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Choosing the Vape Juice for the First Time

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First, you need to use an e-cigarette. Then, you will be aware that if its charging is low and it shuts down then you are left with only a piece of technology in your hands. When you set out to purchase vape juices, how will you recognize which one is perfect for you, if you have no knowledge? 


First of all, when buying a vape juice, you first need to see a flavor you might like. And after that comes the strength of nicotine, VG or PG, and the vapor production will be perfect. If you do not like any flavor, there are multiple choices of tobacco blends, cocktails, foods, and fruity. Most new users opt for tobacco blends because it gives them the flavor of the cigarette brands they want.

Vape juice manufacturers know what their customers need. Hence, they created different tobacco blends that give a flavor similar to that of popular cigarette brands. Customers also try other flavors, such as food blends or fruit blends. They also use flavors such as pizza, cake, or cotton candy, while other customers like fruity flavors such as mango, watermelon, and grape.

They also have mixed flavors, which combine food and fruit flavors with tobacco. For choosy users, cocktail flavors are available as well. These include wine, brandy, and beer. They are the sample of the alcohol flavors. When choosing a vape juice flavor, opt for the one you think you will like. Once you have used it, you can start trying other flavors as well.


When you are done with choosing a flavor, you should think about the nicotine strength. Nicotine comes in levels and types of strength.

  • If you want low nicotine, 6mg or below that will be ok. This is for light smokers. 
  • Medium nicotine levels range from 9mg to 16 mg. This is for average smokers who can smoke up to one pack every day. 
  • Users who were heavy smokers can use a nicotine strength ranging from 18mg to 36mg

You require balanced nicotine strength that suits your requirements. Low nicotine strength will not fulfill your needs and an excessively high strength may give you headaches. A good choice is that you start vaping at a medium strength. 

PG and VG

The main solutions in the vape juice are (PG) Propylene Glycol, and the (VG) Vegetable Glycerol. You can mix these on your own too. VG gives a less taste but it is thick, and the PG makes weak vapor but it gives more flavor. Because it has two vape quality, the manufacturer has made a vape with a VG base and the PG base. 2:3 is a standard PG to VG ratio as it leaves many users satisfied with the flavor and how much vapor it produces. But many people experience allergic reactions using PG. If after smoking PG you are feeling your health a little low then you might need to smoke the pure blends of VG.


The mixing of the vape juices can be very bad for the experienced or the newbie vapers. You should first check all of the flavors before purchasing them. The mango flavor from one company might taste a lot different from the other company’s mango flavor. The strength of the nicotine may taste different for different brands. You will find the strength of the nicotine 12mg perfect for you. But the same strength from other manufacturers may be very weak or powerful for you. You cannot test the flavors when you are buying flavors from the online stores.


You may be late while finding the VG/PG ratio, nicotine strength, and the flavors. Always check everything slowly. Remember to make sure that your vape juice is by a reliable brand. The more money you save buying a cheap liquid, the more it will cost you. If you use it regularly with a little experimentation, you will become an expert user.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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