Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 or Wismec Reuleaux RX 200, that is the question.  Actually, the question is what is the difference?  Looking at these devices, they appear almost identical.  Both are 200 watt devices that utilize 3 18650 batteries, they have the same ergonomic look and feel but the main difference from the outside perspective is the $100 change in price tag.  We are going to take a few minutes to look at these devices individually and then put them side by side to see which one is you should take home.  Before we go any further, if you are looking for a small, lightweight stealth vape set up, neither of these devices are for you.  If you are looking for an insane beast that has the ability to vape all day and laugh at pretty much any other device on the market right now, read on!


Wismec Whats The Difference Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200

The DNA 200 version of this device is amazing, sized at 50.0mm x 40.0mm x 84mm it feels perfect in the hand.  Its unique structure and innovative appearance set the Wismec Reuleaux away from the competition, if you see the device you know immediately it was designed by Jay Bo.  The DNA 200 chip set  is widely acclaimed and this device backs up the chips abilities with 3 18650 cells.  Using both wattage and temperature control modes, users have the ability to fine tune their vaping experience using the devices Escribe software to change everything to the temperature graph settings for a specific companies wire.   The device looks clean, from the design and placement of all the vent holes to the recessed stainless steel 510 connector with a gold-plated spring-loaded pin.  If you are a control freak who enjoys the ability to micro manage your vaping experience, the DNA 200 is definitely the one for you.

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Wismec Whats The Difference Wismec Reuleaux RX 200Wismec Reuleaux RX 200

The RX 200 version of this device is no less spectacular than its DNA 200 counter part.  The RX 200 is a propitiatory chip set from Joytech, a name well-known in the vaping world for producing some amazing products.  There are 3 main differences between these devices.  Both are the exact same dimensions (50.0mm x 40.0mm x 84mm) and with the  exception of color variations look almost identical.  The absence of the Escribe software doe not work against the RX 200 as the simpler  menu systems make for a great all day vaping experience.  Whether using in wattage mode (1-200 Watts) or temperature control ( 200-600°F) this device is as reliable as its DNA carrying brother.  Full temperature control compatibility with Ni200, Titanium and Stainless steel coils is a definite plus for this device as its lack of limitations increase its viability in the market place.  If you are looking for pure power and a simpler life, the  Reuleaux RX 200 version is the one for you.

Wismec Reuleaus RX 200: GET IT HERE



The reality of the situation is, aside from 2 or 3 aesthetic differences, both of these devices are identical. Size and weight are the same but the RX 200 has a rubberized feel to some of the external parts.  They removed an internal problem with a raised collar surrounding the positive connections on the DNA 200 and removed the screen’s recess on the RX.  The only true difference , and the cause in the $100 jump in price point, is the DNA 200 chip set.  The way to look at this dilemma is actually simple: How important are individual points of control to you as a vaper?  If you feel that you will be changing the screen settings every five minutes, checking graphs and wanting to figure out exactly which battery is getting the heavier work load, the Escribe software will be a very handy piece of kit to have.  Just remember that the more access you have to individual components of the programming of the device, the more chances you have of creating your own problems.  IF like myself, you prefer to keep things as simple as possible and trust the engineers to have correctly set up the system for you take the RX.  Personally, I would happily take either of these devices home, but for the price of 1 DNA I can get 2 RX mods.

As Always, enjoy your vaporizer and vape safe!