As other mod makers have consistently been building it bigger, fan favorite Vaporesso knows what their clientage want, and they consistently hit the mark.  The Target family of mods appears to be growing by the day, but for this edition we are talking about the fact that they shrunk it. The Target Mini Starter Kit is a pint-sized offering that achieves several goals at once, not only is it one of the smallest devices on the market, but Vaporesso has given us an EU Tobacco Products Directive approved tank to boot.

Let’s take a couple of minutes to dive down and get to know this little guy intimately.

The Vaporesso Target Mini Mod

Vaporesso Mini Target 40 watts Temperature ControlIf you have used the Target or the Target Pro, the layout of this device should come as a surprise.  In keeping with the trigger design, Vaporesso has kept the fire switch in a place that is comfortable to gun owners everywhere.  You may think that the manufacturers have taken design cues from the C.O.V. Mini Volt (one of Blake Browns favorites) when you pay attention to the size and shape of the vape mod, and in my opinion you wouldn’t be far off the mark.

At 40 watts, this little beast is perfect as a small, on the go piece of hardware.  The built-in 1400mAh battery life will give ample power for low-wattage vapers, while the temperature control features will extend the life of your coils and prevent dry hits.  If you want to use Stainless Steel, Ni200, or Titanium coils in TC, this little guy has you covered. The Zinc alloy and Stainless steel body make for a light weight, durable design which, as you can see, is coated for extra appeal and protection.  When you add the features of this box to the tank we are about to describe, your vaping experience will improve.

The Vaporesso Guardian Tank

The Vaporesso Mini Target Kit: Guardian tank officialDesigned to comply with the European Unions TPD, the Guardian has some features which may not be familiar yet to our American audience.  Child resistant top caps have not become common in the States, but be prepared for this adaptation very soon.  Despite everyone’s initial misgivings about the restrictions being placed on tank design, it seems as though manufacturers are coming into their own, especially when you take into account the top fill/top airflow design system on this 2ml tank.  One of the rules put in place was that they had to be leak proof, and this system makes sure that unless you sit and purge all over your hands, the e-liquid will stay in the reservoir.

A simple twist will transform the Guardian from a mouth-to-lung tank into a direct-to-lung hitter, sitting on top of the 40 watt box, the Guardian is a force to be reckoned with.  Another interesting twist to the system is the use of Vaporesso’s proprietary C-Cell coil technology, using coils encased in porous ceramics to cut oxidation to the coils, which in turn allows them to last longer with greater flavor.

In our opinion, the Vaporesso Target Mini kit will be a valuable addition to any vapers collection, whether they are brand new or seasoned as this really is an on the go piece of hardware that, if it lives up to the Vaporesso name, will last a life time.


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