If you’re a passionate vaper and want to see a single documentary potentially change the world’s outlook on both smoking and vaping, here’s the solution staring you in the face!

By now you’ve probably heard about A Billion Lives.  We’ve shared the story with you back in October when this film attracted quite a bit of attention when it went head-to-head with Facebook, then more recently when we shared that the film would make its way to the United States for a premiere.  However, if you haven’t been keeping up with the latest on the Guide To Vaping or the latest with vaping in general, we’ll drop a few lines to speed you up to date.

What Is A Billion Lives?

A Billion Lives is a full length documentary by Attention Era Media, which is a company ran by Director Aaron Biebert and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The documentary film is about the truth of vaping, government failure, and the battle for a billion lives, starring Hon Lik, Derek Yach, Oliver Kershaw, and many more.  It has already made its way around the globe with premiere’s, and has received the 2016 Remi Award and has been a 2016 Best International Feature – Finalist (DocEdge), among more.

Where Will The Documentary Be Available To Watch?

A Billion Lives is a for-profit venture, so you won’t get to simply stream it on YouTube.  In fact, Aaron Biebert has already answered this question not long ago, giving a hefty explanation for those wondering.  In his statement he said that if he were to make it available for free on a platform such as YouTube, no one would take it serious.  He also said in his explanation that in order for this documentary to make a huge impact and for the media to take it serious, it is something you will need to watch in the theaters.

The A Billion Lives documentary has made its way around the globe, but now they’re giving you, the vapers, the opportunity to watch it as well.  I mean, if you’re as passionate as we are, of course you want to see a single documentary change the world’s outlook on both smoking and vaping.  And, the best way to do that is to bring this amazing film to the theaters in your city, but how can you do this?  It’s real simple!

Those behind the documentary need 100 people in your city to buy tickets.  Once this happens, that will be enough attention for the theaters in your city to bring the documentary in to let you view it.  With that being said, share this news far and wide, especially on your Facebook account where you’re connected with many locals.

Fill out this form if you want the A Billion Lives trailer to come to your city: A Billion Lives in Your City