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What Is The Best VaporFi Mod To Buy?

  There are plenty of mods that fall under the VaporFi branding, some offering better performance than others, but what is the best VaporFi mod to buy?  We’re going to list each mod, its main features and strengths, then share our opinion on which one is the best so that your buying...


VaporFi VAIO 80 TC Mod VS VAIO 75 TC Mod

  VaporFi VAIO 80 or VaporFi VAIO 75, two products from the VaporFi shelves that most vapers have never heard of.  We’ve spent some time going over the various mods available from VaporFi because we believe in companies that look out for their customers.  Especially when the products...



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Innokin Podin

Innokin Podin