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3 Important Pieces Of Advice To Ensure The Growth And Health Of Your Plants

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There is something so relaxing and refreshing about plants. Besides giving us fresh air, they also reduce stress. So, it is no wonder that more and more workplaces embrace the culture of having desk plants. Recent research found that having indoor plants can reduce stress and tension by around forty percent. This is because it reminds us of the calming outdoors, a change from our work pressure, and the soothing nature.

Given that the world is still fighting the pandemic and most of us are at home, we are sure that having some plants around would help you relax. However, without proper care, the leaves tend to wilt, and your home is filled with stunted plants. But don’t worry, there are easy ways to remedy this situation and restore the health and growth of your plants.

1. Testing

Before you blame yourself for the garden or desk plants dying, you need to understand if the plant and soil are healthy. You could do this by getting a pH test in your garden, a THC potency tester for your plants, and a polymerase chain reaction, among many other tests, to know if your garden needs any special attention.

All these will help you determine if the problem is with the plants and the soil or do you need to change your approach to gardening. Once you know that, you can start working on the solution and soon you would have a garden that is fresh, green, and so full of life!

potted plants

2. Check The Roots

A thriving garden is one that has numerous trees, plants, and saplings. However, when you bring in new plants, you could also be bringing in new problems. If the new sapling has diseases or infections, you might end up introducing it to your garden and thereby infect all the plants. So, always make it a point to examine the roots as a healthy root should be white, spaced out, and firm. If the roots are dark, mushy, and flimsy, that is a red flag!

Another great way to do this is by looking for images of the healthy specimens of the plant, its roots, leaves, etc. And when you get to the nursery, compare it with the plants you are picking.


3. Watch For The Worms and Bugs

While earthworms are a farmer’s best friend and bees help in pollination, we cannot say the same thing about all the bugs and worms. Besides causing cosmetic damage to your plants, they could also be carriers of bacterias and viruses that impact your plant’s health. Research suggests that plants experience stress too, which impacts their health. And some of the major causes of plant stress are pathogens, insects, and worms. So, the best way to avoid this is by keeping an eye on all the insects, bugs, and pests that visit your garden.

There are numerous insect repellant sprays available in the market which would help you fight bugs and worms. However, if you wish to keep your garden chemical-free, you could spray a mixture of garlic and pepper all over your plants and roots. This would keep the unwelcome visitors at bay!

When you follow these tips religiously, you can be sure that your plants are safe. And knowing that your plants are safe and healthy would help you relax. Isn’t that a win-win for everyone? Happy gardening!

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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