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Is It Easy To Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

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A nation requires many things to run itself successfully, including the need to be proper industries with enough employment opportunities for its residents. Apart from industries, a country also needs enough food and other essential resources to sustain the welfare of its people. 

Irrespective of the language spoken, culture followed, or even the type of government running the nation, the practice of agriculture and cultivation is still present all over the world. Agriculture has been one of the longest-running occupations. The past few decades have seen several technological developments in the agricultural and scientific fields. Irrigation facilities, pesticides, high-quality seeds, and proper rich manure – have improved the cultivation process in many ways.

Apart from the changes in methods, there are changes in the products from usual staple crops grown in primitive times. There are several new types of crops and products that farmers grow presently. One of the popular crops in trend nowadays is the Cannabis Seeds. These are also called hemp seeds and are the main product in cannabis plant cultivation. But many people who are willing to start cultivating the plant are still unaware of the germination process. This blog will talk about ways to germinate cannabis seeds and the goodness it holds. 

What Are Cannabis Seeds? 

After several states legalized cannabis, there seems to be an increase in growing cannabis at home. The cannabis seeds come from the Cannabis Sativa plants that are dioecious. Separate cannabis plants have separate male and female reproductive organs. 

cannabis seeds

The seeds are ovular in shape, and their size is almost the same as a peppercorn. They are pointy on both ends with a ridge. This ridge opens up during germination. After the seed germinates, it begins its growth into a mature plant with peculiar structures commonly known as root caps which protect the growing tips. 

The production of a cannabis seed begins with the pollen grain of the male plant. A pollen tube grows from these grains that produce generative male cells that disperse in pollen. They migrate into the female plant ovules that allow the pistils to fall off and cause the production of the kernels. The bracts containing the ovule get filled with seeds.

How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds? 

Germination, the first step in developing plant life, requires several specific conditions to be successful. Before opting for any germination process, one must follow some prerequisites for the seeds, such as:

  1. Before planting them, it is better to keep them in a sealed bag in the refrigerator.
  1. Secondly, soaking them in room temperature water for 12 hours is required. This soaking should not exceed 24 hours.
  1. The ideal temperature for germination is around 20 to 25 degrees centigrade.
  1. The humidity should not exceed 85-90%.

Now, we will talk about some easy and efficient methods to germinate Cannabis seeds-

Germinating Cannabis Seed In 

Some of the most popular methods are-

  1. Solid Medium:

There are various methods to cultivate cannabis kernels using a solid medium. The methods are:

  • Planting directly into the soil: The first thing is to fill up the pots with good quality soil soaked in water. Then we need to make a hole approximately 10-15mm deep to place the seeds, loosely covering them up. Compressing the soil above will cause the root to struggle to penetrate the soil. Then gently spray the top so that the soil stays moist.
  • Soil Plugs: Soil plugs is another resourceful option for germinating cannabis seeds. They are easy to use and contain a readymade formula of ingredients to help the seed grow. The soil plugs also prevent them from drying.
  1. Using Water: 

Germination using water is a faster method than using a solid medium. A perfect balance of ideal growing conditions is necessary. They take a few days to pop their stems while germinating in water. This process is faster because it gets all the moisture it needs immediately. To start this process using water, fill a cup with water at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Add two to three seeds to the cup, and let it rest. Notice the changes and change the water every alternate day and keep it at room temperature. The sprouting should occur within two days, but the older seeds may take longer. Place the seeds into the soil after they grow.

  1. Thin Fiber (like a paper towel):

The soil method is one of the best methods to cultivate them. However, using soil or another solid medium is not always possible. Thus, an alternative to this option is using a thin fiber material. It can be a kitchen napkin or a paper towel. Firstly, we need to put the cannabis seed into a paper towel inside a plastic container. The main criteria are that the container must always remain dark, humid, and warm. Spray the napkin with warm water and cover the lid. The container needs to be kept in a warm place. Open it after a few hours and spray the napkin to keep it moist. Soon the seed will sprout.

  1. Greenhouse 

In the greenhouse method, they go into a glass of rainwater and are left to soak in a dark and cool place. Then we store the seeds between moist layers of cotton or tissues and wait till the casing break and white roots start to appear. It takes nearly 5-6 days for this entire process. After this, we transfer the seeds into a pH-balanced and clean medium like soil or rock wool and plant them for further growth. This method is a complete indoor procedure.

green house

Is It Easy To Germinate Cannabis Seeds? 

More and more farmers are interested in germinating cannabis seeds as it is convenient and cost-effective. The sprouting of Cannabis seeds does not require extensive research or hours of hard work. These seeds can be grown in soil, water, or even on a paper towel, eliminating half of the struggle.

Benefits Of Cannabis Seeds 

Some of the benefits of these are below: 

  • Good for gaining and losing weight: A proper diet consisting of Cannabis seeds may help us gain or lose weight. These contain vitamins and minerals. 
  • Contains Omega Fatty Acids:  According to research, Cannabis seeds may be an ideal source of omega acids. The omega acids keep our heart and brain in check. 


Summer and Spring are the two seasons in which Cannabis plants grow, and they start flowering in Autumn. The Spring is the best time to germinate Cannabis seeds for outdoor growth. The best method to track progress is to take notes. Growing cannabis requires some research and experimentation, but it is not rocket science. Once you understand it, the process is easy and rewarding.

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