Looking to vape like a true gentleman?  Let’s bring the 1800’s into the modern world with the Smok Guardian Pipe III.  This is by no means the first e-pipe that has hit the market, but it is the most advanced piece of hardware of its kind available today.  Whether you are looking to be the next Shirley Colmes or just feel like kicking back in Victorian style as the gas lamp burns and the Bobbies chase down the street, pull on your smoking jacket and slippers, kick back, and listen to a haunting violin solo as we break this bad boy down.

The Pipe

smok guardian pipe fullBringing the familiar feel of the pipe into the twenty-first century with class and style, the Smok Guardian Pipe III brings finesse and style to the vaping market.  Rather than taking the form of a regular 75 watt temperature control device, Smok has pushed the envelope to deliver craftsmanship of the highest quality.

Ergonomically form fitted for the majority of human hands, Smok has incorporated a plethora of features into this fun-filled device.  Utilizing a single high drain 18650 battery, it allows users to safely vape between 1 and 75 watts with coils wrapped between 0.1Ω and 3.0Ω in regular power mode.  Switching over to the temperature control settings of this device opens up a whole new world of possibilities, with settings that support Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Ni200 coils between 0.06Ω and 2.0Ω, and with a temperature range of 100 – 300 °C (200-600 °F for all of you heathen colonials).

smok guardian pipe screenThe large OLED screen that sits atop the pipe bowl makes it easy to read the settings of the system.  Using the single button on the device to find, scroll, and adjust the various settings within the system.

The Smok guardian itself can charge your cell using a built-in ego style charging system or you can remove the massive vent hole filled back plate and switch it out for a fresh one.  Other features that Smok decided were an absolute necessity for vapers was a puff counter, bluetooth 4.0 technology and a show screen.  If you were wondering, the show screen goes between regular, simple and stealth for the information shown on the screen.

Constructed using Polycarbonate/ABS alloy and finished to look like the outside of a grand piano, this elegant little beast will keep you vape happy for days.

The Puffer

smok micro tfv4Now what kind of company would offer you an amazing piece of hardware to vape on without a top-notch tank to sit on top.  Smok has a history of great tanks, and for this package they offer the tiny brother of the TFV4, the Smok Micro TFV4 Plus Tank.

The stainless steel and Pyrex design is one that many vapers have come to know and love — with adjustable bottom and top airflow control the Micro comes with 2 pieces of glass: one for a 3.5ml juice capacity and one which will raise you up to 5ml.

The only real difference between this and its bigger scarier brother are the coils that it takes.  When you open this box you will find a fused Clapton pre-installed and a special surprise for temperature control waiting in the wings.

On The Whole

As far as using this kit, it is effortless and seamless — almost as though you had wine and cheese paired by a professional, but if in the future you feel like changing the tank for something a little different, any 22mm tank fits perfectly.

Get The Smok Guardian Pipe III Here.