Every time I perform a search on Google regarding Vaping, the first page of results that I find are scientific studies telling me that vaping is dangerous.  If I was looking to replace cigarettes with vaping, these studies would definitely make me think twice before taking a puff of these electronic replacements. They have been around for almost a decade and have been the cause of ZERO deaths (liquid nicotine’s 3 poisonings are a different subject for a different day).   There are many reasons why vaping is dangerous, but none are what you probably think.  Almost every danger represented by vaping is to a corporation or government body, all of whom have grown accustomed to the money generated by the general public’s tobacco addiction.


Vaping Dangers In Public Health

If you listen to public health or many government officials here in the United States and else where, vaping devices are worse than the Bubonic Plague and Small Pox combined. In their opinion they need to be eradicated from the Earth before they can get a serious foothold in the population.  There are countless organizations that step forward at State and Federal hearings such as the American Cancer Association, The American Lung Association, The American Association of Pediatricians and many others whom, you would think would put public health before anything else.  The problem is that many of the scientific studies they site have been debunked on many occasions.  In truth, our cousins across the pond in England published a report 3 months ago stating that vaping was 95-99% safer than combustible tobacco.  This was not some random scientific lab’s results, this was an ACTUAL  government body stating this as fact.  The thing we need to focus on in the United States is the fact that all the organisations present at these hearings will be detrimentally affected by vaping. The danger of vaping to them is financial, many of these people have created whole careers battling against combustible tobacco use.  If cigarettes disappeared tomorrow, they would be out of a job.  Many of them are in the business of searching for solutions, but never actually finding them.


Vaping Is Dangerous To The Anti Tobacco Squadvaping is dangerous antz

The very people who have been trying to get smokers to quit for the past 40 years are out in force against the vaping movement.  They have a mindset of everyone must quit or die, there is no in between for these people.  Some of the most outrageous claims about the dangers of vaping have come from the organizations who should be backing this harm reducing technology.  Almost every piece of junk science I read can be in some way associated with Dr. Stanton Glantz and the Center for Tobacco Control.  While some may see him as a champion of the people, a simple search of Google will show you he gets massive amounts of money  from the pharmaceutical companies who currently make the “smoking cessation remedies” that are on the market.  People attempting to quit repeatedly makes them money.  Vaping is getting in the way of the sales of gum, patches and crazy pills which in turn cuts into his budget to fight smoking.  While the majority in the Anti Smoking Coalitions believe they are doing the public a service by standing against vaping, they are actually doing great harm.  Vaping has been proven to do the very thing they are looking to accomplish, people are stepping away from cigarettes at astounding rates due to Electronic Nicotine Devices, but if the man at the top of the food chain is handing down lies, what are the people at the bottom supposed to believe.


Why Vaping Is Dangerous To The Non Smoking General Publicvaping is dangerous public

We, as a society have spent the last generation and a half being told that smoking is dangerous. Everyone knows the dangers associated with lighting up a cigarette, the Anti Smoking Squad has done an amazing job on that front.  Unfortunately, many people in each generation still develop an habitual addiction to cigarettes.  The non smoking general public ostracize these people, at the behest of Public Health and the ANTZ (what we will call the anti tobacco folks) they have pushed smokers out into the cold in an attempt to improve public health.  These people are now being told that their children are going to start vaping before turning into lifelong cigarette smokers ( vaping as a gateway has been debunked).  They are being told that the flavors that vapers use to disassociate themselves from life long tobacco habits are being aimed at their  kids, to pull them in.  This group is being fed lines that have been tried and tested in front of focus groups and are buying them hook, line and sinker.  They somehow believe that the exhaled vapor will give them lung cancer (debunked: exhaled vapor contains less particulate matter than ambient air) in the same manner as second-hand smoke.  The greatest danger to this group is the fact that they see a cloud of vapor and immediately associate it with cigarette smoke.


Why Vaping Is Dangerous To The Governmentvaping is dangerous to government

This section should be an article in itself.  The establishment is dead set against vaping for several reasons and it is attempting to use the people above to create legislation to basically ban this life changing technology.  According to the Center For Disease Control, there are approximately 9,000,000 voting age adults current using electronic nicotine delivery systems or e-cigs.  Of those people, it is estimated that less than a half a percent never smoked before taking to vaping.  When you compare this with the number who are  still smoking, 42.1 million that is a massive chunk of change from the Tobacco companies pockets and also from the revenue generated by the sale of tobacco.  Having the highest sin tax on the planet, the Government likes the money it generates.  Believe it or not, the Government is actually double dipping when it comes to the sale of cigarettes.  Not only do they get money from taxes but they also receive money from what is known as the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA). In 1998 the five largest tobacco companies made a settlement to pay the states $246 billion over the first 25 years for Tobacco prevention funding.  As with any other money that the Government has rolling in, most of this money was spent else where and in the case of a few states loans were taken out against projected future revenue from the agreement.  Vaping is dangerous to the government simply because Tobacco sales are dropping.  They are losing tax revenue and potential future earnings from the MSA.  They want you to believe it is dangerous so they can lump vaping devices with tobacco products so that they can tax them at the same rate as cigarettes.  If the government were serious about Nicotine Control, they would have outlawed it years ago.  To listen to the representatives though, my arguments are invalid as they are taking the stance of thinking about children, re-normalization of smoking and basically parroting the words of the ANTZ.


Why Vaping Is Dangerous For Smokers

Vaping is dangerous to smokers for one very serious reason.  It is on the path to make the smoker a thing of the past.  If allowed to take its natural course, without government intervention as they try to “regulate” this industry (for regulate read de-facto ban), with in a few years smoking and the cigarette industry will be gone.  The general public is being fed every conceivable horror story on the 11 o’clock news to keep smokers attached to their cigarettes for as long as possible, but in the end the vaping movement will prevail as they are the ones who are trying to improve and prolong life.

The reason vaping is dangerous is because it works.

Every claim that I have made in this article is truthful, I could link each piece of information but I would prefer that you use Google for its intended purpose.  Do your own research and do not allow the groups who claim vaping is dangerous to spoon feed you lies.



  1. I love this article. Basically everything I have been putting togetherv via google over the last couple of months. And thanks largelyt to vaping I have not smoked a cigarette in over a month. Just about every aspect of life has gotten so much better. Hell food even tastes better lol. Thanks for writing all this out so Maybe more people can make the switch from the devil sticks.

  2. Hi Daniel and thank you for this article. I was a heavy smoker for 30 yrs, tried the juul and that was the last day I had a filthy cigarette. I agree with absolutely every word you spoke, as Jessie Ventura always says, if you don’t find the answer, follow the money trail! Thank you again, your article supplied me with a ton of information. Sincerely Debra