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Riva 510 Electronic Cigarette

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Riva 510
The Riva 510 Electronic Cigarette comes with 2 atomizers, 2 batteries, 1 cone, 1 wall charger, 1 USB charger, 9 blank cartridges and a very nice box to keep it all stored in.  The Riva 510 is the first and only electronic cigarette that I have owned and I have nothing bad to say about it at all.  My experience with the Riva 510 thus far has been amazing and to be quite honest, this kit has saved my life, literally.  The atomizers are of quality and definitely durable.  From my personal experience, the atomizers last quite a while and I’m in no way dis-satisfied.


The Riva 510 battery works perfectly and really holds it’s charge, even when being used often.  Even with myself, a heavy vaper, the charge lasts for a good full day, which is quite amazing.  The durability is profound and of great quality.  The kit comes with two chargers, one being a USB charger and the other being a wall charger.  Both of them work perfectly and the quality seems to be nice on the isolated wire.  Both chargers are housed by a thick durable plastic.  To use the wall charger, you simply plug the USB plug into the wall charger, which is located at the bottom.  It’s great that this kit comes with a way to charge by computer or outlet.  I’ve mainly just used the USB plug itself being as I’m always on the computer.  It works great for what I do, so I’m very pleased with the chargers.

The cone, which is located over the atomizer and screws onto the battery seals up your atomizer and gives it that smooth, amazing look the Riva 510 has.  The awesome thing about the Riva is, if you want to change it’s look, your out of pocket expense for a new colored battery and cone are very cheap and affordable.  I’ve recently purchased a new silver Riva 510 battery and a silver Riva 510 cone.  After my purchase, now I have a silver kit! Yes, it looks awesome.  The Riva 510 also comes with 9 blank cartridges to be filled by yourself.  The work pretty well for beginner vaper.  I since then have moved on from them, but it’s all apart of the full experience.  And lastly, the Riva 510 box that all your items will come in.  The box is very nice, especially for a display box, but can still be put into use even after you are using all of the items for your electronic cigarette.  I personally use the box to hold all of my liquids now so that I don’t have a big mess.  It box also holds my atomizers that aren’t in use at the time.

To be straight forward with you… The Riva 510 is all around a very nice, durable and quality electronic cigarette.  It’s worked for me and it’s worked very well at that.  To anyone interested or looking for an electronic cigarette, I highly suggest purchasing this one.  You just can’t beat it’s astonishing battery life.  Small e-cig that can fit in your pocket, yet it can still get the job done like a real cigarette.  – I purchased my Riva 510 from

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.

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