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An In-Depth Look: SVRF E-Liquid

West Coast Vape Supply

SVRF -pronounced surf- is a vape juice brand crafted out of Southern California. These vape juices have the best fruity flavors in the industry and their dessert flavors are like absolutely no other. SVRF ejuice is made with only high-quality premium ingredients, you won’t have any harsh aftertaste, only the taste of the smooth delicious vape juice.

SVRF Vape Juice Flavors

SVRF Balanced

SVRF BalancedBalanced is true to it’s name. This vape juice is the perfect balance between coconut and cream leaving your senses feeling relaxed and transporting you to the tropical island of your dreams. As you inhale, the coconut flavor dances across your taste buds awakening them in ways they’ve never been awoken before. As you exhale, the creamy taste mixes with the coconut flavor providing you a taste of your dream island without you having to go anywhere. 

SVRF Divine

SVRF DivineThe taste of cheesecake topped with berries has never tasted better than it does in this vape juice. This divine vape juice brings you the authentic taste of cheesecake topped with luscious mixed berries that leaves you with no guilt whatsoever. As you inhale, cheesecake flavor blankets your taste buds like your favorite blanket in the winter. As you exhale, the mixed berry taste combines with the cheesecake giving you a slightly tart flavor to the sweetness; sending your taste buds into a craze. 

SVRF Refreshing

SVRF RefreshingThis papaya, mango, cantaloupe and menthol fusion is a vape juice that will have you jumping for joy. The mixture of juicy papaya, fresh mango, and sweet cantaloupe all blended together with a menthol base will have you coming back for more and more constantly. As you inhale, the merger of papaya and mango is the first thing you’ll taste. As you exhale, the cantaloupe taste joins in on the fruity melody then transforms into a menthol flavor leaving you feeling refreshed.

SVRF Satisfying

SVRF SatisfyingThis mix of raspberries and dragon fruit provide you the best flavor of tangy and sweet that you can find on the market. Satisfying is a vape juice that will drive you to the edge of insanity with its boozy flavors. As you inhale, the tart raspberry flavor takes over your taste buds. The raspberry flavor provides the tartness that will have your mouth watering in desire. As you exhale, the dragon fruit taste in all of its juicy glory you’ll forget the tartness of the raspberries. 

SVRF Sublime

SVRF SublimeThis blend of citrus pastry will be the only vape juice you’ll want to vape from here on out. This citrus pastry provides the intense flavor of a lemon tart that you won’t be able to get enough of. As you inhale, the citrus flavor will make your taste buds swoon. As you exhale, the pastry flavor combining with the citrus will be the most intoxicating flavor you’ve ever vaped. No other brand has captured the entirety of a lemon tart as much as Sublime did.

SVRF Tempting

SVRF TemptingThis truly tempting vape juice is coming for your heart. The taste of a fried churro that is a perfect color of golden brown. Then, take that churro and add an intensely sweet blueberry filling and boom you’ve got the churro of your dreams in the palm of your hand. As you inhale, the only thing you’ll taste is the churro, driving your sweet tooth right out the door. As you exhale, the blueberry flavor takes over leaving only traces of the churro taste, giving you the best dessert churro flavored vape juice you’ll ever have. 

The intoxicating flavors of SVRF e-liquid will have you trying every flavor and falling in love with every last one from there collection. These fruity and dessert flavors will send you to a whole new plane of flavors. Don’t miss your chance to experience the sweet dessert flavors and the fruity flavors of your dreams with SVRF.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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