Reaching a market base of those that have a passion for mechanical mods, RDTA’s and RDA’s, GeekVape hit it out of the park with this highly appealing and very versatile mod known as the GeekVape Karma Kit.  Check out this review of one of the best mechanical mod kits money can buy right now, and I’ve made it available in both written and video format!

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GeekVape Karma KitThe all new Karma Kit by GeekVape looks incredible.  The appearance is simply mind-blowing, and though I’m not one for mech mods, it definitely makes me want to use it.  The “Black Ring” mechanical mod offers a copper construction and appearance, having slated slits running the course of its body for appeal.  The bottom of the mod features ventilation holes all the way around, and the bottom part is a matte black that says Black Ring, giving way to its name.

The top of the device can have the Karma atomizer attached, but gives you two different options to choose from and use.  One option is the RDTA that has a large chuff cap at the top, a body that features the same design as the Black Ring Mod, a matte black coating, and if it’s in the RDTA configuration there is a tank at the bottom.  If it’s in the RDA configuration, there isn’t a tank.  This setup looks sleek, stealthy, and happens to be one of the best looking mechanical mods and RDTA/RDA’s I’ve seen yet.


GeekVape Karma RDTA RDAConstructed of copper and give a special treatment to avoid any potential oxidation, not only does this mod look amazing, but it’ll stay that way for some time.  The battery compartment is also insulated to prevent shortage, the magnetic bottom button is adjustable to support different types of 18650 batteries, and it also features an innovative reversible battery placement, meaning you can stick the battery in the compartment either way, safely.

The main treat to this setup is the RDTA/RDA that comes included.  Being able to switch the configuration is an amazing feature, which is why I think this kit is so awesome. And, what makes it great is that switching between those configurations is super easy.  You get a 5mL e-liquid capacity from the tank, you have dual adjustable airflow control, and there is a wide bore heat-insulated drip tip at the top designed to protect your mouth from the generated heat.  if you prefer, it also comes with a 510 adapter and a delrin 510 drip tip.  As for its deck, it uses a velocity style deck, which we all know is pretty easy to build on — it makes installing dual coils easy and hassle free.  The only reason the features category isn’t get a 5 on this review is because it’s a mech mod, which is almost featureless, as there are no built-in safety features, no way to adjust the power, but that’s what you can expect from a mech mod.


GeekVape Karma Vapor CloudAs for the performance, expect everything you would from a mechanical mod and your low ohm builds.  The Karma RDTA/RDA performs flawlessly, plenty of airflow, the ability to control the airflow, great flavor and plenty of vapor.  The wide bore drip tip at the top makes the vape even better, so that you can get that full flavor without any sort of restrictions.

Switching from either the RDTA to the RDA, you get the same performance. The only difference being that there is a tank at the bottom. Now the question would be, how does the RDTA wick when you run your cotton down to the tank — for me it has been perfect with no wicking issues or leaking issues. Some people say to cut the cotton where the glass starts, while others are saying to run it down into the tank. People say that if you cut it to where the glass starts, you get better flavor — I honestly haven’t noticed a difference really.

GeekVape Karma Kit Review
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The Karma Kit by GeekVape is an outstanding setup of the Black Ring Mod and the Karma RDTA/RDA. It looks flawless in appearance, the ability to switch between an RDTA and an RDA is brilliant, and if you're going to get your hands on a mechanical mod, I guess this one would be the right choice. I'm not big into mechanical mods, I don't like them, I see no point in them, but you can't deny the beauty of them, especially the one that comes in this Karma Kit. Overall, it's a great setup at a great price, even if it was just the RDTA/RDA. Great job on this one, GeekVape!



  1. I have one coming. Taking FOREVER to get here! It was a preorder China thing for. $29.00. Not a mech guy either but this one kinda “spoke” to me. Now I gotta bone up on my battery knowledge. Considering a.02 build but we’ll see. Like your stuff and you were kind enough to help me with coil questions with my freemax starre pure. Keep up the good work man.

    • Thanks for leaving some feedback Bud! Yea, if I’m going to rock any mechanical mod, it’ll definitely be this one. It’s actually one of the best mechs I’ve seen. The main issue I have with mech mods is that you have to rely on the battery voltage remaining and can’t adjust to the resistance coils you have. We’re in a time now where we shouldn’t have to cater to something else, it should cater to us, and that’s what regulated mods do. Anyhow, it’s a nice mod for sure, but that Karma RDTA/RDA is just straight awesome! It’s pretty cool knowing at any time you can switch it up if you wanted. I like products that give me multiple options.

  2. i have the karma rdta and it vapes really good. The problem i have is the oring between the glass and the fill cap section does not seal really well. Juice is leaking out. Found out that the oring wss so flushed down the fill port section that the fill port section is literally hitting the glass section instead of the orings that is supposes to be sealing it in between. Any thoughts on that? Anyway. It still vapes really nice. And it looks pretty good too.


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