The JUUL brand has certainly become the leading contender in the world of e-cigarettes, and they’ve been able to achieve the monumental feat by creating a device that everyone’s talking about. No matter what you may think about the rapid growth JUUL Labs has obtained, the truth is there in the spotlight and receiving a wave of positive reviews from new and existing vapers all around the world. However, not everyone is a JUUL fan, and that’s totally understandable. The positive side to this is that there are many alternatives available, but for this article, we’re going to list only the top 5 best JUUL alternatives that are cheaper.

Another great option to consider are disposable vapes, which are cheaper, more conveient, and come pre-filled with vape juice in a variety of different flavors to choose from.

If you’re looking for a similar alternative to the JUUL, one that’s more affordable, and can still maintain the same level of portability, convenience, appearance, and performance, we’ve waded through the mass selection available by the industry’s top manufacturers and have found the Top 5 Best JUUL Alternatives That Are Cheaper!

  • JUUL Starter Kit Comparison Price: $49.99

1. Vaptio Solo-Flat Mini Vape Pod Starter Kit – $19.99 [NEW]

Consider to be one of the best brands on the market, Vaptio is one to deliver a constant outpour of the industry’s most favored products — from tanks to kits, the Vaptio brand is a solid choice when it comes to consumer vaping products. One perk that has propelled the brand to greatness is its ability to adapt with no product developments, such as the new Vaptio Solo-Flat Mini Vape Pod Starter Kit. It’s one of the best JUUL alternatives for cheap, since it adopts the same slim design, offers incredible performance, plenty of battery life, and comes with an affordable price of only $19.99.

The Vaptio Solo-Flat Mini is an awesome device, delivering a slim design, a simplistic appearance, and it’s constructed with great quality. If you’re looking to compare the Solo-Flat Mini Kit with the JUUL, you’ll be quite impressed, even more than you already are of its price. It’s available in 7 different color options, all of which look brilliant. The device is very simple, eliminating the need for a button and adopting a draw activated firing feature where the device will activate on its own each time you take a draw. Its pod is proprietary and utilizes a refillable system that allows you to choose your preferred e-liquid, rather than having a small selection of e-liquid flavors. What’s most impressive about the pod isn’t its 1ML e-liquid capacity, but instead its 1.3-1.7-ohm atomizer resistance, which is a patented ceramic atomizer. When you insert the pod on the device, there will be a gold plated magnetic connection that eliminates all the hassle and makes for a super simple experience.  As for its performance, the Vaptio Solo-Flat Mini Vape Pod comes with an integrated 260mAh rechargeable battery, and an LED battery life indicator is also present on the device to give you a clear visual of when you’re fully charged and when it requires a charge.


2. SMOK Infinix Vape Pod Starter Kit – $17.99

SMOK Infinix Pod KitJust when you think the SMOK brand has exhausted its creativity pool, they release yet another masterfully crafted product that gains a hefty amount of popularity. SMOK is a brand that is no stranger to the spotlight, and with the SMOK Infinix Vape Pod Starter Kit, the spotlight was definitely turned on. Not only have they excelled with several vapor product categories, such as mods, tanks, and accessories, they’re also making a name for themselves in the pod-based market, and the SMOK Infinix is helping in a huge way.

The SMOK Infinix Vape Pod Starter Kit consists of the Infinix Pod System, two pods, an e-liquid injection bottle, a USB charging cable, and a user manual. It’s a very simple kit, but performs amazingly well despite its compact size. Its appearance is very minimal, although there are several color options to choose from to fit your preference. The device acts as an all-in-one system, which features a 250mAh built-in battery. To charge it, there is an equipped micro-USB charge port and an LED light indicator to let you know when it’s fully charged and when it requires a charge for optimal performance. The SMOK Infinix is draw ativated, so as soon as you take a draw, a sensor automatically activates the device immediately. The performance is voltage based and relies on the atomizer and battery, which will allow between a 10 to 16 watt output. What’s special about the SMOK Infinix Vape Pod Starter Kit is its pod system, which offers a 2ML e-liquid capacity, it’s refillable with your preferred salt nic flavors, it has a 1.4-ohm atomizer resistance, and it’s one of the first of its kind to utilize ceramic wicking materials in the pod. The pod, being replaceable is very easy to replace, as it features a plug and play magnetic connection that’s gold plated. Protecting both you and the device, there are several safety features, including an 8-second cut-off, short circuit protection, and low voltage protection. We’ve added the SMOK Infinix to this list because we feel it’s one of the best JUUL alternatives that are cheaper, considering its low $17.99 cost.


3. SMOK FIT Vape Pod Starter Kit – $17.99

SMOK FIT Pod KitDiving deeper into the world of vape pod systems, SMOK decided to give it another go-around when it developed the SMOK Fit Vape Pod Starter Kit. It’s a device that was designed to feature incredible quality, a striking chassis, and a 2ML powered plug and play pod system. The SMOK brand has had extraordinary success with past products by creating devices, tanks, and accessories that push the bar of being creative. Its FIT Vape Pod isn’t exactly pushing the bar, but instead a product that was created to offer consumers the same quality, appearance, and performance that you gain from other popular devices, except with an exceptionally lower cost.

The SMOK FIT is an all-in-one system that has draw activated firing to make using the device very easy and without any effort. The SMOK FIT was designed to not only be user-friendly and hassle-free, but it was also designed to exude quality, using aluminum alloy and polycarbonate materials. Durability and a quality feel is important, just as much as its visual appeal. There are several color options to choose from, allowing you to use a device that looks just as well as it performs. And, performance is one of its strong points. The SMOK FIT Vape Pod Starter Kit utilizes a voltage based output and it’s capable of reaching up to a 16-watt output. It has an integrated 250mAh rechargeable battery and also includes a LED light indicator, which will display a light when the device needs to charge. For those times when it needs to be charged, a micro-USB port is equipped, allowing you to easily charge it. Furthermore, the FIT Pod System is equally as impressive, because it has a 2ML e-liquid capacity, it uses ceramic wicking materials, and it offers a plug and play magnetic connection that’s gold plated. Lastly, SMOK has outfitted the SMOK FIT Vape Pod with a full safety suite, which includes an 8-second cut-off, short circuit protection, and low voltage protection.


4. MLV Phix Ceramic Wick Vape Pod Starter Kit – $34.99

MLV Phix Pod KitWhile many vapers throughout the community didn’t take them seriously, the Major League Vapers brand took the backseat as it helped design and develop one of the industry’s most recognized vape pod systems, the MLV Phix Ceramic Wick Vape Pod Starter Kit. This device provides ultimate portability, extraordinary ease of use, and a structure that’s both slim and highly appealing. Its chassis offers a hexahedron shape, very compact, and constructed of quality materials. It’s an all-in-one device that combines a Phix Pod with a body that contains a rechargeable battery. The battery portion of the device features a 280mAh rechargeable battery, which also includes a LED light indicator to reveal when the device is charged and when it requires one. The battery will grant upwards of 220 puffs per full charge, and for those times of having to recharge the MLV Phix Vape Pod, a micro-USB port with a 1A maximum charging rate is equipped that has a magnetic connection.  The Phix Pod utilizes a cCell Ceramic Coil, has a 1.5ML e-liquid capacity, and it comes prefilled with a smooth and rich tobacco flavor. As for the performance, the Phix Pod System is draw activated and utilizes a voltage based output, meaning the power relies on the current state of the battery.


5. Limitless Mod Co Ply Rock Pulse Vape Pod Starter Kit – $29.99

LMC Ply Rock Pulse Pod KitLimitless Mod Co is a company and brand known throughout the industry for some of the most advanced mods on the market. Their past releases involve some of the most favored products, and they’ve gained quite the name for themselves as a solid contender in the world of vaping. LMC decided to branch out from its norm by putting its touch on the vape pod market, introducing one of the most unique vape pods the market has ever seen, while still maintaining the traditional appearance of a portable vape pod system. We’re proud to introduce the Limitless Mod Co Ply Rock Pulse Vape Pod Starter Kit, a device that’s far from ordinary, sports a modern and aggressive design, and still manages to come in at an affordable cost.

The Ply Rock Pulse Vape Pod Starter Kit is ultimately an all-in-one system that uses a refillable Pulse Pod System. It looks quite outstanding, boasting a slim design, LED accenting, and multiple colors to choose from, which is all button controlled. It features incredible quality, which is all easily noticeable due to the design. The bottom portion of the device offers a built-in 380mAh rechargeable battery, which comes coupled with an LED battery life indicator and a micro-USB port that has a 1A maximum charge rate. It also uses a refillable Pulse Pod System that has a proprietary connection and a large 2ML e-liquid capacity, despite its compact size. As far as the performance goes, it has draw activated firing, an 8-watt output, and uses a direct voltage output where the power is based on the current state of the battery.