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A Look Back At The ProTank: Am I Still Using It?

The ProTank is an awesome tank. It gives users a level of appearance that can typically only be achieved from that of a rebuildable atomizer. See, rebuildables usually offer the polished chrome full body look and many of them sporting a glass tank, which is supposed to provide a much cleaner taste...

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Kanger MT3 Review

The Kanger MT3 is simply the T3 (which is bottom coil changeable) in a metal tubing with 2 sight windows on the sides. Being that I’ve already reviewed the original Kanger T3, there wasn’t much need in a review for this… until I got to spend a bit more time with it and enjoy its...

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In the land of heating elements, tanks are the furthest behind when it comes to flavor, vapor production and where they lack the most, wicking. Now if you’re using a clearomizer type tank, such as the CE series, the T2 and 3 or any of the BCC’s, then you know all too well about the on...



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