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Pros And Cons To Vaping Cannabis

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Vaping has been a revolution in the way that people consume nicotine and cannabis. There are many advantages to vaping cannabis in comparison to traditional methods. There are also lots of different devices available on the market that consumers can choose from, whether they use marijuana for recreational use or for medical purposes. Some cannabis vape pens are small and convenient, however, others are much larger. Prices vary depending on the model and which brand of vaporizer you’d like. These days, in many areas in the United States and even some countries, cannabis is already or is becoming legal. If you live in these areas it is simple to buy weed online. With the ongoing pandemic, experts advise us to help reduce the spread of the virus by staying indoors so purchasing vaporizers and cannabis online is the safest option rather than visiting your local marijuana dispensary.

Vaping Cannabis Can Have A Different Taste Than Smoking

When a person smokes marijuana by making a joint using rolling papers it can cause thick smoke, which can be tasted while inhaling. Many users feel the taste is a bit overpowering. Some might experience a gas flavor from a lighter that was used to light the joint or perhaps if matches were used a slightly wooden taste. A vape heats up the cannabis instead of burning it, so it allows the user to taste the flavor of the marijuana. After a while vaping the same cannabis in the vape device, the flavor gradually decreases so the user will have to refill the vape with new cannabis to experience stronger flavors. 

Vaping Marijuana Can Prove To Be Convenient And Discreet

One of the reasons that vaping has become a very popular method of consuming cannabis is that it can be used discreetly. Most vape pens have buttons on them to help you control the temperature. Often, the lower the temperature is set at, the fewer vape clouds you’ll produce. Because vape pens are available in all shapes and sizes it is possible to purchase a small vape pen that helps the user to store it more discreetly than a bag of cannabis, rolling papers, a bong, and a lighter!

Vaping Marijuana Can Be More Convenient Than Traditional Methods

You no longer need to worry about whether or not you have a lighter or rolling paper as neither are required when using a vape. You don’t have to spend your time sitting down and rolling a joint as vape pens do all the work for you. It is even possible to vape cannabis on the go! Because many vape pens that are available are small devices they can easily fit in a person’s handbag or pocket. Most marijuana users have experienced damaged rolling papers or a situation when their lighter has run out of fluid when trying to smoke a joint, fortunately, due to vaping this is all in the past!

Smells Better

Consuming marijuana by using traditional methods like smoking a joint can often leave a bad smell on your breath, clothes, and the room you are smoking the joint in. Many users find this lingering smell of smoke disgusting. Vaping tends to leave a very little smell of marijuana which users often find a major positive, especially if others around don’t enjoy the smell of marijuana. 

It’s Healthier To Vape Cannabis

Although some cannabis users claim vaping marijuana is more harmful than combusting it, this simply is not true. Vaping marijuana, according to recent studies, has proved that combustion is the culprit and not cannabis. Smoking a joint of cannabis can create the same type of chemicals that cause cancer. Experts believe that vaping often reduces the harmful lung effects caused by smoking. 

Are Vape Pens Easy To Use?

This depends on what type of vape pen you purchase. Some vaping devices need a bit of work. Cleaning the heating element, figuring out what temperature to set the device on, where to put in the weed, how to charge the batteries, how to change the mouthpiece, etc. If you are new to vaping cannabis this might all sound a bit frustrating, especially if you are stoned! However, most pens on the market come with easy to use instruction manuals and there are often lots of video tutorials available online. Finding accessories for your vape pen can sometimes prove to be a mission. Mouthpieces and batteries might need to be replaced so when you are buying your pen you should check if they come with spare parts. 

You Can Run Out Of Battery

A common problem for people who vape cannabis is that their battery in the device runs out. If you have the control setting on a high wattage you might find the juice in the battery can go rather quickly, especially if you are sharing your pen with others. This can prove to be very frustrating especially if you didn’t bring a charger with you or you have no access to a PowerPoint. Some vape pens allow you to remove the battery from the device so it is possible to buy spare batteries. Some users bring a power bank with them just in case the battery runs low. Most are charged by USB cable with the same output that is found in most Android Smartphones so charging cables are easy to find in stores. 

They Can Break

Just like any other electronic device, vape pens have a tendency to break. Some vape pens have a glass tank to hold the weed which can often be made of cheap glass that can break easily. People who vape, especially when stoned, can drop the vape pen often resulting on the device breaking. It is common that the mouthpiece on the pen can fall off and go missing. However, there are many online shops and marijuana dispensaries that sell accessories for each specific vape pen. Most vape pens have a unique mouthpiece and glass container that are sometimes difficult to track down as the market seems to be flooded with different types of devices.

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