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Explaining The Rise of Non-Traditional Nicotine Sources

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Smoking cigarettes isn’t the only way of satisfying your nicotine cravings. While in the past people’s first instinct was to go and buy a pack of cigarettes, nowadays, it is a lot more common for them to pick up a vape device or even chew tobacco.

However, people’s interest in non-traditional nicotine sources wasn’t an overnight thing. It has taken companies that sell these products years to establish reputations for themselves and to start making money.

This post will tell you about the rise of non-traditional nicotine sources and why you should check them out:

Vaping Popularity

Vaping has killed the cigarette industry. People much prefer to use vape devices than smoke cigarettes these days. When you consider that while vaping is still dangerous, it is much less harmful than smoking cigarettes, it is not hard to see why it is popular. The people at Higher Grade smoke shop say that it is actually possible to buy vape juices that contain CBD, a chemical found in the Cannabis plant that holds a lot of promise as a healthcare product. Vaping isn’t as popular as it is because it isn’t as dangerous as smoking is, however. Vaping became popular because it is a cheaper and more comfortable way of consuming nicotine. It is definitely true that vaping started as a way for people to quit smoking, but it’s the savings people make that usually turn them to it.

Cigarette Danger

Smoking cigarettes can be very bad for your health. Millions of people have died because of them and hundreds of thousands die each year. Lung cancer is one of the most serious diseases that smoking can cause however it can also cause heart disease, which can be just as fatal. Vaping is certainly not good for you and you should not delude yourself into thinking it is if you are looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes. However, while it is not good for you it is much less dangerous than cigarette smoking is. Studies are still ongoing into how dangerous vaping is, but generally speaking, it’s not known to cause severe lung diseases. If you do plan on vaping or consuming nicotine in any other way like through patches, make sure you do so moderately. Nicotine can be very addictive so overuse is unwise and not to mention expensive.

High Costs

In recent times, cigarette prices have skyrocketed. People have started turning to alternative sources of nicotine because of this. Smoking is expensive and for most people, an unsustainable habit. The average cost of cigarettes has risen exponentially over the last few years. When you consider that some people smoke a pack a day, cigarette smoking becomes borderline unaffordable. Vaping is a lot cheaper. For the price of a pack of cigarettes, you can get a vape capsule that will last you nearly five times as long. Vaping also tastes much better which makes it a better option for people who hate the strong smoky flavor of cigarettes.

Alternative nicotine products have become very popular. The main reason for this is because of the high cost of cigarettes and how dangerous they are. Vaping is a much better option than many of the other alternative sources, like patches for example.

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Blake Brown

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