customers and the flavors they put their brand on. To satisfy all of your dessert or sugary breakfast cravings, these juices have taken the world by storm. With high-quality ingredients, no one can match Loaded ejuice with their foolproof recipes that create the most flavorful juices in the industry currently. Find the juice to match your mood and personality with Loaded E-Liquid today!

For those that want to experience all that the Loaded Vape Juice brand has to offer, there are some exciting deals to take advantage if you’re on the hunt. For instance, West Coast Vape Supply has a bundle deal that should very well interest you, and it’s their Loaded Vape Juice 120ML Pick 3 Bundle, which totals 360ML of Loaded E-Liquid flavors. You’ll choose three of you most preferred flavors out of a group of 11 uniquely blended flavors. No matter which flavor you choose, you’re sure to get tons of flavor, delicious flavor at that, and an all-day-vape experience that you won’t forget.

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