The Air Bar disposable vape brand has been one of the leading names in disposables ever since they have taken over the vaping market. Disposable vapes rose in popularity in late 2019 due to the government banning the sale of flavored vape pods. 

Disposable vapes are not the most cost-effective form of vaping, however, they do provide an easy-to-use device that generates a quality experience for the user.

Who Makes Air Bars?

The manufacturer of Air Bar disposables, Suorin Vape, is a leading vape manufacturer worldwide. They were well known for their refillable vape devices before entering the competitive market of disposable vapes. They gained much of their popularity with the release of the Suorin Air vape device. This refillable vape pod has a razor-thin shape and allowed vapers to carry their devices in their pocket with the lightweight form factor.

Air Bar Max

The Air Bar Max disposable vape is one of the popular disposable vape models from Suorin. The Air Bar Max is prefilled with 6.5mL of vape juice in various flavors and lasts for about 2000 puffs due to its 1250 mAh internal battery. The Air Bar Max has a wide, cylindrical body that narrows at the mouthpiece and has a smooth exterior shell. Many of the flavors that are available in the Air Bar Max vape are also available in the Air Bar Lux line. Therefore, the Max is a much better choice for vapers due to its significantly longer battery life and e-Juice capacity than its predecessor.

Air Bar Lux

The Air Bar Lux disposable vape contains 2.7 mL of nic salt vape juice and has an internal battery that has a 500 mAh rating. This combination of vape juice and battery capacity provides less than 1000 puffs per device. When compared to the newer Air Bar Max, it does not provide the same quality. However, a nice benefit to the Lux is that it is much smaller and sleeker than the Max. Some vapers prefer smaller disposable vapes because they do not feel as bulky when you are on the go. Another cool feature that the Lux has that the Air Bar Max does not, is the light-up design. The mouthpiece of the Air Bar Lux lights up each time you take a puff. This is not ideal for stealth vaping, but it adds some style to the Lux design.

Air Bar Flavors

While the top-selling flavors for most disposable vapes are fruit-based flavors, Air Bar offers quite a few different dessert options that have a bit of a creamy taste to them. There are six “shake” flavors and a vanilla pudding flavor that are offered in both the Lux and Max lines from Air Bar. While the Shake flavors stood out as great options, the Kiwi Berry Ice and Red Mojito vape flavors offer unique fruit mixes that are not found with most other brands. All Air Bar lines offer a wide variety of fruit, mint, and dessert flavors that cater to vapers of all kinds. The only noticeable missing flavor from their assortment is a quality tobacco flavor.