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7 Most Creative Ways to Smoke Weed

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Have you ever been sitting there smoking away and thinking to yourself if there were more exciting ways to smoke your dope? Every smoker at one point or another has considered breaking the monotony and branching out into the myriad of beautiful ways to increase your smoking satisfaction! The great thing about smoking weed is that there is no end to exciting and creative ways to smoke and consume weed, and the best part is that they all get you high in the future!

Many newbies often wonder about the different ways that they could get high without investing a lot. In fact, we have even seen people asking if smoking weed with regular paper is possible! In this post, we will be going over some of the more creative ways to smoke so that you can test out which methods you will keep in your arsenal and break out when lighting up with friends.

So without further ado, let’s get started!


Although this may seem slightly pedestrian to many reading this, we couldn’t leave it out as it is such a staple in the industry. It is also a method that everyone knows of, but not everyone has tried! Smoking weed in a bong is the easiest and fastest way to get high, even for beginners. You should start off by burning the weed slowly. You don’t want to burn your whole stash at once and waste it.

Keep hitting the bong as often as possible to prevent any smoke loss since it doesn’t stop smoldering once you light it. With fast combustion and lots of smoke displacing in the air, bongs are generally a wasteful way of smoking marijuana. Nevertheless, they are a fantastic way to get high quickly if you can’t be bothered to roll a  joint. They are also great when you have friends around as it is a pretty communal way to smoke, conjuring up images of passing a peace pipe around a campfire.

Combine Concentrates with Regular Joints

By adding concentrates to your joint as you roll it, you can enhance the experience of smoking weed. You can add it however you like and in whatever way suits your style of smoking. Typically you would put the concentrates on the outside of the joint and finish rolling the joint normally. Just be careful how much you add as it can be extremely potent and can even knock even the most experienced smokers for six.

The downside of this is that the joint may burn strangely, burn your fingers, and even drip boiling hot liquid all over your jeans. With all that said, it is well worth trying this method, but beware, once you try it once, you will find it difficult to smoke regularly again.

Dab Rig

This is possibly the coolest method to smoke, and you will undoubtedly be the most pro smoker in the room if you break out your dab rig. Essentially a dab rig is a type of vaporizer device often made out of glass or some kind of plastic made into exciting and beautiful shapes. The number of dab rigs, pipes, and accessories required to use them may amaze new dabbers who are seeking their first dab rig or pipe.

Aside from the minimal downside, dab rigs provide cannabis consumers with healthy, streamlined effects and intense terpene flavors. The main reason you might use a dab rig instead of a standard bong is that they provide much nicer flavors. You could even say that a dab rig is the smoking connoisseurs’ bong.

Toke An Apple

apple bong

This one is perhaps the oddest method on this list, but it is still worth mentioning, if only for the novelty value! You can have an apple bong ready to go in minutes with an apple pie. For the sake of clarity, an apple pipe is not the same as a bong. Unlike a bong, a pipe makes it possible for the smoke to directly enter the lungs without being filtered beforehand. In this case, going through the apple itself. It is a great way to smoke when you have nothing else to use. Simply skin up, find an apple, core a hole, stick your joint in, light up and smoke away!

To be completely honest, this method is a bit of a novelty but still worth mentioning as it is fun and can be a bit of a party trick when you need to pull something out of the bag.

Scorpion Joint

If you have particularly potent weed that you want to consume in style with your friends, then a scorpion-shaped joint will absolutely knock your socks off. It is a bit tricky to roll, but after practice, it should become more manageable. Once you have mastered the weed origami of the elusive scorpion, you will forever be memorialized by all those who smoked it with you and become a legend.

Gas Mask

gas mask bong

You may be thinking we have really gone off the edge here, but read on. Among the most efficient and famous ways to get high using marijuana is to wear a gas mask. This technique’s main difficulty is the actual procurement of a gas mask, as you can’t really go down to your local hardware store and pick one up! However, there are many military surplus stores that you could pick one up from. Even if you only use it once, it makes a cool decoration around the house.

The airtight gas mask prevents marijuana smoke from evaporating, so the user inhales it entirely to reap all of the beautiful THC benefits. Basically, you are making an extremely localized hotbox. A gas mask can be a bit of a rough ride, but in the end, weed-smoking with one is an exciting method to get very high. If you attempt this method, please be extremely careful and only do it with another person if something goes wrong. While it isn’t dangerous per se, things are more likely to go wrong once you are restricting fresh airflow.

Vape Pen

Finishing off here with a somewhat standard-sounding method. But be assured this is one of the best ways to inhale on the go. A vape pen is also known as a vaporizer or just vape and is one of the healthiest ways to get high marijuana. Vape pens have the advantage that you won’t notice the unique odor of dope. By eliminating smoke from the air vaporizers, fewer toxic substances will be inhaled as a result.

A vaporizer is a great way to smoke marijuana, as cannabinoids are not destroyed by heating it up. The heat produced is low with a vaporizer but allows cannabinoids to be converted directly into vapor without becoming smoke. Furthermore, a vaporizer is discrete and can easily fit in pockets or bags. Regular weed smokers may not be able to afford vape pens’ expenses due to the high cost. However, if you can buy one, they are an excellent investment.


Weed is traditionally smoked by rolling a joint, lighting it, and smoking it. However, you can try any of the methods mentioned above to turn your typical smoking session into something a bit more interesting.

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