In a quick span of time, dabbing has become one of the most popular methods of consumption among cannabis users and offers powerful highs and a flavor-packed experience.

To differentiate dab with dabbing, the word dab is used to describe any type of cannabis concentrate including products like wax, shatter, budder, or any other concentrate. Dab can also be referred to as an actual dose of concentrate. Dabbing, on the other hand, refers to the process of consuming a dab by vaporizing and inhaling the vapor.


How does dabbing work?

When it comes to dabbing cannabis concentrates, it is all about achieving temperature consistency. If it is too cold, the dab will pool at the base of the nail and will give off little to no vapor at all. Conversely, if it is too hot, the dab will taste and smell like hot melted plastic, giving off an astringent and harsh flavor.

Traditionally, achieving optimal temperatures has been done by a butane torch, a popular dabber nail heating mechanism. Though it is highly reliable at heating nails, it fails to provide a consistent temperature. To answer these temperature dilemmas, a piece of technology known as the enail emerged. E-nail is a device that harnesses electricity and ensures perfect dab every time, no matter what. 

E-nail and its use

E-nails, also known as electronic nails, have been around for several years now and came into existence right after the cannabis concentrate scene began skyrocketing. However, its popularity has become stagnant not until recently as they used to be really pricey and scarce. Using e-nails is pretty simple. Its units are comprised of a controller box that delivers heat through a coil connected directly with the nail itself. This box allows the control of temperature to the nail, allowing its users to regulate heat to their rig with just the touch of a button. Dabbers can simply turn the unit on, set any desired temperature, and simply wait for the unit to show that it reached the said temperature. Dabbing can be done for an unlimited amount of time without the worry of heat variability of any kind. E-nail provides a level of added control to the dabber which allows them to use the rigs optimally, and eventually deliver consistent results. 

Benefits of using e-nails

Aside from offering its main function of unprecedented temperature control, e-nails have a lot of benefits to offer. First, using e-nails virtually eliminates relying on butane as regular input. Although butane is partly easy to come by, maintaining its supply consistently is not sustainable. E-nails also require only a little amount of power to operate and can last for several hours, ensuring delivery of endless dabs. 

Cautionary measures when using e-nails

E-nails are not for everyone and there are times when not having one is recommended. These units can harness extremely high temperatures of 1000 degrees F and above. You need to have a certain level of responsibility and presence of mind when operating an e-nail. It is not advised to leave these units on and not supervised especially around pets, animals, children, or anyone who is not familiar with using this technology.

E-nails, or any devices of this kind, should always be used with extreme caution especially outside when it is exposed to other elements. E-nails are fire hazards and should not be used around other flammable things including torches. Safety should always be at the top of your mind when using these kinds of devices.

man blowing vapor

Portability of E-nails

When looking for e-nails, portability is a factor to consider. Although several units will travel easily, almost all of them are restricted to electrical outlets, not including portable vaporizers. To put it simply, you would not want to have one of these out into the woods for a dab retreat. These occasions are usually saved for the torch. 

Is E-nails for you?

Owning e-nails is really a matter of personal preference. The technology that an e-nail can offer is highly recommended for those who have the intention to enjoy cannabis concentrates long-term, and those who intend to save money on butane costs over time.

E-nails are also great for social dabbers who organize gatherings and events where there can be a station to supervise tastings, such as festivals or trade shows. Electronic nails would be perfect for these events to keep the dabs coming.

There are really a lot of benefits of having an e-nail, such as being able to control temperature and saving on costs. However, if you are a novice and it is your first time looking to get into cannabis concentrate, you may want to first try with a torch and slowly work your way up to learning the advantages of e-nails.