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Post Vapercon 2011 Blues

I still haven’t caught up on sleep. The road trip was over 20 hours each way. My body feels like it was hit by a truck- but it was all worth it! Vapercon 2011 was a success in my book. At mid-day Saturday, all of the 500 name badges were used- and more vapers were coming. Getting to meet a...


Provari Vs. Lavatube/VariTube – Again??

Yes, we are having this conversation again. Without delving into the scores of threads on every vaping/ecig forum, there are other people out there still asking the question.  I caught a post on Reddit the other day once again asking “Provari or Lavatube” and started wondering if any of...


The Guide To Electronic Cigarettes 101 – And Then Some

You’ve heard about electronic cigarettes. Chances are you might have tried one in hopes to find a better alternative to smoking. Maybe you are just curious at the thought of a better nicotine delivery system. I’m betting some of you reading this will be looking for answers as to why...

Electronic Cigarette News

Statement about Electronic Cigarettes

Once again, “Clearstream” brings a challenge to anyone involved in the researching and reporting of ecigs and ecig effectiveness or safety.  FA Clearstream is making a simple statement that requires scientific thought vs. repeating, or buying in to a couple of bunk press...



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