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Wicked Watermelon E-Liquid Review

West Coast Vape Supply

This e-juice will bring you back to feeling like you are a kid biting into the most ripe and juicy watermelon ever….without the sticky mess and seeds. Watermelon e-juice will remind you of the best parts of summer all year round.

Wicked Watermelon from Anchor Vapors is said to taste like a real watermelon, but what I get from it is more of a candy watermelon. It has a slight off taste to it, so don’t expect it to taste like bubble gum or a jolly rancher. It has a watermelon overall taste to it, but there is something more to it with a distinct taste and I’ve gotten that with a few of their juices. Maybe it’s the same base they are working from, who knows.

I receive a good amount of vapor production when paired with a 2.0hm Boge carto, but it lacks in throat hit, which you all know is completely fine with me. This juice has a smooth inhale and exhale, which I like… nothing grity about it.

Overall: This watermelon e-liquid is definitely wicked, but I’m not sure in the best way. For me personally, I would rather vape a watermelon closer to the actual candies, like a jolly rancher. However, it really isn’t a bad juice at all, very smooth, a nice vapor production, just not for me.

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Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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