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Post Vapercon 2011 Blues

I still haven’t caught up on sleep. The road trip was over 20 hours each way. My body feels like it was hit by a truck- but it was all worth it! Vapercon 2011 was a success in my book. At mid-day Saturday, all of the 500 name badges were used- and more vapers were coming. Getting to meet a...

Vape Meets

VaperCon Pictures

These are pictures collected from the many vapers at VaperCon 2011.  If I have a picture of you and you want it taken down, contact me and I’ll take it off this post. Enjoy! Thanks to everyone who let me nag these pictures, especially PUP! <3 More Pictures from Dum Waldo at VapersForum: ...

Vape Meets

Live From VaperCon

Here is a list of networks that are streaming live from VaperCon.  As the day continues, I’ll be posting videos that are coming in as well.
Live From VaperCon

– Live NOW!
– Friday 6:00pm est. – Saturday 3:00pm est.


Vape Meets

The 21 Hour Road Trip To VaperCon

Didn’t get to make it to VaperCon? Trust me, I feel your pain.  But atleast we can watch Steve, Troop and NewLou on their 21 hour trip to VaperCon, see them in action right here at Visit the link below and watch the trip.  As video or images are sent in from them, I’ll place them...



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