Customizing your Reuleaux RX200 has to be one of the easiest and best things you can do to truly transform your mod into something that you’ll enjoy more.  There’s simply nothing that can beat adding your own personal touch to a product that you’ve invested in.  The RX200 has become one of the vaping industry’s most recognized and most used mods on the market, and that’s namely due to its low-cost and impecable performance.  Since the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 has become so popular and people continue to search for ways to improve their mod, today we’re going to share with you 5 ways to customize your RX200.  Enjoy, and remember, sharing is caring!

1. Wraps

Easily one of the simplest forms to transform your RX200 into something that looks completely different.  Applying a wrap to your mod is simple and takes only a couple of minutes of your time.  What’s great about doing this is that there are so many options for the RX200.  Our friends at Jwraps actually has an option that will allow you to use your own custom image — skies the limit.  Jwraps also has many different wraps to choose from, varying in color, design and material.  One of their most recent wraps that has been making a huge splash within the vaping world is the new temperature changing wraps, which will literally change colors depending on the temperature of your hands.  Yes, I know, very cool indeed!

2. New Parts

If you’re familiar with the Reuleaux RX200, then you’re quite aware that you can remove the front face plate and of course the back magnetic battery cover.  Many users who own this mod have purchased multiple of them in different colors and/or have traded parts with their friends to give their RX200 a different look.  However, Wismec has certainly taken notice to this swapping of parts, so they’ve come out with replacement front plates and back battery covers in multiple colors!  This set of new parts aren’t spread throughout the shops yet, but there are a select few that have them in stock right now.  If you’re looking to customize your RX200, this is definitely a simple way to do it.

3. Hydrodipping

Many of you may be clueless to the term “hydrodipping”.  Hydrodipping is a method used to apply graphics to items by dipping them onto a film and into the water.  I could get into great detail about this cool way to customize your RX200 using this method, but I prefer that you watch the video I made showing you the complete process.  If you take your time with the hydrodipping and do things the right way, you can have one sharp-looking mod that people will enjoy looking at, and you’ll enjoy owning.

4. Screen Color

Another one of the easiest, yet cheapest ways to customize your RX200 is by changing its screen color.  Many of us vapers like to tinker with our mods, make them our own, improve them, and get the most out of them that we can.  Changing the screen color requires you to simply pull off the front plate, attach some colored tape or colored tabs, reinstall the front plate, and viola — you’ve easily changed the text on your screen from ‘normal’ to ‘bad ass’!  That’s right, you can change the color of your screen on your RX200 and I show you exactly how to do that step by step in this video that I’ve made.  This nifty little custom job gained more than 70 thousand views on YouTube, so you know this is definitely one you need to check out!

5. Silicone Skins

Covering mods with silicone skins has been around for a quite a while now, and still remains to be one of the best ways to customize a mod, and protect it from potential drops in the future.  If you’re looking to give your Reuleaux RX200 a new look and want to give it that custom touch, covering it with a silicone skin is a great option.  These skins are insanely cheap and come in many different colors and designs, so feel free to browse here to find the best skin that fits you… or your mod.



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