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CBD as Stress Buster: Bring the Calmness Back

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Stress has adverse effects on your daily life beyond the anxiousness you get during stressful situations. Prolonged intense stress causes your body to produce hormones when your body’s fight or flight response is triggered. These hormones can contribute to a host of long-term health issues, such as a weakened immune system, chronic fatigue, weight gain, headaches, depression, and even heart disease.

Causes of Stress

The causes of stress include things such as work, children, and finances. Older people often find health issues to be a cause of stress. In comparison, students find juggling classwork, employment, and life, in general, to be stressful. Genetic make-up can also be a large part of why people become stressed, a person’s hormones changing how they respond to stressful situations.

Remedies to Relieve Stress

There are a variety of available treatments to help reduce or eliminate stress. Speaking to a therapist and receiving a course of medications is the typical approach. A therapist can help reduce stress by teaching you how to let go of specific triggers that cause stress. Meditation and yoga is another way to help reduce stress levels. CBD oil appears to have potential anti-anxiety effects. Numerous studies on CBD oil have shown its possible impact on reducing stress. You can find reliable CBD capsules for stress online if you wish to seek some sort of relief.

Supportive Research on CBD and Stress

Several studies performed on rats and mice have shown that CBD can significantly reduce stress. Mice dosed with CBD and then put in cages with snakes were able to find a safe location to avoid the snake without panicking.

In a double-blind placebo study given to individuals with social anxiety or a fear of public speaking, those that received CBD had significantly lower stress levels than those that received the placebo. Another study conditioned people to expect a shock when seeing a specific image. Participants who had taken CBD had lower fear and anxiety, even days after the initial dose of CBD would have worn off.

How CBD Works on Stress

CBD appears to bind with specific serotonin receptors that are associated with anxiety and anxiety disorders. It’s also associated with your endocannabinoid system, a body system that helps reduce stress and fear. CBD seems to help balance that system, increasing endocannabinoids’ production, which helps with your fear response. CBD may also help reduce your heart rate when stressed.

How to Apply CBD Oil to Relieve Stress

There are many ways to take CBD for stress relief. CBD popularly comes as oil, vapes, or gummies, each with its pros or cons. One popular method is to take CBD capsules for stress, as each has a specific CBD dosage.

Final Thoughts

As researchers complete more studies and more people take CBD, its benefits will become more apparent. If you’re stressed and need a solution, taking CBD capsules for stress relief may be the answer. However, be sure to consult a physician if you are on prescription medication and a therapist who can offer various solutions.

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