By now there are several thousands of online vape stores where you can buy electronic cigarettes, some good and some not so good. Many offer one specific style, while others may offer a variety ranging from your typical stick style or traditional look-a-like to more advanced personal vaporizers. With an abundant selection of electronic cigarettes to choose from, where should you buy one?

Here’s a list to help you get started choosing where to buy your electronic cigarette from wisely.

What’s Popular

Search for the most popular electronic cigarettes on the market currently. Many vape shops offer outdated ecigs that just isn’t up to date with the latest in electronic cigarette functions, features and technology. The days of ordering a look-a-like is in the past and ordering an ecig that will last satisfy you and has great features is now. You can look in the Products Reviews and Advanced Vaping section of GuideToVaping to find the latest popular electronic cigarettes and products.


Once you’ve found the latest popular e-cigs, it’s time to read and watch reviews. It’s very important to tune into reviews as it’ll give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to order the said product. If the review checks out okay and seems to be something you like, take it a step further. You can read and watch reviews in the Product Reviews section of GuideToVaping.

Visiting The Vendor

After you’ve done your homework on reviews and found the product you like, the review of the product is usually linked to a vendor. (If the review came from then the vendor has checked out to be okay by us at the present time the review was published) – Visit the vendors website, check out the other products and finally… buy your electronic cigarette.

Conclusion: Buying your first electronic cigarette can be a hassle at first because you’re unsure of so many things. You have to worry about if the vendor is trusted, if you’re buying everything you need, if you’re buying the right product and still unsure exactly how it all works. This can all be solved by searching around and learning about electronic cigarettes. The GuideToVaping was created to solve those problems. Look around, learn and have fun!