The cannabis industry has become massive in recent years thanks to legalization. Besides cannabis being used for recreational and medical purposes, this industry has also infiltrated other industries such as the cosmetics industry where you can now find CBD face wash and moisturizers for example. There are a wide variety of products available on the market these days.

When it comes to consumption methods, the decision to use a vape or a bong can be a tough one. You need to consider what you are looking for in your smoking experience and then choose which option has a better chance of delivering that experience. Some people value the taste of cannabis while others are purely interested in how the substance makes them feel. There are pros and cons with both bongs and vapes so let’s assess both to determine which could work best for you.

The design

There is a distinct design difference between bongs and vapes. A bong is a handheld filtration device that looks like a long tube with a port at the bottom for water and a chamber to stack your dry herb into. Bongs also have a large mouthpiece at the tops of the long tube that allows you to inhale the smoke after combustion. Bongs come in a variety of shapes but it is commonly quite big. They also come in a variety of materials from glass to plastic to acrylic; however, glass is the most popular material for a bong, and you can find a great selection of high-quality glass bongs at Molino Glass. Because of the size and the fact that water is required to smoke a bong, this smoking device is not portable and is specially designed for home use.

Vapes on the other hand are also handheld and like the bong, it has a chamber for your dry herb and a mouthpiece. The added difference is a battery and a LED screen that allows you to see and adjust your temperature. There are many varieties of vapes including portable vapes, vape pens, and desktop vaporizers. Portable vapes and vape pens are small in size which makes them portable however, desktop vaporizers are large devices that are electrically powered and are specifically for home use only. In terms of material, vaporizers are commonly ceramic with other materials such as metal and glass.

The maintenance

Regardless of the device you use to consume cannabis, you must maintain it properly so that it can last longer and work more effectively. Bongs require regular cleaning. When you burn the dry herb in the bongs chamber while simultaneously sucking through the mouthpiece, the ash from the burning herb starts to collect in the port that holds the water which creates a black layer of residue over time. To properly maintain a bong you need to regularly change the bong water and clean the black residue.

You will also need to clean the chamber that will get black from all the ash residue from combustion. It’s not hard to clean a bong, it just requires some effort. A vaporizer also needs to be regularly cleaned to keep it working in optimal condition. You need to frequently clean the chamber. It is recommended that you soak the vaporizer parts in isopropyl alcohol. The longer you soak the parts, the more impurities will be removed. It is recommended to soak it overnight.

The experience

Both bongs and vaporizers provide their own unique experience with a few similarities including the fact that they both conserve cannabis because you only need a little bit of dry herb to fill your chamber and they both provide a stronger high because with a bong, you smoke all the herb in the chamber in one hit and with a vaporizer, there is vapor produced instead of smoke which results in a stronger high.

One distinction is that bongs work with combustion whereas vaporizers don’t because instead of burning the dry herb, you heat it with a controlled temperature. Another difference is that bongs are commonly used in a communal and social setting whereas a vaporizer is more for individual use only. Vapes are also more discreet than bongs because vaporizers produce less smell and smoke whereas the smoke and smell produced from a bong are distinct and loud.