The Best RDA of 2015. As the year draws to a close and the polls for Guide To Vaping’s Best of 2015 prepare to be counted, the vaping community has already provided us with the winners in some categories, where the front-runners are so far in front of the pack it is doubtful anyone will catch up.  This year has seen the release of many new RDA’s both large and small, but there have been some great innovations.  Each of the leaders in this poll have taken the industry standard’s and crushed them with fresh ideas.  There are still a great number of vapers who refuse to convert to Sub Ohm tanks and the polls show that their favorites are the Velocity, Twisted Messes and Mutation X V 4.  We are going to spend the next few minutes taking a look at these RDA’s, talking about the reasons they have become so popular and showing you where you can purchase your own.  Kick back, relax and soak up the information like sunshine!


best RDA 2015 VelocityThe Velocity RDA

With a design reminiscent of Terrence and Philip from South Park, the velocity quickly became a fan favorite amongst vapers, myself included.  Probably one of the most fun RDA’s to look at, with its happy smiling face, don’t let its cuteness fool you for even a second.  Underneath that brushed stainless top cap (or any of the variant colors you can find) are some insane features.  The two post deck allows plenty of room for which ever coils you can come up with leaving massive airflow circulation inside the bell.  By removing the center post and placing the single positive and negative by the walls, the designers were able to maximize build space and remove the need to center the coils after building.  The 6.5 mm wide open juice well is deep enough to not require re-dripping after every hit, but still shallow enough to not accidentally drink 15 ml of e-liquid at a time.  The adjustable airflow can be twisted from a gale force wind to a vacuum chamber, the smiley face is there to do a job and it does it well.  Pair this with the wide bore drip tip and this RDA will keep you happily vaping all night and day.  For those who prefer the smaller 510 style drip tips, the RDA comes equipped with an adapter for your favorite mouth piece.  The reason that vapers love this device is simple, actually it is simplicity.  It looks good and works great and it should be in every vapers kit bag.



Best RDA 2015 Twisted MessesThe Twisted Messes RDA

This 22 mm RDA was built with one thing in mind: killer clouds.  Straight out of the box with 3 different drip tip options and removable outer airflow ring it is setting you up for option heaven.  The 4 post design with 2.8 mm holes will allow you to cram almost any coil setup onto the deck, whether you fused your Clapton’s or just went with a straight simple build.  The 6 mm juice well is nice and deep, making sure that dripping is not necessary after every third hit.  The airflow system is set up for single or dual coil use, just know that which ever you choose you will always have plenty of air flowing over the coils.  This is another one that is sitting in my kit bag, it’s almost as if the vaping community pulled the top 3 straight out of my back pack.

Twisted Messes RDA: GET IT HERE


Best RDA 2015 Mutation-X-V4The Mutation X V4 RDA

If this post has shown me anything so far it is that vapers love options.  Sliding in at number 3 on our list is the Mutation X V4.  Taking  their previous idea’s a stage further, borrowing some innovation from other places Indulgence created the this insane piece of hardware.  Whether you are a flavor chaser or hard-core cloud machine, the air flow options on this beast have you covered.  As well as the 18 degree airflow design we have come to expect from the Mutation series, they also added in an extra 5 airflow options in the base.  The 3 post, 4 hole design is becoming a main stay with many RDA’s and in this setup it works flawlessly.  Not only does is the threaded wide bore drip tip replaceable with a screw in 510 drip tip adapter, the system also comes with a see through heat-resistant poly carbonate chamber extender.   Vapers love this design for the simple fact that should they so choose, they can build stupidly low and have it feel as though they are sucking in fresh air, the device has so much airflow it takes away all the heat.

Mutation X V4 RDA: GET IT HERE

While the polls are not yet closed and a last second rush could completely change the outcome of the competition, at the time of writing these were the top 3.  Each of these RDA’s would be a solid purchase, a statement I can now make backed with the opinion of my fellow vapers.  As it is Christmas time, rather than asking yourself  which one should you buy, take advantage of the links above and buy all three.

As always, enjoy your vaporizer and vape safe!


  1. Why do the Twisted Messes and Mutation X V4 links go to the authentic ones, but the Velocity link goes to a counterfeit? If you’re going to promote counterfeit gear, then shouldn’t the award go to “Counterfeit Velocity”?