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Battery Safety In The Heat Of Summer

  Battery safety is important for everyone, so this post isn’t aimed solely at vapers.  We walk around every day with Lithium Ion batteries in many devices, such as cell phones, laptops, hover-boards, and of course personal vaporizers.  All of these power supplies are equally dangerous...


Guide To E-Cigarette Battery Storage and Care

The Do’s and Dont’s of E-Cigarette Battery Storage and Care Originally written by: Volcano Ecigs E-cigarette batteries require proper storage and handling for safety, maximized life, and power output. To find out how to get the best performance from your e-cigarette batteries, follow...

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XTAR WP2 II Multi-Charger Review

With the recent splurge of advanced personal vaporizer releases that’s hit the electronic cigarette market lately, having a good charger is a must to keep your devices powered and ready for that next all day vape. My experience with chargers are like any other – they’re not talked...



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Aspire Breeze NXT

Aspire Breeze NXT