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Is There A Better Geek Bar Vape Than The Pulse?

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The vaping market has been witnessing rapid innovations, and one of the standout products in recent times is the Geek Bar Pulse. With a slew of features designed to enhance user experience, it’s worth diving into what makes this device potentially the top choice for vapers and if there’s anything better out there.

Firstly, the Geek Bar Pulse comes equipped with a 650mAh Type-C rechargeable battery, which is a significant upgrade from many disposable vapes that still rely on non-rechargeable batteries. This not only makes the device more environmentally friendly but also more convenient for users. The inclusion of a Type-C charging port means faster and more efficient charging, enabling users to vape more and wait less.

Another notable feature is its large display screen. This innovation is relatively rare in the disposable vape market, where devices usually have minimal interfaces. The screen on the Geek Bar Pulse shows essential information like battery life and e-liquid level, which are invaluable for managing your vaping experience without any guesswork.

When it comes to customizability, the device shines with its two vaping modes. Users can switch between Regular Mode and Pulse Mode. Regular Mode allows for approximately 15,000 puffs, while Pulse Mode, offering a more intense vaping experience, provides around 7,500 puffs. This flexibility caters to different vaping preferences and needs, whether you prioritize longevity or intensity.


The Geek Bar Pulse also boasts a 5% (50MG) nicotine concentration and a substantial 16mL pre-filled tank, which is considerably larger than what most other disposable vapes offer. This large volume ensures that the device can last longer, reducing the frequency of replacements.

Moreover, the device is built with a dual mesh coil system, which is known for delivering a cleaner, more even heating of e-liquid and producing superior flavor and vapor quality. The e-liquid level indicator is another user-centric feature, preventing the common problem of running out of juice unexpectedly. Similarly, the battery indicator helps manage charging cycles better, safeguarding against the inconvenience of sudden power loss.

Safety is another area where the Geek Bar Pulse stands out. It includes overcharging protection mechanisms that ensure the device and its users are kept safe from potential battery mishaps, which are a crucial aspect of electronic product safety.

Despite these impressive features, the question remains: Is there a better option than the Geek Bar Pulse? To answer this, one would have to consider what ‘better’ means. If the priority is battery life, e-liquid capacity, user safety, and a detailed interface, then the Geek Bar Pulse is a top contender. However, for those seeking perhaps a lighter or more compact device, or different nicotine strengths, exploring other options in the vast vaping market might be worthwhile.

In conclusion, the unique selling points of the Geek Bar Pulse, such as its dual vaping modes, extensive puff counts, and detailed digital interfaces, make it a formidable player in the market. However, the best device will ultimately depend on personal preferences and specific needs. When considering a purchase, checking the Geek Bar Pulse price for value comparison is also a wise step to ensure it fits within your vaping budget.

Kyle Wilson
Guide To Vaping