Cannabidiol acts in multiple ways, and its different presentations allow a more effective targeted action.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is undoubtedly the most famous format and with good reason because it alone covers a wide range of pathologies. First, however, you must tame it and determine the dosage necessary to feel the beneficial effects (see the dosage recommended by the best CBD experts online).

The intake of CBD will also act as a regulator in your body, and you can now find your favorite CBD flower online, the best CBD oils, and the unique CBD hash.

But, what are the different forms of consuming hemp and CBD? … There are many ways to consume CBD:


Food products from hemp such as shelled seeds, hemp seed oil, hemp flour, or even derived products such as granolas are an unrivaled source of Omega 3/6/9 and fiber. Therefore, all of these products are classified as superfoods or superfoods.


On the one hand, vaporization consists of decarboxylating the CBD flower using devices such as the mighty, the vape cap, or the volcano. On the other hand, it allows most of the plant to be removed without charring it and limiting the dangerousness of combustion.

And on the other hand, the CBD vape consists of either vaporizing e-liquids based on CBD without nicotine or THC or vaporizing completely natural CBD oil cartridges. The difference between e-liquids and CBD oil cartridges is simple: e-liquids contain chemicals like propylene glycol, while CBD oil cartridges only contain full-spectrum cannabis oil and natural terpenes from fruits, plants, or flowers, without THC, without nicotine, without propylene glycol, and without vegetable glycerin.


Although, sometimes, the law does not allow smoking the CBD flower. It is evident that, in reality, this is far from being the case. France has recently authorized the sale of CBD flowers in the form of an infusion or potpourris. With more than 5 million daily cannabis consumers, France is on the top of the podium at the European level.

Many customers report using the CBD flower as an alternative to the traditional and illegal smoke of THC cannabis. It is also an excellent way to wean oneself from the addictions caused by the THC molecule by smoking it with tobacco in particular. The biological CBD flowers in JustBob come from the best European catalog of authorized varieties, with complete certifications.


There are a multitude of CBD-based drinks such as beer, energy drinks, CBD coffee, hemp milk, protein shakes, etc.…

Remember that CBD is not soluble in water. It must be in contact with a fatty substance such as oil, soy milk, or cow’s milk so that cannabidiol is assimilated in the best way by our body. Nanotechnology is used to dissolve the CBD molecule in the water regarding energy drinks.


The CBD products in creams, oils, and ointments will enable the topical application to relieve itching, rashes, psoriasis, and other skin problems. In addition, used on the muscles will facilitate recovery after exercise and reduce joint pain when applied locally.

At JustBob, they have a wide range of medicinal CBD products or natural organic cosmetics, do not hesitate to test them. We are confident that you will adopt them rapidly.


CBD infusions are an excellent way to discover the potential of this molecule to relax you after a difficult day, boost your immune system, improve your digestion or help you get back to sleep. If you want to know everything about CBD infusions, we invite you to consult our collection of CBD infusions.


Are you wondering when is the best time of day to start? For example, some people take CBD in the morning and other supplements/medications during their breakfast. But not everyone agrees, and some people prefer to take CBD in the evening with dinner or just before bed.

In most cases, it’s a question of knowing what time is convenient for you personally.

Some people feel energized and alert when taking their CBD, which is why the morning intake.

Others prefer to take it a few hours later when the afternoon fatigue begins to kick in, giving them that extra boost to get through the day.

On the other hand, some people report feeling relaxed and ready to sleep after taking CBD; in this case, it is best to take it in the evening or before going to bed.

There isn’t really a great time of day to take CBD. It all depends on what works best for you. The more you use CBD, the more receptive your body will be to it, and you will become increasingly familiar with its use in your daily routine.