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7 Ways to Cope-up With Stress Without Vaping

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Quitting vaping is easier said than done for many people worldwide. When they get anxious or feel stressed out, the first thing they do is grab a vaporizer. If you feel the need to vape when you feel depressed, you should know that it doesn’t always help and there are alternatives. There are much better ways to relieve stress than just vaping. 

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

Sadly, stress is a normal part of the modern way of life. Everyone worries about something or the other. Some people are worried about their jobs, while others about health, responsibilities, and everyday problems.

Coping with stress can be hard, and when there’s too much of it, people feel overwhelmed, and their mood changes completely. Many people turn to nicotine delivery systems or vaping when they’re under stress, making it impossible to cope with their issues without these practices.

Anxiety is followed by feelings of nervousness, panic, and constant worry. It can be a reaction to stressful situations and other unpleasant things that happen. There’s nothing wrong with feeling anxious sometimes, but it can affect your way of life tremendously if it keeps reoccurring daily.  

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Some people experience high levels of stress and anxiety after they quit vaping. They sometimes feel overwhelmed, which makes them go back to vaping in a matter of days. You should know that nicotine withdrawal effects often cause those feelings of anxiety. 

That’s why it’s essential to go through the first week until the nicotine level starts dropping. When that’s over with, you won’t feel anxious at all.

How to Manage Stress and Anxiety

You don’t need vaping to stop feeling anxious. There are other methods you can try to make yourself feel better. Sure, you can always turn back to vaping, and they’ll help you at the beginning, but you need long-term strategies as well. Here are some tips you can try, and who knows, maybe you’ll find enough strength to quit vaping finally. 

Take the Time to Breathe

When you feel anxiety creeping in, stop whatever you’re doing and take a deep, deep breath through your nose. Exhale through your mouth and concentrate on the breeding. Stop thinking about anything else and just breathe. You’re alive, you’re fine, it’s all going to be okay. Keep doing that until you feel better.

Understand what Triggers These Attacks

Some people feel anxious without recognizable triggers, but most need something to push them over the edge. Think back to your previous anxiety attacks and try remembering what caused them. The next time when it happens, write it down into your phone.

Look back at what you’ve written and try to find a pattern. When you do, change those things that trigger you, and you’ll be fine.

Physical Activity is Critical

Nothing helps deal with stress better than some physical activity. Whether that is an exercise or a salsa class, you must start moving to feel better. Physical activity triggers hormone production in our brains, making us feel better.

Take Care of Your Health

While that’s easier said than done, you must take better care of yourself. Make sure you have a balanced diet, drink lots of water, get at least 6 hours of sleep, and your anxiety will disappear with time. Your body is your temple, don’t forget that.

Stop Thinking Ahead

Many people tend to worry about things before they even happen. That can create a lot of anxiety. Instead of thinking about what could happen, try focusing on what is happening right now. Stay in the moment and say no to your anxious feelings. You can buy a glass bubbler from Vaporizerchief and vape to alleviate stressful situations.

Cut Down On Coffee

Surprisingly enough, caffeine can lead to anxiety if you drink too much coffee. People often start drinking more coffee when they quit vaping, which only amplifies the feelings of tension, stress, and anxiety. Try gradually eliminating caffeine from your diet, and you won’t feel so under the weather.

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Talk to the People that Love You

When you feel stressed out, reach out to your friends and family members for help. Remember that those people care about you and try to help you deal with stress together. You are not alone in this world, so stop acting like it. Open yourself to people you trust and ask them for help.

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

As Forest Gump says, life is like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you’re going to get. Expect a wild ride full of ups and downs, and accept them as they come. Everyone has to deal with some form of stress, and everyone is fighting their own demons. Addictive substances won’t help you there – you have to go through that alone. Still, if you need vape in your life, you can google “vape shop near me” and find a plethora of flavors.

Final Thoughts

The world is an unfair place, and there will always be some things that will make us feel stressed and anxious. You can try running away from your problems and filling the gap with vaping or any other form of relief, but that won’t make your problems go away. Open your eyes, face the music, push through the hardest times, and you will become stronger than you think.

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