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Six Cannabis Concentrates You Need to Try Right Now

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Concentrates are the way to go if you want to get your high from cannabis without dealing with plant material. In some instances, some plant material can be harsh when smoked, which is why many people shifted to concentrates.

And why not? You get the same, if not higher, potency and taste, but without the plant material. Since curing might not be perfect throughout, you don’t need to deal with any moisture left behind. And if you accumulate a lot of trims after bud trimming, you can use these trims to make concentrates, too.

The nice thing about concentrates, in general, is that you can use them in different ways, from edibles to tinctures or just plain smoke or vaporize them. So what concentrates should you be trying?


Rosin has become a favorite of many due to its simplicity and purity. It does not have any solvents, making it pure, and almost anyone can extract it with essential household items. Of course, a good rosin press will yield better results, but with everyday items, such as a hair iron, you can extract rosin. If you have a shop press, you can also use that with a kit attachment.

Some of the things you can do with rosin include making vape juice or dabbing.


With a texture resembling butter, Budder is one of the most aromatic and flavorful concentrates available. This concentrate is easy to handle, as you can scoop it without any issues.

Budder is known for its high amount of terpenes, which makes it flavorful. It’s an excellent addition to any edibles or even for dabbing. With a potency that’s over 80 percent, Budder is also a good choice for pain relief.


This concentrate gets its name for its gooey appearance, often comparable to ear wax or candle wax. Wax is usually colored yellow or brown. Often thick and malleable, Wax is also known for its high amounts of THC, making it suitable for treating chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

Wax is often derived from Butane Hash Oil extraction but is rendered at lower temperatures. With a fair amount of heat, the oil from this extract crystallizes and solidifies into a sticky product. It can be stored for months and is best for dabbing.


Shatter gets its name from its texture that has semblance to glass and breaks into small fragments when applied pressure. It’s also known for being thin, amber, and in sheets.

This concentrate is derived from Butane Hash Oil that’s cooled down and left undisturbed. The end product often has high THC levels ranging from 50 – 90 percent, making it best for medicinal purposes.


Crystalline is the result of refining cannabis oil, which eventually transforms into a solid form. This concentrate is the only solid one and resembles sugar but does not have any taste.

Crystalline is derived from extracting as much THC and CBD as possible without any flavor. This concentrate focuses solely on the effects, which is why it’s one of the most potent concentrates. When done right, you can expect THC levels above 90 percent, making it more ideal for experienced users.


Distillate is a concentrate that’s solely THC and is derived from an extraction process that purifies the concentrate to create a pure oil. You won’t get any waxes, terpenes, or other compounds in Distillate, making it tasteless and odorless.

If you’re looking to kick up a notch your pain killers, Distillate is a good option. You can take it as it is to get that pure high to help relieve you of pain.


Concentrates are the way to go if you want that pure potency of cannabis without dealing with plant material. And while it’s the way to go, remember that the best results come from plants that have been appropriately cured.

You can opt to dry and cure the material yourself or invest in a freeze dryer that makes your plants ready in a few days. In any case, both steps can produce suitable concentrates, regardless of which form you choose. The possibilities with these concentrates are almost endless, but your mileage matters based on your application.

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