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milk_of_the_gods review

Vapors Anonymous Milk Of The Gods E-Liquid Review

  Today, we will be taking a quick look at Vapors Anonymous Milk Of The Gods by Vape Craft Inc.  If this is not a label or flavor profile you...
eclyp logo

E-Clyp Vaping Accessories Review

  Today, we have E-Clyp's latest vaping accessories up for review.  If you don't know what an E-clyp is, it is basically a small clip that you add to your vaping...
Vapor Shark AMP3 Charger Review

Vapor Shark AMP3 Charger Review

2 The all new AMP3 Charger by Vapor Shark offers a compact size, a quality feel, and it charges batteries really, really fast! Check it out in this accessory review...

Wotofo Conqueror Postless RTA Review

  Chinese company Wotofo's reputation for knocking the ball out of the park with innovative, unique, and affordable designs has taken another step forward with the release of the Conqueror postless rebuildable...
The Fuse

The Fuse/2 cents- Practice Safe Vaping (now sold as the Vape Safe)

Mod users can do a little happy dance pretty soon -or a better term might be "safety dance". This new vaping product coming to market is sure to be...

The Protank Review

With each new product that hits the electronic cigarette market, there is a level of hype that follows it throughout the vaping community. And with the Protank, I believe...

Colored Tank – AltSmoke

With now having 3 tanks, which I must add all are SmokTech styles, I decided to purchase another. You might ask why I'm purchasing the same styled tank... Well,...

Malted Milk Balls – deejStuff

Today I have another bottle of deejStuff e-liquid to review called "Malted Milk Balls". - When I was younger I always remember myself snagging up a box of malted milk...
gceramic coil review

AtomVapes gCeramic Coil Review

Though AtomVapes produces many products, it's most known for its coils that have become a big hit.  The gClapton coils were a fantastic addition to the market when Clapton...

Kanger Kbox Mod Review

KangerTech has been around for year's, becoming a staple within the industry and known as the leaders in the clearomizer market.  Kanger also gained its popularity from its Evod...
Innokin Coolfire Z80