With the legalization of CBD products, CBD usage is growing at a tremendous rate — all thanks to its therapeutic properties. People are using it to treat their various health conditions, like depression, insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, blood pressure, etc. So, the number of CBD manufacturers and dealers is increasing. You can buy CBD oil from literally anywhere. From online shops, bars, departmental stores, Pharmacies, to bars, CBD oil is readily available everywhere. But are all CBD oils the same? No!

With so many options available, it is difficult to find high-quality CBD products. Recommendations and online reviews might help you a bit, but they are not enough to find the exact quality of the product. So, it’s better to know a few CBD quality signs to get the best out of your money and avoid throwing money out of the window.

Here are a few signs of a high-quality CBD oil to avoid buying useless products:

Third-Party Testing

Third-party testing for CBD is what college entrance exams are for students. These tests determine whether the CBD is eligible to qualify to enter the market. These tests find out the amount of CBD and THC, quality of CBD, types of metals, and presence of other terpenes. So, a product verified by any third-party lab having no stake in the manufacturing company is a green signal of the quality of the product.

A good company proudly keeps the results of these third-party tests public on labeling or their websites. So, if you find out these results for a product, it means it is good to go. Use this lab result to cross-check the ingredients mentioned on the label of the product.

Higher Amount of CBD

CBD oil doesn’t contain only CBD. It also contains terpenes to increase the flavor and impact of CBD. Though these additive compounds enhance the benefits of the product, remember, CBD is the main product. So, make sure the CBD product contains a good amount of CBD so that you can get the maximum benefits. For example, if a product says 24% cbd oil for pain relief, it means it has an adequate amount of CBD compound to treat pain relief. Any product having 250 mg to 1000 mg per 10ml CBD is the best, anything less than that doesn’t help. It’s always better to be sure that the product contains the right amount of CBD if you want to cure the concerning health issues.

Oil Extraction Process

The CBD oil extraction process matters a lot when it’s about the quality of CBD oil. In fact, the selection of the wrong process can intoxicate the end product. Oil extraction using safe solvents, like carbon dioxide and ethanol is the safest and yields the best quality CBD oil. Whereas CBD oil extracted using propane, pentane, hexane, butane, or any other intoxicating solvent leaves behind toxic containment. As carbon dioxide extraction doesn’t contain any solvent, it produces safe and healthier products.

THC Amount Less than 3%

Many states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. However, there are some restrictions on the amount of THC included in CBD oils. It should not be more than 3%. Any CBD oil having THC higher than 3% is not only illegal and might lead you into legal trouble, but can also make you high. So, always find a product with little to no THC amount to avoid facing any psychoactive effects.

Naturally Grown Hemp

Which plant is used to extract CBD oil? How and where that plant was grown? Finding an answer to these questions is very important. Hemp plants have a tendency to absorb everything from the base soil; hence, called hyperaccumulator plants. If it is grown in a vitamin-rich plant, the CBD oil will be of high quality. However, if it is grown using pesticides, the extracted CBD oil can be toxic and harmful rather than beneficial. So, the best CBD oil is extracted from the land certified by the government as a suitable area for the product with no fungus, pesticides, toxic solvent, residue, heavy metals, and bacteria, etc.

Adequate Price

We all know we get what we pay for. CBD oil is extracted after a long and hard process. From growing the best hemp plants, using machines to extract oil, to make sure it’s high quality, CBD manufacturers go through a lot of hardships. So, it goes without saying that they have to charge you for this hard work. That’s why CBD oils are a bit pricey.

Unfortunately, some random companies sell CBD-related products at dirt cheap prices. Neve falls for these claims as it can be a trap to sell products produced through low-quality hemp. Well, it doesn’t mean to buy the most expensive product, but good quality products do end up with a bit high priced and you should buy them.

Full-Spectrum CBD Products

CBD oil is extracted using plants in two ways: oil extracted from the whole plant or a portion of the plant. Whole plant or full-spectrum CBD oil is known as the best quality CBD oil because it contains cannabinoids as well other than CBD that work together with CBD to enhance the impact of the CBD product. The idea of a CBD-only product might sound good as it will only contain CBD, but it is not. The product with a handful of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids is better than CBD isolates.

The users of CBD and some research show that CBD products can be phenomenal for the wellness and treatment of certain health conditions. But the key is to find the best products and avoid fake ones that are becoming common. So, if you are thinking of buying CBD oil for yourself to improve your health, look out these signs to only buy the best and right products. CBD works the best when consumed through high-quality products because all CBD products are not the same.