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The New NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape Collection

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Naked 100 went from an unknown vape brand into an industry-leading giant in just a couple of years, taking over the world of premium vape juice. It is now one of the largest manufacturing vape brands in the world, and the best-selling too. People have wondered why it has taken so long to release a Naked Vape Juice Disposable, and honestly, no one knows. What we do know, however, is that they’ve finally launched the new NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape collection, and we’re going to be the first to share what they have to offer, including a list of the Naked Disposable flavor options.

NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape

NKD 100 Max Disposable Vapes

Compact, appealing, and incredibly comfortable, the new NKD 100 Max Disposable Vapes are perfect for anyone who prioritizes portability. The device, though small, has enough room to house an integrated 500mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring that the battery portion of the device can keep up with the vape juice capacity. And, speaking of its vape juice capacity, the Naked Disposable Vape unveils a massive 10mL capacity, allowing for an outstanding number of sessions. Because of this pairing between the battery and vape juice, you’ll enjoy upwards of 4500 puffs, and that’s huge for its small size. Moreover, the cartridge is filled with up to 8 delicious flavor options to choose from and an infusion of 50mg salt nicotine vape juice to provide the most pleasing tastes and answer your cravings with smooth and satisfying vapor. The performance and flavor output are stepped up a notch as well, as each device features a 1.2ohm coil, giving it the ability to generate tons of flavor and vapor.

NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape Flavors

Lava Flow

If you’re ready to experience one of the market’s most favored tastes, get yourself ready for this delicious blend that brings together strawberries, coconuts, and pineapples. It is an award-winning flavor that pulls together all of the right fruity flavors to create any award-winning vape that anyone would appreciate.

Ice Apple

Soaking your taste buds with a brilliant concoction of flavors and enhancing your airways with subtle notes, here you’ll find an absolute banger of a mix. It will thrill your tastes with a magnificent combination of crisp green apples and teeth-chattering menthol. It’s the perfect pairing we just know you’ll love.

Ice Brain Freeze

Easily one of the best-mentholated flavors to exist, this is the one that no one can resist. It’s an iconic vape juice blend that tumbles together a mix of strawberries, kiwis, pomegranates, and cooling from a hefty dose of menthol. You’re left with another thrilling vape that you puff on all day long.

Ice Blueberry Lemon

Experience a blast of flavor that will thrill and chill your tastes. This fun and exciting vape share a perfect blend of blueberries and lemons, then finishes with a magnificent dose of menthol, which is sure to cool your airways and open up your senses.

Ice Cherry Lemon

Explore another incredible vape juice blend with this brilliant concoction. It consists of sweet and juicy cherries and citrus zesty lemon. The flavor is finished with an ice-cold ending that you’ll want to puff on any chance you get. It’s another all-day vape you’ll want to vape on any chance you get.

Ice Guava Berries

Whether you’re looking for the best taste you’ve ever encountered or you need a flavor to just get you through the day, this is definitely a solid option. It consists of exotic guava flavor and zesty lemon flavor, while a shower of menthol creeps in behind to give you a deliciously chilling taste.

Ice Peach Mango

If you’re looking for another sweet and enjoyable vape that you’ll want to keep coming back to over and over, we’ve got just the flavor you’re after. It offers a tasty combination of juicy peaches, sweet mangoes, and bone-chilling menthol. It’s another pleasing vape that we cannot wait for you to try.

Ice Watermelon

Ready your airways for a bombshell of a flavor that has become a classic vape juice blend. It’s a lush ice flavor, boasting mouthwatering watermelons and the frigid taste of menthol, leaving you with a cool treat that is thrilling from one puff to the next.

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