here’s no doubt we begin to accumulate a massive amount of vape gear. For this very reason, today we’re sharing the top 5 vape cases to store your vape gear.  If you’re anything like myself, then you try your best to visit local vape shops as much as possible to congregate and socialize with vaping buddies.  When you’re away from home, you’ll definitely need something to store your batteries, wick, wire, e-liquid, and of course in typical vaper fashion, you have to at least bring a few of your latest mods as conversation pieces for boasting.

Having your vape gear with you could pull you out of a bind on the fly, so it’s vital that this bag will store the gear you need most.  The perfect vape case will have a place to store an extra mod, multiple bottles of e-liquid, a place for wick and wire, and you of course need a pocket for your rebuildable atomizer tools.  There are some rather interesting vape cases available these days and most of your vape buddies are rockin’ them, and those that aren’t are living in a past time.  Make things easier on yourself and organize your gear with our list of top 5 vape cases to store your vape gear.

Note: These products are listed based on the opinion of the author and are placed in no particular order.

1. Youde (UD) Compact Double-Deck Storage Case

youde storage case

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate vaping case, then this Youde (UD) Compact Double-Deck Storage Case should do the trick!  This bad boy is packed to the rim with pockets, pouches and elastic holders.  It stands 160mm tall, 215mm wide and has a depth of 70mm, which will be plenty enough storage space to hold mods, e-liquid bottles, batteries, wire, RBA tools, and anything else you can fit into it.  The compact UD bag features a double-deck design, giving you double the amount of places to hold all your gear.  What makes this case so fantastic is the sheer amount of pockets UD made available in this case.  If this can’t carry all the gear you need for your vape shop visits, I don’t know what will!

Youde Compact Double-Deck Storage Case: GET IT HERE

2. Tesla Mini Zip Storage Case

tesla storage case

Highly compact, simple and straight to the point – this Tesla Mini Zip Storage Case is perfect for those of you who want to be as minimalistic as possible.  Though it doesn’t look like it’ll hold much, it’s just big enough to hold your most important vape gear that you absolutely can not leave home without, like wick and wire or maybe a bottle of e-liquid.  The Tesla case stands 2.16 inches tall, 6.01 inches wide and has a depth of 4.91 inches.  This Tesla Mini Case, though small, has two separate storage compartments, a main compartment towards the top, while another smaller compartment is zipped up in the front.  Indeed, it’s a small one, but it should be just enough to hold that vital vape gear.

Tesla Mini Zip Storage Case: GET IT HERE

3. Coil-Master Kbag Storage Case

coil-master kbag

If you’re looking for something with a little bit of size to it, then the Coil-Master Kbag Storage Case will be the perfect fit for you!  This monster storage case has a rather simple design, but it’s super efficient on holding all your vape gear.  The Kbag is a whopping 330mm long, 210mm wide and has a depth of 49mm.  What makes this product so fascinating is the elastic bands that cover the entire bottom of the case.  These bands can be maneuvered to hold merely anything you can fit into it and gives you complete control of what you want to store in it.  However, for the small accessories you need to tote around, it also has a large pouch on the case’s lid, which is a great place for wick, wire and your RBA tools.  If you want to see this bad boy in action, we recently reviewed the Coil-Master Kbag.

Coil-Master Kbag Storage Case: GET IT HERE

4. Karnoo Compact Double-Deck Storage Case

karnoo storage case

Much like the Youde Case, the Karnoo Compact Double-Deck Storage Case has a very similar design.  In fact, I believe it’s the same case, just re-branded.  However, there are some slight differences in the two, ranging in material and size.  The Karnoo Storage Case stands 200mm tall, 160mm wide and has a depth of 76.5mm, which isn’t enough to say there is much difference between the two.  Again, like the other, the Karnoo Case has a double-deck design, which provides double the amount of pockets.  You can access each side by simply un-zipping the case, and then you’re presented with a slew of pockets, pouches and elastic holders that vary in sizes to accommodate all of your vape gear.

Karnoo Compact Double-Deck Storage Case: GET IT HERE

5. Protective EVA Storage Case

protective eva storage case

Though it doesn’t feature a lot of pockets or pouches, it has plenty of room for your most important vape gear.  In fact, it’s 240mm long, 160mm wide and has a depth of 90mm, allowing you to have a simplistic approach to holding your vape gear, yet still enough depth to it for those more bulky products you may carry along.  The EVA Storage Case has two compartments to hold your gear; one that has a velcro lid to cover it and acts as the main compartment where you’ll store your bulky products, while the other is a netted pouch for your smaller accessories, such as wick and wire or batteries so they don’t come in contact with your other gear.  In addition, this vape case acts also as protection for your vape gear, since it’s made of a Neoprene and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate material, which makes the case strong and shock-proof.  There’s not a whole lot to this one, but it’s perfect for those of you who like to keep gear protected, yet still on the loose side.

Protective EVA Storage Case: GET IT HERE

Do you already have a case to store your vape gear, what does it look like?  Share a picture with us in the comments below! (link to imgur)