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YiHi SX Mini Q Class Mod Preview

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If the YiHi SX Mini Q Class hasn’t made it onto your wish list yet don’t worry, in about 3 minutes time you’ll probably be looking to buy one.  There aren’t many mods being released at the moment that have seriously peaked my interest, but this is one of the few that had me excited since the first look.

While this is definitely not in the budget mod category, there are many vapers who are saying that it is worth the price and then some.  Over the course of the next few minutes we’ll take a look at the latest edition to the SX Mini family of mods, pull apart the specifications, and see what makes this stand out from the crowd.

If you want to learn more about the family of SX Mini mods, you can visit our review of the SX Mini M Class, which we published around the same time last year.

What Makes The SX Mini Q Class Stand Out?

I had the chance to play with one a few weeks ago, put it through its paces, and ever since then this mod has been number one on my personal wish list for several reasons.  Taking full advantage of the YiHi SX450j chipset on the SX Mini Q class is equivalent to taking a Porsche out for the first time — so much power and so many new toys to play with.

SX-Mini-Q-Class-200W-TC-Mod-color-choicesFrom the outset, the sleek lines and architectural design of this ridiculously compact box mod are reminiscent of a formidable racing machine.  Sweeping curves around the outside against the sharp contrasting lines in the center make this a vape mod, not a vaping box.  The 200 watt output powered by two 18650’s and the powerful YiHi SX450j chipset is responsive (150 milliseconds from pressing the fire button), which ever of the 5 standard fire modes you are using.  Powerful+, Powerful, Standard, Soft, and Eco modes give you certain options within the menu as each specifically deals with the ramp up time and output.

Add to this the SXi-Q software control system which allows the user to go into the settings and customize almost everything that the device does and save up to 5 times, you can switch out tanks in seconds.  As long as the batteries in the devices and the coils are set up correctly (Ohms Law is your friend) this device will fire at the 200 watts it advertises.

It weighs the same fully loaded as the SX Mini M Class, even though the Q has 2 batteries compared to its 1, the comparisons really end there.  With an auto rotating screen, this device is perfect for left or right handed vapers, the buttons are tactile and it feels as though you are actually hitting the switch.

SX-Mini-Q-Class-200W-TC-Mod-face-viewCapable of using any coil thrown at it in temperature control mode, whether Stainless Steel, Titanium or Ni200, the SX Mini Q Class delivers every time.  Add to this the ability to be partnered with a tank using the SX Pure coil technology, regarded as coil-less tank systems that take advantage of a heating element that the manufacturers claim can last at least 3 months, the SX Mini Q Class by YiHi is going to be a device that is hard to beat.  Furthermore, the construction is solid, the device performs as promised, and I believe that the SX Mini Q Class is a device that other manufacturers could learn a lot from.

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Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall

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