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Herbal Vaping

Naked 100 CBD Tinctures Preview

For those of you making your way to this article, there’s a fair chance that you’re familiar with the Naked 100 brand. In fact, at some point, you’ve had to run across this brand since they’re plastered on nearly every online vape store, and your local brick and mortar shops...

Herbal Vaping

An In-Depth Look: Naked 100 CBD

Naked 100 CBD is just the newest development from USA Vape Labs in Southern California. Beginning in 2016, Naked 100 E-Liquids has sent vapers heads spinning with their elaborate flavors that no one will ever be able to mimic. Naked 100 was one of the first 60ml vape juices available with three...

Herbal Vaping

New CBD Shop Opens In Dothan, AL

For those that seek CBD-infused products in the circle-city, can now breathe a sigh of relief because a new CBD shop has opened in Dothan, AL. It brings along with it a retail location that is stacked with a variety of products for you to explore the wonderful benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)...

Herbal Vaping

Savage CBD Ejuice Preview

Scattered across multiple industries, the name “Savage” is becoming increasingly popular for those that prefer products that displays overwhelming quality with equally impressive pricing. Since its thrusting move forward into the vaping industry, Savage Enterprises has been full...

Herbal Vaping

JustCBD – CBD Vape Eliquid

There are many CBD vape eliquid brands popping up everywhere, and there’s one brand that is leading the march forward in a category that was just made federally legal throughout the United States due to the 2018 Farm Bill, and that is JustCBD. As long as there is 0.3% THC or less in the CBD...

Herbal Vaping

CBD Oil For Anxiety

Thousands of people around the country are using CBD oil for anxiety, and it’s actually one of the most common reasons folks are turning to these products. CBD companies are popping up left, right and center, some making CBD pills while others are crafting amazing CBD Vape Juices. The question is...

Herbal Vaping

Learning More About CBDfx

When it comes to finding a vast array of CBD products from all categories, you won’t have to look much further than CBDfx. If you’re new to the CBD market, you may not have heard of CBDfx, but they offer amazing, high-quality products and they’re available directly on the CBDfx website. The...

Herbal Vaping

CBD Oil by CBDfx

Gaining extraordinary growth, the CBD market has taken off like a rocket and it looks as if its thrusters have plenty of fuel to continue on in a steady path. If you thought the vapor products industry made an outstanding impact on the universe, the CBD market’s growth is just as impressive. It’s...

Herbal Vaping

Can You Vape CBD Oil? We Have The Answers

As many of you are aware, vaping is an extraordinary alternative to traditional smoking. It’s used to gain the satisfaction of nicotine without the thousands of harmful chemicals, and there are many people who are finding that vaping is just as beneficial with CBD products. However, there are...



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